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Friday, December 16, 2011

************ pinche Lydia ********** ;)

No new comers 'eh??? Come on!! Let's create a challenge for you and then take the bulls by the horn! ;) I'm ready when any of you are!!! BUT I do ask that before you start any kind of work out you get okayed by your physician so make your appointment first and then we'll choose your work out regimen to ask about.

Happy Holidays People!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Welcome to the flip side Sean, Sonya, Sylisa and Darlene!!!

Just a wrap up on the dinner that I had today... tuna, brown rice and small helping of lettuce and baby carrots!!! Ahhh, yes and some more water.... ;)

Any one need to go over how to begin a program??? Need to know how many calories to take in for weight loss or gain??? Let me know peeps... I'm here.
Ran almost 4 miles today at my usual 10 minute pace. Finally getting back on the ball with my running and it feels good! I am hoping to run further and stay at about the same pace next week.

The scale is actually now becoming my BeSt friend recently. Who'd have EVER thought??? I know that you are not supposed to weigh yourself every day; but the results of all of the hard work and extra efforts are too good to not check on a daily basis!! Today marks the 4th day of incorporating the Insanity program with my running AND the healthy eating routine from the 'body-for-life' philosophy. 4TH DAY people... and I have shed 8 1/2 pounds !!!! THAT is InSaNe...

Next week it will go like this:
Monday/Wednesday/Friday, I will do my runs and come back and hit TaeBo or HipHopAbs
Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, I will stick to the Insanity program 30/40 minute routines and then start the body-for-life weight training.

All the while, staying on the eating for energy concept...

I can NOT wait to see what happens!

Todays Diet:
6 servings of water and I will be getting at least another 3 in before bed.
Had a veggie bowl @ Chipotle but stayed w/the white rice and had sour cream AND cheese :/
I'm about to have some tuna with whole wheat bread and a small salad.
And for dinner??? I have no idea.... Lol... But I WILL behave! ;)

Darlene, thank you for sharing more details on the hurdles that you are fighting to jump for your Victory in the end!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

******************* Pinche Lydia! ***************************************** ;) *********

You're NOT going to believe this! Today... my new friend took back a total of "5" ... YES... "5" whole pounds!!! There are no words to describe how aMaZeD I am...

The work out almost did not happen. I woke up with a headache and felt drained. It was a tough decision but I am ultimately glad that I pushed through. Did day two of the Insanity program, Plyometric Cardio Circuit and it was rough but got all the way through it. Got as far in as some of the in-out abs from the plank position and just couldn't handle the throbbing head for the last two sets of the basketball drills. Last time I attempted this work out, I couldn't get through any of the b.b. drills... today, I did 2 of them. So, there IS progress being made!! Then I was able to excel with the rest of the routine. I have to admit. I am pleased. Even though the progress is not astronomical right now. I know that how hard I am pushing IS changing my body over all.

Diet today was another success... Got a whole 10 servings of water in throughout the day. Popped my vitamins. Had a protein shake for breakfast, a grilled chicken breast w/brown rice and a few baby carrots (raw) for lunch. Dinner was a pretty hefty portion of more brown rice and some lean ground beef medley w/potatoes.

I was kinda' hungry this evening so, I might have some trail mix or a banana for a late snack.
=) BYE-BYE fat and low-energy!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ran a bit over 3 miles today. Really revved it up, usually a good pace for me is a 10 minute miles for that kind of run but today I was averaging about a 9 1/2 minute pace. I felt it and tossed my cookies on some ones lawn. :/ But it's good to push yourself right?!

Had a protein shake for breakfast, Meal#2 was an egg white w/a whole wheat slice of bread, Meal #3 was baby spinach w/bit o' dressing and small chicken breast w/white rice and my BiG meal #4 was some steamed brown rice w/lean ground beef and potatoes. Nine 8oz. servings of water and my vitamins.

Oh yeah, my darn left hip is still an issue as is my left shoulder. But Thank God for Dr. Tony!!! Went for an adjustment and some therapy. Also going to have some x-rays taken of the 'ol hip later this week. We'll see what the heck is trying to get in my way of reaching my goals now.

Finally lost 3 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS iS about as BIG as my getting thru the damn Insanity Fit test this week!!!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Started the program all over and it was an AmAzInG day!!!! :) Got thru the fitness test!!!! ALL of it... Could not have asked for much more at this point. Work out lasted about 30 min and I actually could have gone for more... I'm thinking of incorporating my 'Body-For-Life' program. Just going to take it slow and get thru this new week of Insanity w/running. By next week I hope to alternate Insanity w/weight training on one day and cross train w/running and tae bo or HipHop Abs on the other. Can't imagine going wrong with that. And I will be doing all of the things that I love.

Just look at the improvement after 9 days of working out with 4/5 days of rest (should have only been 2) ...

1st attempt @ Fitness Test / Today's VICTORY w/Fitness Test
-------------------------------- / ----------------------------------------
Switch Kicks: 58 (single legs) / 120 (single legs)
Power Jacks: 50 / 50
Power Knees: 80(lft leg) 82(rt leg) / 90(lft leg) 89(rt leg)
Power Jumps: 25 / 35
Globe Jumps: 0 / 10 (rotations of 4 moves)
Suicide Jumps: 0 / 15 (w/no jumps in between)
Push-up Jacks: 0 / 30 (mini push-ups/can't get all the way down)
Plank Crunch: 0 / 65 (single legs)

WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! NOT a complete FaiL this time around!!!

And now, to improve on what we've built!

Oh, yeah... diet today:
9/12 servings of water, breakfast protein shake, 1 egg white w/plain whole wheat toast for lunch and another egg white w/plain whole wheat toast for dinner(couldn't get the second one down for lunch) LmAo!