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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Peace in the body goes hand in hand with peace in the mind and soul

This is now day 4 of our groups detox!!!
One person never bothered to weigh in but is feeling lighter on his feet, another has lost 8 lbs and I am at 6lbs lost!!! 

This is NOT about loosing weight!!! 
This first step is about cleansing the body of toxins, creating a clean slate for our pallets and rewiring our thought process on nourishing and fueling ourselves!

Some are ending at day 5. Some are taking it to day 7. Either way, I am beyond proud of all the extra effort that my group has set forth and am looking forward to our life long journey of healthy living together!!! 

Always remember that if you choose; you never need to take this battle on alone! 

Happy Blogging!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why detox at all?

Many professionals in the health and wellness field feel that going through a periodic cleansing of the body is not only an effective way to get started on a weight loss journey or a healthier life style but is simply a great way to recharge, rejuvenate or even renew your body! Specially after the long winter months now that spring is around the corner.

So in keeping it simple, if you feel congested from too much food or the WRONG kinds of food, if your energy level is low, if you have been on any medications that have not been eliminated from your system or if you have been drinking ALL the wrong things (alcohol included); then a simple detox may be JUST WHAT YOU NEED.

As usual, consulting with your physician is always highly suggested and looking into the many different types of detoxification and lengths of them are very good ideas too.

And always remember that you are NOT alone! I am here if you should need a little guiding hand.
Happy Blogging!

Monday, March 3, 2014

There always comes a time when a good detox is in order!

Today, I along with a few others have begun our detox week. Yes!! 7 days of veggies, limited fruits, lots of h2o, VERY limited cocunut oil for sautéing, no sugars, no caffeine, no salts and last but not least, no alcohol! 

Today was not too bad, about to eat some raw veggies for dinner and get some light stretching in before bed. 

I guess that the most important things I'd like you to get from this new post are:

1) Never give up trying to get healthy!

2) Team work really DOES help the dream work! 

3) Fact is, if you are working out ALL the time and just DON'T seem to get the results that you want; YOU HAVE TO CHANGE HOW YOU FUEL! STOP CHEATING BECAUSE "YOU DESERVE IT" STOP THINKING THAT WORKING OUT HARDER OR LONGER WILL MAKE UP FOR BAD NUTRITION AND FUELING! ...because it won't.