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Saturday, December 29, 2012

I guess it's time for some raw truths...

The attempt to eat clean was a pretty big fail! The working out has completely come to a screeching halt. I have now gained 8 lbs out of the original 12 lbs that I was happy to have shed during my 7 days of detox. And I am over flowing with excuses.

The holidays really were an unrealistic time of year to try and eat clean. Sugar cookies and gifted pastries are my weakness. My husband has been home from work for the last 10 days and I just don't function right when he's always home. The holidays are just such a busy time of year...

Truth is, I got lazy. I simply did not take the time to prep my veggies, juices/shakes to keep me from eating all the wrong things. I did not stay true to myself and who I am by making the time to get a work out in, even if I thought that it may inconvenience the family that was home 24/7 during this holiday break.

Well, I have 3 WHOLE days before the 1st of the year, and I'm not going to start MY 2013 feeling unlike myself! So the new challenge is to work out for the last three days of the year and eat clean.

I KNOW that I can do this for sure. By this date... It's really ALL that I can do.

Lessons learned? NEVER give up... Always set goals and you may take 5 steps forward and 2 steps back but if you keep taking those leaps forward, you WILL find yourself PAST ANY hurdle that may have stood in your way! It's just a fact that no one is perfect and practice definitely makes for the closest thing to perfect... Be satisfied with your efforts, kick those excuses to the curb & keep fighting your inner battles to be as healthy and happy as you really want to be.

Stay motivated my bloggers!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Only in dreaming can we set goals to achieve!

Tough weekend already... This Holiday thing IS rough. Not with temptation but with logging the way I'd like.
I'll tell you what... Instead of the boring 'good' fueling that I happen to be pretty good at, how about for the next Holiday 4 Days, I'll log my cheats?!
A whole Hershey Milk chocolate bar & 2 Reese's peanut butter cups
Four little squares of a Hershey milk chocolate bar & a BiG bite of my son's pepperoni pizza

Like I said, NoT a cheat day EVER, through the set goal of eating clean till NewYear's Day!!! Just cheat MOMENTS!!! (And at that, less and less... I HAVE TO BE STRONG ENOUGH)

...Because I want to see how much of those 12 lbs lost in my detox week I can actually keep off!!!

Merry Holidays Bloggers!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Never To Old To Dream

I know that I've been saying that I want to see if I can do this for some time now... But I still want to believe I can get there!!
This pic and so many like it have me asking myself, "Am I just too damn old to be strong enough to get there?!?!" Lol
Why not die trying??? (=

Never ***TOO*** Old To Dream!!!! smh... 

Good Morning my silent little bloggers!!!

I am still hurting from the upper body strength training that I started on Tuesday with those free weights... Lol

Feels good!!!

Today is a lower body free weight strength training day. O_o Wish me luck! The 4min circuit training is my warm up EVERY DAY.    (((NO GYM MEMBERSHIP NEEDED)))

Dinner yesterday was a homemade beef tenderloin stir fry w/onions, garlic, red,yellow & orange bell peppers & steamed white rice and H2O. (2 helpings((small)) Thank you David Jr. for the recipe, the ingredients & the chef aid!!!!

Today's breakfast (after my hot water with lemon) is ... yes, you guessed it 2 egg whites and a big helping of fresh lettuce, carrots & tomatoes w/h2o!! (I've run out of all my other veggies!I'm not going to lie, it's nice not EVER having fruits and veggies go bad in my fridge)
Snack will be my protein shake after my work out and Lunch will be Chinese or Thai (Healthy choices)
Dinner is already on the menu to be lean grilled steaks in lime with more fresh salad(plain) Going to try and skip the carbs and grains for this meal.

However, the Holiday party for Grandpa is today @ the home. MAY need to log in some not so clean eating snacks as a comment later... (But I doubt it, I'm feeling REAL good eating clean!)

Weight NOW?! UP 3 lbs... but in four days(after having lost 11/12 lbs in 7 days with the Detox)... after having introduced proteins and some carbs and grains. I also have only worked out to burn a few calories a couple of days. I am not too disappointed. My hope is to remain eating clean, stay focused on burning calories and find a good balance with that damn scale!!  Only time will tell...

Now have yourselves a fabulous day, be safe in the expected Chi Town snow & start a plan this weekend to be healthier thru the Christmas festivities... You'd be surprised at how much better you'll feel starting the New Year ALREADY looking and feeling like a NEW YOU!!!

For all of my Raw Truths & Inspirations, GO TO:Facebook.com/changeforlifeshoppe

Just part of the merger peeps!! My "Raw Truths & Inspirations" to the right here on the blog will no longer be updated... (Unless I find a better way to update those)
Fact is, I post my RT & I's on our Facebook page...


Please, feel free to 'LiKe' our page and get daily motivation to live your very best there!!!

Happy Thursday morning bloggers!!! )

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Catch up w/yesterday's log and some of today's

Alright, here is a picture to help keep us all motivated to make the change and stop giving our $$$ to fast food joints that DON'T provide us with ANY real Fuel!!!

Wow... I guess I'm real far behind on the food log... :(

12/17: Breakfast was 3egg whites, 2tiny tangerines, a cup and 1/2 of iceberg lettuce & 1 cup of baby carrots w/h2o.
Lunch was a 5oz can of tuna in water & a small baked potato plain w/h2o.
Snack in the afternoon was a vanilla protein shake w/skim milk, frozen blueberries & my complete greens.
Dinner was another 5oz can of tuna in olive oil, 1/2 cup of pasta & another small baked potato

12/18: Breakfast was 2 egg whites & a small baked sweet potato w/h2o.
Snack was my vanilla protein shake w/water, blueberries & my complete greens supplement. Lunch was a 5oz can of tuna w/a dab of olive oil, a cup if baby carrots & a medium banana. Dinner was 1 & 1/2 grilled chicken breasts, 1/2 cup of some instant rice and 1 cup of lettuce w/a sprinkle of shredded carrots and a touch of vinaigrette dressing.

12/19: Breakfast was LATE... 3egg whites and 1 cup of plain lettuce, 1/2 a cup of shredded carrots w/h2o. (After my hot water w/lemon of course)
Lunch will be LATE after my work out and it will be my protein shake in water w/blueberries and my complete greens!
Won't be eating again until dinner...

Can't NOT share this natural possibility for reduction of cellulite!!! BUT PLEASE share your results with us if you try it out! PLEASE!!!

Thank you PINTEREST!!

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Home Remedies for the Treatment of Cellulite

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Oral Remedy
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

WoW!! Now that I'm allowing myself to learn the ways of some technology... I can post off my phone! Not only up date posts; but photos off my phone... =D

I'm going to tell you RIGHT now, "I'm sorry!!! But the motivation to inspire you to set your goals and make them a thing of the past just got REAL!!" Lol

After the work out I will log the regimen and the fuel done yesterday and today so far...

As for the schedule I have kept in posting, well, that is going to change drastically!! I will be posting quite a few times a day on a regular basis.

You see, this blog was the beginning of sharing who I am and how I live with those that doubt themselves too DAMN much. It was meant to open eyes everywhere as to the possibilities of what your inner strength has the ability to achieve. And now, I have embarked on a journey this past year to Entrepreneurship and have since enjoyed taking off in a home based business that not only gives me the time to be a mother and wife FIRST but has the potential to build HUGE residual income for our family's future (that can be willed to our children) BECAUSE IT IS THAT REAL.

Anyway, the fact is that I have found a way to be ME, enjoy what I do as a profession (Trainings/Seminars/Certifications/Coaching/Mentoring/Meetings/Social & Media networking) but most of all, Motivating, Inspiring, Leading, Helping, Sharing & the Growing!

Amazingly, it all has tied in together beautifully. (As if I was meant to be here and do just this)

Our on-line shop's MAJOR competitor is Amazon. And we have THREE things that they DO NOT.
Personal Customer Service (for ANY questions you may have), Cash Back (for your additional little free bank FOR SHOPPING), & OUR OWN PRODUCT(S) THAT CHANGE LIVES! That site is:


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Our facebook page in a nut shell, offers Motivation and Inspiration variuos times a day to help remind you to live better and the opportunity for multiple savings when you shop on line with any of our 4,000+ partner stores such as Sear's, Under Armour, Kohl's & so many more!! As if that were not enough, this fb page also keeps you up to date and current on the latest business possibilities within our company to offer OUR path to financial freedom for those who are willing to make their future the very best that THEY want to make it. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT.  That facebook page is:

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Feel free to 'LiKe' us or 'Share' us on facebook! 

... and you KNOW the purpose of this blogs existence...  =)

Have an amazing day and make today in some way, the very best that it can be!!!

Here's a motivating thought...

Just checking out more technical gadgets... But this post can also remind you that being an athletic person can truly be great!!!

Happy 'Taking Control' Tuesday bloggers!! =)

Monday, December 17, 2012

And here's the bottom line...

The natural veggie and fruit 7 day detox has been awesome!!! I have never felt so much 'natural' energy, I am on the last notch on my belt due to the total of TWELVE lbs that I have shed and I literally feel light... I can't really describe it! Lol

My jaw and temples are pretty sore. (Apparently chowin' down on precessed foods mostly does not keep your teeth as active,strong or healthy as they should be) And now... I am tempted to go out for that gyro platter or eat that wonderfully perfect oreo cookie but I ACTUALLY have no desire to break this cycle of eating clean... I feel like my whole body is finally in the right starting point to accomplish what I want to feel and look like!!!

So I had my hot water and lemon juice in the a.m. and my brunch was chompin' on plain lettuce and carrots along with 2 egg whites w/a bit o' pepper, 2 little tangerines and my H2O!!!

Let's see what the day brings... I will begin a work out routine today or tomorrow. (not sure if I want to give my body a day with some proteins first) Now, the challenge stands as:

I am hoping to see the effects of eating clean at least until the New Year! That is exciting to me because I have never really begun a program or lifestyle change on this amazing plateau!!! =D

When I cheat (if I cheat), it will not be for a day but a moment! So 1?2 lbs today (just two lbs from my realistic goal weight of 1?0!!! Which is the lowest I've been since I've started having kids...) And I will be attempting to reach my 'dream' weight goal of 1?5, which is what I weighed back in high school. So that is 8 lbs more... Let's see if staying clean with my fueling and exercising 5/6 days a week will get me there. AND if not, then I will hopefully have achieved the goal of healthy living and strengthening and get rid of my scale FOREVER!!!

This will now be a strict log again. I HAVE to keep a close eye on what I consume, good or bad as well as the fitness regimen that I choose.

Well my bloggers, thank you for taking this new step of detoxing with me. It's been a good one! I now look forward to sharing every journey that I take to help inspire YOU to find your goals and dreams. Figure them out, make a simple plan AND conquer them! You CAN do it; you just have to tap into your inner strength that has always been there!!!

Happy Motivational Monday!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

4 min circuit work out.. yeah, no can do. My body just doesn't have what it takes to make it through this during detox week. Thank God tomorrow is Monday and the meal plan changes a bit so that maybe I can start on getting stronger!!

Well fellow bloggers that won't share THEIR thoughts, ideas, tips or challenges that they will hold themselves accountable for, (Lol... yeah, I'm not going to lie, sometimes it gets lonely out here!)

Today I start Day SEVEN of an amazing Detox week that has, as of today, shaved 11 WHOLE lbs off my butt!! Yes, I am already 1?3 . That puts me 3 lbs from my realistic goal weight and 8 lbs from my wholeheartedly wish goal weight!!! AND I have NOT even worked out!! I have done periodic yoga and very light stretching... WoW!! As for some reason, my body feels the need to thank me with a natural energy that has me going from 5AM yesterday straight until 2AM today!!! (NOT recommended! But could not be helped)

I cannot wait until tomorrow morning to log in the final weight loss and review on this Natural Detox that purges your body of impurities and preps your system to begin a whole new life style!!

Yesterday one client started her detox week and  tomorrow a second client begins her journey! And I am honored and completely excited that they have trusted ME to take this journey along side them!! It is going to be a damn good week because I chose to make it that way!!

Have an awesome Sunday peeps and please send your prayers and good wishes to those out in Connecticut at such a time of sorrow and unthinkable loss... 

Friday, December 14, 2012

And... we hit a plateau...

Just shaved some ounces off since yesterday. Interesting stuff!! The energy however is HUGE!!! I have boost in me to last my WHOLE day!!! I had heard about this toward the end of the 7 days but it's... okay, day 5. Wow!! I can't believe that I'm almost done. It really hasn't been that bad. I mean, at times, yes but for the most part, I have been able to keep from eating one of the kids chocolates, a buttery noodle, a warm tortilla with some sour cream and salt, a lean steak in a tomato sauce with potatoes or a cookie from the pack. Today was tough frying that bacon for the boys in the a.m. and not nibbling on a piece... Lol

Today, we will give that 4 min circuit another go. More calories burned than enter the body is the idea!! Let's see how it goes... o_O

So... any great ideas on how YOU'RE going to get to the New Year looking and feeling better than in 2012?! I mean, you can pay to get a make over that will last a couple days at most if your lucky. Or you can start YOUR make over TODAY that will last a lifetime!!

T.G.I.F. bloggers!! ;)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The detox is on Day 4 of 7 and I am down a full 7 lbs from the start.  I am finally getting in the 5 meal sets of veggies in a day and I am downing 96oz (+ the morning cup of hot water with lemon) of water a day.  Also sticking to my light yoga and stretching for the week,  included getting some roller work into my regimen for healthier muscles too.

I really did NOT think that the detox week would equal this kind of rapid weight loss... and I am working hard at making sure that I get all the right servings of veggies in. But keep in mind that this week is not to lose crazy amounts of weight!! It is meant to gently purge the body of impurities, relieve the body's dependency on sugary/fatty foods and caffeine as well as enhance the body's response to the reintroduction of carbohydrates!!

I have a few clients starting on their detox this upcoming week and some very important and realistic issues have come up.

Should a lifestyle plan be started NOW?! I mean come on, right before the holidays??? Are we actually setting ourselves up to fail and start the NEW YEAR on a failing step?! You know, with the holiday gatherings being on the calendar and the busy non stop running around that goes hand in hand with the 'spirit of Christmas'...

Well, I am here to put things into REALISTIC perspective... When you are DONE being unhappy with your situation, weight wise, health wise or simply quality of life wise AND you have someone offering to take this journey with you step by step to never allow the words FAIL, DIET or LOSE(weight) in your vocabulary; You TAKE that and run with it!!!

There will NEVER be a 'right time' or a 'better time' to jump start your new lifestyle!! It simply doesn't exist... There will ALWAYS be too much going on!! Work schedule is too much,  a party is being planned, there are trips that people have to take and finances are just not there for the meal plans/work out regimen/gym memberships/lifestyle programs/coaches/trainers...

I am living proof that if you truly want to live a better way, you can!! There simply is NEVER a better time than the 'RIGHT NOW'!!! And for what it's worth; I have never just been able to afford a personal trainer/much work out gear/gym memberships or programs...

Be real with yourselves and kick all the excuses to the curb!! Start your NEW YEAR feeling amazing because you are ALREADY living better than ever by making the commitment to no one but YOURSELF that you WILL CHANGE FOR LIFE!!

Now if daily inspiration to live well will help you along the way, feel free to like us on facebook @ ChangeForLifeShoppe See you on the flip side! And make it an extraordinary day!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thank you 'Healthy Hostess' for the great info and possibilities on apps for your phone to help keep the Spinning Globe inspired to get fit and stay there!!!

Motivation of the week in the form of cool fitness apps for your phone!
My Fitness Pal:
With a huge food database you can easily keep track of your calories and your exercise. It’s easy to use and simple to understand.
An example from Apple:
Run Keeper:
This is a great app that acts as a Garmin. It keeps pace, distance and a map. You can save runs to a log and post them to various social networks.
201201090518.jpg source
Fitness Pro:
Gives you lots of great exercises, workouts and instructions. Keep track of your weight and your reps!
Nike Training Club:
Get lean, toned and strong with more than 85 custom-built workouts. Unlock exclusive extra workouts from celebrities like Lea Michele, professional athletes like Shawn Johnson, and Rihanna’s personal trainer, Ary Nuñez.

Yoga Free:
Yoga Free offers 250 yoga poses with photos and instructions, as well as relaxing music for your practice. You pick the poses and create workouts for yourself or follow one they have created for you!

Today... I cannot believe, that with minimal to NO working out, I have lost a total of 6.8lbs!!!

There was a second attempt to get the 4 minute circuit training in yesterday and apparently, there is  good reason for the rules to state that you should not participate in strenuous workouts during your detox week! Lol

Again, your body is purging it's self of impurities AND getting it's dependence on sugars and fats under strict control! You have to respect it enough to stick to light yoga and stretching for the week. And so I shall. I did get ALL 3 meals and two snacks in yesterday but still did not feel right during the mini STRENUOUS work out. :/

Truth be told, I know quite a few people that have detoxed in the past and I just didn't get it; but I do wish that they would have told me about this weight loss!! =D

So, by the end of the week of detox, I should feel a bit more energetic and apparently, lighter on my feet. Ha!

Have an awesome day today bloggers!!! And remember, you have FOUR days to prep to begin a new change of ANY kind next week!! Why? Because you CAN!!! All of us can do something a little bit different to live a healthier and happier life!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Well, you'll all be happy to see that today's post really is going to be short. Ha! NOT really much to report, except that I've shed 4.8lbs since my weigh in yesterday morning!!!!

The 4 min circuit work out gave me the spins so today I will be trying to get all three detox meals in AND both detox snacks!!! I am VERY bad at that. Ex: today it is already 11:32am and I am just finishing up my hot water with lemon and working on my first dose of veggies and a fruit. Smh...

So a bit more of the 'right' fuel and I am hoping to feel better w/my circuit. I will keep you all posted.

Also going to try and incorporate a bit of yoga to try and start building a little strength and flexibility with some stress relief. God knows we can ALL use a little bit of that!

Alright, well I sign off today with one last message to convey.


Make it an amazing day my fellow bloggers! =)

Monday, December 10, 2012

10 days later... (from my last entry)

Today is my first day of my very first every Detox week!!! I am in training to become a certified weight loss coach within our new Internet marketing company that we've started and I'm loving EVERY aspect of it. At this stage (about 6 months) the business plan is starting to really flourish!!

We signed on our first three TLS (Transitions Lifestyle System) team members over the weekend and my colleague and I jumped on bored!! We are a team now that will be an enormously helpful support group to one another and that will increase our ratio to succeed by leaps and bounds. It is a three month program in which we will NOT be counting calories OR points. This system offers an extensive plan that covers every aspect of what we will need to get fit and trim, not just a list of foods that you cannot eat! TLS will focus on helping us make healthy choices while still eating a normal, diverse diet.

The three CORE concepts of TLS:

Behavior Modification
Low-Glycemic Eating- foods that work for you, not against you-
Changing your Body Composition


(If beginning 2013 with an action plan already in place seems like something that interests you,
take a look... shop.com/changeforlifeshoppe or email me at changeforlifeshoppe@yahoo.com ;
we are pretty much global)

Why a detox to kick start the program?
Well, a full seven-day NATURAL fruit and vegetable cleanse is designed to gently purge the body of impurities, relieve the body's dependence on sugary foods, enhance the body's response to carbohydrates and help curb your appetite for sweet or fatty foods that don't support your weight loss goals.

Who is it for???
ONLY people who are serious about losing weight and are looking to optimize their start to reach their weight loss goals!
Today's breakfast:
1/2 a lemon squeezed into warm/hot water
1 medium banana
1 small yellow squash and a cup of fresh green beans slow roasted

2 snacks, lunch & dinner:
more fresh veggies(unlimited) only 2 more medium fruits, all the water that I can get in!! 


Today's work out:


FouR MinuteS of Circuit Training that includes Squat Thrusts, Mountain Climbers, High Knees and Jumping Jacks w/rest intervals in between and repeat whole circuit once.

Remember, I have to start slow... But my goal is to work out at least 5 days a week.

Let's see what tomorrow brings =)

*************  During the detox week, we should NOT engage in strenuous physical activity. (Even If You Are Used To It)   **********************************************

Those of you on my email list, please be aware that I will be rotating the list with new emails this week. Please stay motivated!! ... and feel free to book mark our site @
http://shift-strive-smile.blogspot.com thank you for your interest in staying on track for your healthiest tomorrow!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Today I welcome the first day of December!

I have a confession to make, I had reached my BiG 4 0 pretty much the way that I had set out to. Weighed in at the lowest weight since high school and fit into junior size 5/6. Very little to no muffin top and actually hit pool side in a two piece! Then I decided to not be a slave to exercise or watching how I ate. After all, I've earned it right?!

Well, it's roughly 3 months later and I am back to report that I am teetering on 12/14lbs heavier. I was a bit active with a handful of 5k's that I got out to run. I am now sporting a mini-muffin top and I am squeezing into my size 5/6's. No biggie right?! Why not keep an eye on things, live comfortably and except that I'm a 40 year old mother of 6 that has no time to really work out?! Again, there are other things that are more important than looking and feeling strong and fit. For example, actually keeping up with the clearing of our rather large household, making sure to cook and feed all of the troops day in day out, getting the towers of dishes done on a daily basis, accounting for the endless piles of laundry to get washed, dried, folded and put away and a bit of driving all children to where they need to be for play dates, school, sports and outings and kick starting a home business on high gear!!!

Guess again. I will not be much of a role model to my babies if THAT'S all I do. They need to see that being an athlete is not a childhood thing but a choice of a lifestyle. That being healthy and strong should not bring about guilt for having taken up a little bit of our presious time!

We only have one life to live with this one body and you alone are responsible for what you do in this life and with this body.

There for, I'm back and more motivated than ever to log my continued journey to the healthiest and happiest me that I can create.

I want 14lbs off! I want to eat clean, hydrate more, set goals, stay focused and never give up trying to recreate my body. It's been so good to me for 40 years, now I plan to be good to it for the next 40plus years!

What are your goals?! Why wait to start in 2013?! Get moving now! Make a plan and lets get to 2013 already Kicking *SS!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ok... So Sept 1st, I got out for a little 3 mile run!! I had not worked out for abt 2 months! So to be back at SOMETHING made me happy...
The plan for Sept? Get back to my basics that make me who I am.
Get out to run more. Make the time for my yoga. Start a strengthening regimen that includes core work outs. And keep all the other important balls from dropping in my juggling act of life!!
My marriage is in an extraordinary place and I plan to keep it that way for the rest of my life!
My kids are thriving at school, their athletics and in who they are becoming as individuals and I can't keep from being the best mom that I can be 24/7!
My home is finally almost completely organized!! One room down and 2 more to go for it to be the best that it can be!!
Our ChangeForLifeShoppe is helping people feel their VERY best EVERY day as well as informing people about a GREAT business opportunity that will make a big difference in their lives!
I am still caring for a dear friends little angel that brings about such a joy in my household!
I have begun a second business venture with a possible HUGE breakthrough company new to our region and am very excited to help get it off the ground!!
Finally, the people in my life, on an every day basis or not, they are the cream of the crop!! The ones that chose to not be in my life, I finally recognize that I am better off without... And I still try to keep them in my prayers for a better tomorrow for them.
So, I ask you now, what is YOUR reason not to get motivated to make some sort of change in YOUR today?!
We are ALL juggling our lives to be the best that it can be... No one knows how many more tomorrow's are in our future... SO MAKE TODAY ABOUT YOUR VERY BEST THAT YOU CAN BE!!!! Get more water in today or less cigarets in!! Smile at people that cross your path that you don't know!! Be active and get your heart beat going strong for 15min just because you can! Set your goals for the New Year NOW!!! Start 2013 having reached a mountain top!!!!
You don't know how?! Let us know, and maybe we can all give one another ideas to round off 2012 BiG!!! Only four months left... Just enough to make a real impression in your life!!! =D
.... So much for September plans, looks like I just decided on a 'Finish off 2012 Strong' plan!!! Lol! Who's with me?!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Today was my dead line for a few things:

I wanted to run my second marathon before I turned 40... CHECK!
I wanted to be at 1?5 by the time I turned 40... CHECK! (I got down 5 less!!)
I wanted to NOT be pregnant (again) at 40... CHECK!
I wanted to have a set job/career by the time I turned 40... CHECK!
I wanted to wear a 2 piece bikini (in public) AND be comfortable in it by the time I was 40...
I wanted to be making some sort of difference in people's lives on a daily basis... CHECK!
I wanted to be able to enjoy a marriage with the love of my life with ALL cards on the table... CHECK!
Last, but never least, I wanted to have the certainty that life, no matter how good or how bad, is ALWAYS worth living and fighting for... CHECK!

I have been very blessed in my life and am very pleased with my bucket list thus far. Many people have to be thanked that have supported me on a constant basis and put up with my skewed priorities; as well as my creator who lights my way on a large scale. So thank you Lord for all that I have and all that you allow me to be. And thank you David... for being my everything and my forever... <3

I try to love with no limits. I thrive on trying to help with no boundaries and hope that my children see how easy it really is to be that way. Therefor, I intend to live life giving Him Glory and enjoying all the days of my life as if they were my last.

What does THIS mean to you?! Lol... Well, you no longer have to know what I eat everyday!!! =D
This log has been a success and has brought me to many finish lines and I hope that you will ALL realize that YOU can do it to! Find your challenge... short term, hard, long term, easy or simply ONE STEP AT A TIME!!
My house is far from perfect. It needs a whole lot of attention actually... But I concentrate more on enjoying my six kids, my husband, my me time and the rest of my family and friends!! I know that it's not always easy and finding the balance is NOT ever spot on... But I also know that it's been worth it. Now that a few items are taken off my list... here is a brief summary of my new list:

Maintaining the strong relationship that we've worked so long and hard for with my baby!
Making more time for my amazing and beautiful kids!
Keeping unwanted weight OFF!
Strengthening and toning this ONE body I've been given!
Reorganizing my house!! (At least 3 rooms of it..)
Being a more spiritual role model for my family! (Because I DO believe that nothing is even possible without our higher power)

I'll still be as motivational as I can be... and hope that it helps you to stay on track or FIND your track...

As for the email list. Be warned... It is getting changed in the next few days, so please, feel free to keep logging on once you no longer receive the email updates. =)


Wednesday, August 15, 2012


The 3 Day Military diet WORKS! My husband and I started it on the 25th of July and have shaved lbs. MOSTLY just by following the 3 days on the diet/ 4 days off!

I started @ 1?7/1?8 and today, after a long getaway and some real eating for fun, not so much fuel. Otherwise known as 4 'normal' days... I weighed in at 1?4!!!! Yes, I was down to 1?0 on Saturday morning and gained 4lbs... BUT I am NOW -4lbs.... from my original weight from when I started this Myth Bust!! And for someone who is trying to get the LAST 5/10 lbs off, THAT is Good!

Obviously, you have to find what works right for YOU...
(I )have needed to work harder at making sure to eat 'normally' and the portions are not usually BIG ones...
(My husband) has needed to make sure NOT to ALWAYS eat the wrong stuff and has to control his portions a bit more.
Funny thing is... he is finding that he frequently WANTS more of the good food on the 'normal' eating days but is too full to eat like he was used to!!!
AND that IS a good thing!!!!
He is -5 1/2lbs from the beginning with almost no working out and his eating habits are changing for the better!!!


Have a great day today folks, and know that everything that you go out of your way to do for your health and happiness IS worth a fight!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Well... our amazing get away to be a part of two special peoples celebration of a life started together as best friends and partners in this crazy journey on Earth has come to an end.

I have logged my cheating for the last 4 days as honest and accurately as possible, in my last posts Comments. Lol...
After the Saturday morning weigh in, I was at an OUTSTANDING 1?0!!! I am not going to lie... I AM a little afraid of stepping on that scale tomorrow morning. o_O But my baby and I have NEVER gotten away for such a long trip alone in 25 yrs! So, I'll TAKE the extra weight THIS time around with JOY! Cause I'm GOING to drop it again and keep working at keeping it off...

I will however, let you all in on how bad it is tomorrow in the A.M. Lol...

Now, I have 6 DAYS til I turn the BiG 4 0!!! And, I'm going to get there as sore as possible... =)

I will be challenging myself EVERY one of those days to welcome the 'Forty and Fabulous' club into my life with strength and endurance!! (... and a little pain, cause remember, THIS kind of self induced transformation can only be looked upon as I've heard before: 'Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body') Ha!!

I'm going to make an appointment with my chiropractor and massage therapist RIGHT NOW! Cause, I'm going to need it!! Evanston Wellness Revolution, here I come! Lol... o_O

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Friday was our first day on a road trip and I am very proud to say that my husband and I stuck to the 3 Day!!
... Had 5 saltine crackers, 1 slice of cheddar cheese and a small apple for breakfast. Had a hard boiled egg and a slice of toast for lunch. And dinner was 1 cup of tuna, 1/2 a banana and a whole cup of vanilla ice cream. =)

Saturday, I weighed in at 1?0 !!!! Yes folks, lost 8lbs again!! ( and remember, I started -3 already from my start weight! :)
Breakfast was 1/2 a waffle, 2 sausage links some scrambled eggs, oj and black coffee. =o
Lunch was 1 big 'ol slice of three meat pizza.
Dinner was waffle fries w/my very first 'Blue Moon', 2 chicken enchiladas verdes w/rice and some fruity bubbly!
Snacked on a couple handfuls of chips and some trail mix.
(Hope that's enough 'normal' eating for the 'chemical' breakdown!! Lol...

Today's breakfast was a waffle and 3 thin slices of bacon, oj and a piece of toast.
We have a wedding to attend and celebrate later, so I'll comment later on how I fueled..

Please do YourSelf a great big favor and implement just one change to get YOU on the path to a healthier and happier life! (Just plan your week ToDaY!) ... And then "Find Your Greatness"!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Can I ask you something?! Are you creating change in your life??? Are you going out of your way to make a difference in Society?!

WE ALL have what it takes to create our happiness!! And if THAT means doing something for others (and NOT getting paid for it) ... Then so be it!!!

I have created this blog to help anyone who wants to believe in themselves enough to realize that ANYTHING is ALWAYS possible!

It may take some rewiring of how you think; it may take some trail and error... correction, it may take A WHOLE LOT OF trail and error. But NO ONE has gotten to where they want to be without a struggle. Or some sort of leap of FAITH or a long hard journey.

I want nothing in return but for all of you to realize this and believe in the whole hearted honesty that I strive to place before you post after post. (And I'm going to tell you, it's not always easy!) Specially now that I have not worked out in forever again... :(

And yes, now I have a business that I believe changed my families EVERYDAY and I get the distinct pleasure of offering my GOLD to you.

THIS is MY blog!!! I DON'T sell advertising space on it because I don't believe in giving you all that bother. But of what I DO post and decide to share.... you can bet it is only because I KNOW it is worth your time to know about it....

I leave you with this tid bit of motivation for today:

Life is good! Not always easy...
Appreciate what you have and who you have around you, because it won't always be the same. Care about others more than yourself and learn to make time for what fills your soul!!

Have an awesome evening my blogger family!!

I LOVE networking!!! Today I stumbled upon A Chica on a Mission!! And 'LiKed' HER fb page because she too is letting everyone know that living life at your very best is all about falls and climbs!!
I loved sharing what I do with her and invite you ALL to 'LiKe' her page too...
'Chicas On A Mission' ;)

Now, as for MY today; it was day 2 of the '3 day' again and it just seems to get easier!! I am looking forward to the morning of day 4 to see where my weight is going to be at!!

Going away on a little road trip to Texas this weekend and I WILL be coming back ready to hit the mat and tone up the little jiggle that I have left!!

As for you all... Tell me that you have a plan! Any ONE thing that you change will get you one step closer to being healthier, stronger and happier!!

Happy (almost) weekend fellow bloggers!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Well... not discouraged enough!!! Lol... I did NOT stick to the more strict diet for the last two days of normal eating. I was VERY torn on how to try to keep those magically disappearing lbs off... so I ended up just eating smaller portions of 'normal' foods through out the day and if I was out for dinner, I enjoyed some fried pickles w/the dipping sauce and a drink or two. (Not to mention some chocolate cake) o_O

... even had a twix chocolate bar in the last two days and some Klondike ice cream squares too!!( YES, 'some' ... meaning more than 1!!) smh...

So today, when we started the 3 day again... I only gained back 5lbs that I had lost last time... THAT means that THIS 3 day, I am starting 3 lbs lighter/less than the last 3 day!!! THAT IS A GOOD THING!

Plan A1: Get through these next 3 days with flare!! ;) (Hopefully lose another 8 lbs)

Plan A2: Eat in moderation the following four days with maybe LESS cheating (As in, cake, ice cream squares, chocolate bars, alcoholic beverages and fried pickles n' sauce!!) STILL gotta' do it, for the chemical break down... Just maybe once a day... o_O

AND STILL trying to incorporate some working out!!! I have NOT been doing much of anything... :( AND yet, I am a very content 1?5 today... (sighhhh) LIFE IS GOOD after you've stayed on track for 9 months of working my ASS off!!!!

Join me! Make ONE change in YOUR everyday!! And see where it'll lead YOU in less than a year!

Happy Hump Day my lovely bloggers!! Make TODAY the very BEST that it can be!!! YOU deserve that... =)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Not going to lie... Little discouraged... back up most of the weight I had lost... eating 'normally', I did it for two days!! Now for these next two days, I'll be on MY more strict diet. Following the body-for-life portions and lean natural foods... with the possibility of a cheat here n' there... (NOT likely) and maybe get more work out time in...

I've only done abt 15 min sessions of squats, lunges and ab work... no real cardio or high energy playin'.

Happy Monday to all and I wish you all the best in getting rolling with a healthier YOU!!!

Try and pick just 1 thing to change for a better tomorrow... Limit your pop intake. Increase your water intake. Eat 1 completely healthy natural meal a day to start. Or simply get a sweat on for at least 15/20 min... ANY step that you take is going to start to create change in the way that you live life. So get on board with the healthier and stronger YOU movement!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pool TIME!!! =)
Had brunch today ... (little late breakfast) But at least I got it in...
2 small scrambled eggs with 1 waffle and a thin slice of ham with h2o.

Going to comment later on today's fueling... I AM hoping not to eat too badly today since yesterday was pretty bad with TOO much pizza!! :(

And, I thought you all would enjoy this little tid bit of information to get you rolling in the right direction for applying CHANGE for a healthier life!

Biceps Curls with Band

Strengthen your biceps to get shapely arms for summer.



Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sorry... but I had to share one more time today!!

Hope it's worth it... Enjoy the read!!

Straight from September 2012 Prevention Magazine:


If you wake up and head straight for the coffeepot, you might be inadvertently derailing your diet. Caffeine can temporarily suppress appetite, causing you to skip breakfast.
That's a problem if your goal is weight loss, since breakfast kick-starts your metabolism. "People who skip the morning meal have a higher BMI, even though they eat fewer calories through-out the day," says Angela Ginn, RD, of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Simple solution: Have your first cup of coffee AFTER breakfast.

And you might want to keep sipping throughout the day. Researchers found that women who drank 4 to 5 cups a day lived 16% longer. Both decaf and regular varieties of joe do the job.~

NOW, that whole thing being said... I would recommend the decaf kind... no need to kick-start all of your natural anxieties!!

Happy Saturday bloggers!!!

Today was the official weigh in for my husband and I on our SECOND go at this 3 day diet...
Just trying to figure things out to see if it is a valid form of helping to lose weight AND keep it off.

I have lost 8lbs total and have never been at 1?0 after having my six kids!!! (Needless to say, I am VERY happy!!!)

My husband has also lost 8lbs and is very pleased with the slow but continual down sizing... =)

The trick now, is to get through these next 4 'normal' eating days right. Remember, I ate very little last time, (LIKE I AM USED TO) and I ended up gaining the first 5lbs I had lost + an extra pound after the first 'NORMAL' eating days. My Hubby, ate a bit more than me in portions AND sweets, like cake a couple times... and although he had gained his original 7lbs. back within 3 of the 'normal' eating days, by the end of the 4 'normal' days, he weighed in 4lbs. LESS again... (from his original weight at the VERY start.)

SO, apparently, this diet which claims to be based on 'CHEMICAL BREAKDOWN' actually seems to NEED the 'BAD' stuff here and there on those 4 'NORMAL' eating days... o_O

Hope everyone can follow... cause you will have to find what works for YOU!!!

Obviously, for my 'normal eating' THIS was NOT working well...

My goal is to get 2-4 lbs. under my current weight of 1?0... So that on MY worst days... I will have 5-9 lbs to work with and NOT EVER get to the high 1?0's!!! LOL!!! (well?! a girl can dream... and remember... if you believe; you WILL achieve!!!!) ;)

Today's fueling... (going to try to make it 5/6 small meals to keep my metabolism rolling on high gear)

Meal 1: 2 scrambled egg tacos on flour tortillas with , shredded cheese, sour cream and valentina sauce and a glass of water.

Meal 2: Tuna on toast w/a slice of cheddar cheese and water.

Meal 3, 4, 5 and possible 6... I'll keep you posted on in a comment tonight!!

Good luck and enjoy today people!!! 'Cause EVERYDAY, no matter what, is a gift!!!! =)

Friday, August 3, 2012

NO weigh in for me until tomorrow morning!! ;) And then, let's see what transpires for the following 4 days... I'm thinking of sticking to the, "If God didn't provide it for me, I'm not eating it!" except for ONE cheat item a day.

The chemical breakdown with the 3 day seems to NEED 'normal' fat intake to work ...

At least, that's how it worked better for my husband. Remember, he had lost 7 lbs after the 3 day plan... within the first 2 'normal' fueling days; he gained all 7 lbs back... He was VERY discouraged... BUT then at the weigh in for the next 3 day diet, TURNS OUT HE LOST 4 LBS AgAiN after the 4 'normal' eating days!!! So, he is now losing the new lbs from THIS 3 day + the 4lbs that he kicked to the curb on last weeks plan. Tomorrow is the official weigh in after the second 3 Day. o_O

Hope that this information is helping you all out!! And I know for a fact that about 6/7 of you are trying this diet out... We'd ALL love for you guys to share your experiences and see hoe YOU are making it work for YOU!!!

Happy Friday my blogging family!! =)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 2... I've lost 4 lbs as of A.M. hours...
Loving the hard boiled egg with salt and pepper... LoViNg that Prima Della Cheddar Cheese!!! (No more cottage cheese for me!! ;))

Breakfast was a scrumptious scrambled egg (plain), a slice of toast and 1/2 a banana.
Lunch was a hard boiled egg, five saltine crackers and 1 slice of cheddar cheese :))
Dinner will be 2 hot dogs (no buns), 1 cup broccoli, 1/2 cup carrots, 1/2 banana and 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream
Feeling real good!!! This 3 day diet is definitely getting easier! Lol
Now I just have to decide how I will change the 4 normal days of eating... Hummm... How to keep these lbs off?!?!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Wednesday folks!! Starting with Day 1 again... trying to tweak this 3 day diet to work for us!! Lol...

So, I gained my 5 from before the original 3 day diet AND an extra pound! So today's weigh in:1?8

HOWEVER!!!! My hubby lost 7lbs and gained them all back since the beginning of the first trail 3 day diet AND then weighed in 4lbs less than HIS original weight, after the 4 normal days of eating!!! NICE!!! The chemical breakdown this diet is based on, might have something to do with some bad choices being accounted for.

Needless to say, we are not giving up hope for this helpful fueling plan... 'I' of course have NOT liked how it's working for me, so I will be following a more strict "normal" 4 day plan...

Tune in to see how it all pans out... =)

Today, we are off our Isotonix cocktail( :/ ) Had our 1/2 of a grapefruit, 1 piece of toast w/2 tbs of peanut butter and some Jasmine Tea.

Lunch will be 1/2 a cup of tuna, 1 slice of toast and more Jasmine Tea

Dinner today will be 3oz of any type of lean meat, 1 cup of green beans, 1/2 a banana, a small apple and 1 cup of vanilla ice cream w/water only from here on.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Let's see if we can get THIS fad diet to work in our favor with a little personal tweaking... (STARTING AGAIN TOMORROW THRU FRIDAY)

Nope... not strict enough this last day of 'normal eating'... gained that other pound already!
My plan... for the following 3 day... I will be following it up with a fueling system to enjoy 'normal' eating ONE day of the following four and stay on track for the other 3 days of the 'normal' ones with MY FUELING PLAN! My philosophy on all of it?!

Care what you consume! Eat for fuel not pleasure 95-98% of your life! If it didn't grow from the Earth or wasn't fed by the Earth, try not to eat it!

It is not as hard as one might think. It just takes a lot of determination... and the bottom line, if/when you conquer your weight loss goal... that 'eating for pleasure' can happen a little more, since you lead a more disciplined life when it comes to fueling.

That whole 'fueling' thing not cutting it for ya'?! Then get MUCH more active!! ;)

The amount of calories that you consume HAVE to be burned on a daily basis. So if you are OVER weight... then you have to not only burn the calories that you take in from day to day, but a bit more to target the access fat that is already there.


Either way you look at it... Watching what you eat is going to play a big part in slimming down. So, get motivated to live an active life and care about yourself enough not to damage your body further from the inside with all the wrong (processed, fried and starchy)foods that don't 'actually' fuel your body mechanics!!

Need help? We are ALL here... taking this climb together!!

Happy Tuesday bloggers!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Not gonna lie... this fad diet thing has me upset... I had wondered how one would be able to keep on loosing pounds if you ate a 'normal' diet for four days after the 3 on the diet... don't you gain it all back?!

Apparently, I was right... I have gained 4 out of my 5lbs lost back in two days... and I did not overdo too badly. The only way you are going to make it to the next 3 days of following the diet plan keeping some of the lost pounds off is WATCHING what you eat for the 4 'supposed normal' eating days! NO, I mean REALLY WATCH not to eat anything white, fluffy or processed or fried!!!!
(OR alcoholic... ) LOL

Going to get another 10 minutes in of circuit training today and I am going to follow a strict fueling plan today and tomorrow... see if I can keep that last pound off that I have left to be proud of from the 3 day diet.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Let's see... day 1 out of 4 "normal" eating days down... NOT too bad...

Today, I had a bowl of instant cinnamon oatmeal and abt 2/3 small slices of very good toast with my h2o. Lunch was one quesadilla with a little sour cream and valentina sauce... Mmmmm!!!

And tonight we enjoy a date night with some friends at a new Cuban restaurant that we are going to try...

Hope that all of you have a plan and have prepped for awesome fueling through out your upcoming week!! Remember, log! Log!! Log!!! And drink plenty of water All day long!!! Happy Sunday!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Myth busted!!!!

My hubby lost a total of 7lbs on this '3 day military diet' & I lost a total of 5lbs!!

So, it DOES work... now the trick will be to eat normally and yet rewire our brains to actually be more conscious of how we fuel throughout the next four days!

The diet specifies NOT to alter it with ANY spices other than salt or pepper... and for 1 meal... I did drop the ball and we had left over boneless pork W/seasoning... (THAT MIGHT HAVE THROWN THE CHEMICAL BREAKDOWN OF THE DIET OFF) we may have lost a bit more weight had we not made that little alteration. :/ BUT it was an over sight on my part.
Next week will hopefully prove to be better.

Any of you on the diet?! Do you have any questions, comments or concerns?! We are here... a whole lot of us fighting the same fight together... Let me know if you do... that's what I like to be here for!!

Have an amazing weekend bloggers and know that if you falter... it's not failure!! You just can't give up on your health and happiness that is at your grasp! So make every day better than your last... little by little... THAT's HOW GOALS ARE MET!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Had a small apple for breakfast along with 5 saltines and 1 slice of VERY good cheddar cheese!! ... And my h2o after the Isotonix cocktail...

Did our 4 minute work out and more water...

Lunch was 1 hard boiled egg and 1 slice of toast accompanied by, yes, more water!!

Dinner is going to be 1 cup of plain tuna, 1/2 banana and 1 cup of vanilla ice cream because we have stayed focused and strong to achieve the 3 day goal TOgethER!

And THAT will be the end of Day 3!!!

Today I weighed in a whole 4lbs lighter at 1?3... And I'm not going to lie... I am a bit skeptical about weighing in much less in the 'official' weigh in tomorrow morning.
But I am SOOOO looking forward to my husband's weigh in!!!!

Since I have started to post abt this new fueling program... I have gotten note pads taken out at tables, texts and Facebook messages to get in on it... And I LoVe it!!!!

You are all strong enough to beat this crazy system society has made normal! Eating should NOT be so bad for your health!! Get control of your health and happiness by changing the way you think about fuel... Once you get that done and you're happy with your weight. Eating anything you want is great but you will already be used to to respecting your body and what it does to keep you active!

TGIF folks... =)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The day had a good start! My partner in crime and I were pretty sore this morning... not to the point that we couldn't move but certainly felt yesterdays 4 minute work out. (and i allowed the kids to sleep in the living-room... :/ ) so, needless to say, we took a break from the work out... going to do things right and break my babe into the world of work out right! Tomorrow we hit it again!!

Yesterday was a success... we went to bed a little hungry but oddly enough, woke up today feeling fine. The tiny breakfast went down well and it was pretty satisfying. =)

I was going to get a run in or do some strength training in today but this week I think that I will do as my baby does. I am just loving our team work. Next week, might be a different story. Lol
(I only have 27 days to strengthen and firm up!!!! o_O)

So, what's the Day 2 menu?! Here it is...

For breakfast we had 1 scrambled egg(which I HAD to salt and pepper)
1 slice of toast, 1/2 a banana and a glass of water

Lunch will be 1 hard boiled egg, 1 whole cup of cottage cheese and 5 saltine crackers! (This might be a tough one to choke down for me, I HATE eggs... and that's a whole lotta' plain cottage cheese! O_o )

And dinner will be 2 hot dogs (with no buns) , 1 cup of broccoli ( which my husband is dreading!!) 1/2 cup of carrots, 1/2 a banana and now 1/2 a cup of vanilla ice cream.

I'll let you know how it goes... and I can't wait until Saturday morning weigh in to finally see how much weight my love and I lost, if any!!! =)

**Important break down on this ' 3 day, military diet'**

It is understood that military people use this diet when they need to get in shape quickly.

The diet is said to work on chemical breakdown and has already been proven. You are not supposed to vary or substitute ANY of the foods. Salt and pepper are the ONLY seasoning to be used. And it is to be understood that this diet plan is designed to ONLY be used three days at a time!!

If carried on correctly, this diet is supposed to help you lose up to 10 lbs. After three days you can eat your normal foods but NOT OVER DOING IT. After the four days of normal eating, you are to start back on the 3 day diet plan. You are supposed to be able to lose up to 40 lbs in a month if you are diligent about sticking to this plan and the diet IS claimed to be a safe one.

They remind you NOT TO EAT between meals!!

And coffee or tea are allowed only in the first two meals of DAY 1!!! WATER ONLY FROM THEN ON.

( This diet has been known to possibly cause some hypoglycemic symptoms for some people)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hello Hello!!!! This hump day got started on a very amazing note!

I started a new diet in the name of research!!! And in the name of love... Ha!! I know, I know... gag me with a spoon!! Lol... In the past, I have been an advocate of NOT falling into fad diets; But like in parenting... there are many ways to parent, it's all about what gets the job done and done well. So, still be weary of those diets and make sure that they contain a realistic format to make them a way of life!! ;)

I am very blessed to be reporting that the love of my life has asked to begin a new fueling program AND work out regimen!!! NEEDLESS to say, I have embarked on these WiTh him... <3

The work out is a '4 minute' circuit of:
20 sec of burpies/10 sec rest
20 sec of mountain climbers/ 10 sec rest
20 sec of high knees/10 sec rest
20 sec of jumping jacks/10 sec rest


This work out claims to rev up your metabolism for up to 36 HOURS!! (And I have to admit, we both feel energized so... turbo boosting your metabolism in the a.m. seems to really give you natural energy!!)

As for the diet...

It is a simple idea really. Follow the three day regimen to a tee and then eat like you normally would for the other four days. Just being more conscious of your portions and choices.
After those three days, the claim is that you will lose between 6/10 lbs. o_O

We shall see...

Today after having my Isotonix cocktail of supplements, my husband and I weighed in and worked out. =D (Forgive me for not being able to contain my excitement!!! =)
After that, we had 1/2 a grapefruit, a slice of toast with 2 tbs of peanut butter and some tea.
(NOT to mention a full water bottle after the work out!!! Lol)

Lunch is about to be a slice of toast with 1/2 cup of tuna and more tea.

And dinner is going to be, no matter what, 2 slices of any type of meat(abt 3 oz) 1 cup green beans, 1/2 a banana, 1 small apple and a full cup of vanilla ice cream!! =)

And my weight is at 1?7... :( too close to going in the wrong direction...) Let's see what this plan has to offer... as well as a possible jog this afternoon in the heat.

Stay tuned for DAY 2!!

Have any questions, want any answers, I'm here... Happy blogging!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Monday!!! I started baby sitting an adorable little angel today... so first thing's first...
I was awake by 6 and up by 6:30!!! Yay!!!

Tomorrow... I am shooting for awake by 5:30 and up by 6... Looks like I may just get a run in!! =D

Had my Isotonix cocktail that has me feeling amazing!! My nails are even growing long and strong... I know, cause I had to cut them for the new sitting job... Lol... Can't chance scratching our little Sofia... =)

Had two cups of hot soothing tea and breakfast will be some egg whites with a veggie and water... and who knows what lunch will be. Dinner is on the menu already: Chili cheese foot longs. (But NOT for me!!) :P

Today marks the 30 days till my 40th and it is vital to get my sweat on and firm up to feel my best when I welcome my 40's into my life!! Yes, I still believe that I will make it happen...

Again, thank you my awesome bloggers... for always having my back. And how are you all hanging in there with your challenges?!

Now time to share a little something... (sharing IS caring...)

Back Extension with Ball

The lower back is one of the most neglected muscles among exercisers.
Have a ball while you build lower back strength!

So don't neglect your lower back!! It will help stabalize your core and only
great things can happen with that!!

Thank you Spark People...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Today was another blessing of a day. Connected with a wonderful friend and grabbed Bito(Gramps) for a few hours to enjoy his grandchildren. Have I worked out? No, not yet... but that damn run is a coming!! I 'NEED' to get a good sweat on... and at this point, I really miss it.

Hope this weekend is a relaxing one and you all get to make a few notes on the changes that YOU want to implement in your everyday to live healthier!

Now, I share with you a bit of 'gold', as I like to refer to our products that are high quality and tend to give a slue of testimonials from people that I know and love about how they do make positive changes come about.

The American Heart Association currently recommends that all Americans consume fish, which is high in omega-3 fatty acids, twice per week. This recommendation is based upon evidence that a diet high in fish is associated with improved heart health and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. While this basic incentive for increasing omega-3 intake is well-recognized, relatively less well-known are the potential mental health benefits omega-3s offer us.

Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids may positively influence mood, personality and behavior, according to results of several studies taking place in recent years. In 2006, a study of 106 healthy volunteers revealed that those participants who had lower blood levels of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids were also more likely to report mild-to-moderate symptoms of depression, and be more impulsive in their behavior. By contrast, those with higher blood levels of omega-3s were found to be more agreeable in attitude and behavior.

In addition, omega-3s have also been used in studies involving more serious degrees of depression. One such study, a double-blind, randomized controlled trial involving patients diagnosed with bipolar depression was conducted. As compared to the placebo group, significant improvement was noted in the experimental groups receiving either one or two grams of the omega-3 fatty acid known as ethyl-eicosapentaenoic acid—or EPA—through testing via the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (HRSD).

While this disorder involves no major physiological component, it can carry consequences every bit as debilitating; there is little doubt that suffering occurs as a result of its prevalence. According to CDC statistics, an estimated one in 10 adults in the U.S. currently suffers from some degree of depression—amounting to approximately 23 million Americans. Along with the estimated 76 million U.S. citizens who have hypertension, the benefits of such a widely-applicable nutrient—that offers help for both heart and mind—are appealing indeed.

Author: Sean Wells (Isotonix Blog)

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Primary Benefits of Heart Health™ Essential Omega III Fish Oil with Vitamin E :

  • Helps maintain normal cholesterol levels
  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels
  • Helps maintain normal blood flow
  • Helps maintain normal triglyceride levels in the blood
  • Promotes overall cardiovascular health
  • Helps maintain healthy levels of C-reactive protein
  • Promotes a healthy complexion
  • Helps enhance mood
  • Promotes healthy lubrication of the eye
  • Promotes normal tear production and volume
  • Helps promote healthy blood flow to the eye
  • May help to retain low-light visual acuity

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Great day with my baby... he'll be working non-stop for the next 7 days... :/ It's on now!!!

Have you got your next week plan set for success?! Plan it this weekend and get yourself mentally ready to get on track, stay on track or get back on track!!! Either way... you will feel better when you do... ;)

As promised.. here are the other 8 from the last article shared a couple days ago:

Woman stretching How to Exercise When You're In Pain

5. Neck pain

It’s often caused by…stress, osteoarthritis, carrying a heavy bag over one shoulder, cradling a phone between your shoulder and neck, degenerative discs, and poor posture while sitting at a desk.

You should avoid…some yoga positions, such as headstands, that put pressure on your neck, running or other high-impact moves that trigger neck pain should be avoided too, says Dr. Safman.

Instead, you should try…walking, cycling, Pilates, and yoga positions that do not involve your head or neck stands.

6. Plantar fasciitis

It’s often caused by…tight calf muscles, foot-arch problems, long distance running, and sudden weight gain.

You should avoid…nothing, really, says Dr. Geier. "But if you're in pain, reduce any exercises with repetitive lower extremity impact, such as running."

Instead, you should try…the elliptical trainer or bicycle may be preferable to running, as they do not subject the foot to the same stresses, says Dr. Geier.

7. Twisted ankle

It’s often caused by… rolling or twisting your ankle in an awkward way that stretches or tears the ankle ligaments.

You should avoid…any repetitive impact (like running or jogging) should be avoided in the days after the initial injury, says Dr. Geier.

Instead, you should try… focusing on upper-body exercise or non-weight-bearing workouts such as a stationary biking or swimming. To regain range of motion, draw the letters of the alphabet with your toes, says Dr. Geier.

8. Swollen knee

It’s often caused by…a tear in the meniscus (which is a c-shaped cartilage shock absorber in the knee) or ACL tears. But, says Dr. Geier, "patellofemoral pain—pain behind the kneecap—is the most likely cause of knee pain."

You should avoid…any exercise that recreates the pain, especially impact and stress such as running, lower extremity weights, and activities where you’re jumping or changing direction. "Consider backing off of Stairmaster-type exercises," says Dr. Geier.

Instead, you should try…swimming, water aerobics, some yoga and/or Pilates if modified to avoid certain painful exercises. Also, include daily hip, thigh, and knee strengthening exercises, such as leg raises.

Published July 2012, Prevention

Updated July 2012

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