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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ran almost 4 miles today at my usual 10 minute pace. Finally getting back on the ball with my running and it feels good! I am hoping to run further and stay at about the same pace next week.

The scale is actually now becoming my BeSt friend recently. Who'd have EVER thought??? I know that you are not supposed to weigh yourself every day; but the results of all of the hard work and extra efforts are too good to not check on a daily basis!! Today marks the 4th day of incorporating the Insanity program with my running AND the healthy eating routine from the 'body-for-life' philosophy. 4TH DAY people... and I have shed 8 1/2 pounds !!!! THAT is InSaNe...

Next week it will go like this:
Monday/Wednesday/Friday, I will do my runs and come back and hit TaeBo or HipHopAbs
Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, I will stick to the Insanity program 30/40 minute routines and then start the body-for-life weight training.

All the while, staying on the eating for energy concept...

I can NOT wait to see what happens!

Todays Diet:
6 servings of water and I will be getting at least another 3 in before bed.
Had a veggie bowl @ Chipotle but stayed w/the white rice and had sour cream AND cheese :/
I'm about to have some tuna with whole wheat bread and a small salad.
And for dinner??? I have no idea.... Lol... But I WILL behave! ;)

Darlene, thank you for sharing more details on the hurdles that you are fighting to jump for your Victory in the end!!

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