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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Look at this, it's Saturday and I'm on....

Did my Tae Bo and then headed in to my therapy session. It's looking good. The therapist stated that I have good flexibility and range of motion with my bad shoulder. Even the strength and the amount of discomfort or pain are not too bad. So these factors make him pretty hopeful that the next few weeks of therapy should be enough to get me back on track without needing that MRI. The possible pinched disk in the neck is coming along nicely and I'll be sure to ask if it still seems as though that is still the likely problem at my next session. The work on my hamstring has also now begun. Turns out, there is no hamstring strain...The evaluation showed that it is a strained (?) muscle in my posterior (butt cheek) that is aggravating my sciatic nerve at times. That is why I tend to feel that it was a hamstring strain. So now, I'm treating all three problems with therapy and chiropractic care.

New rules by doctor's orders: NO RUNNING / LIMITED and EASY lower body work outs
NO CHEST upper weight exercise / NO SHOULDER upper weight exercises

THAT SUCKS!!!! But to be able to do the best thing for my body...it means I will have to let it heal and take the time to do the stretches and exercises that my trainer assigned to help the healing process along and to strengthen the muscles for what I want them to achieve.

Diet is awesome....still only getting 3 or 4 good quality fuel meals in but I am more aware now that I have to try to get more in for a better source of energy and less worried about choices. It's all coming more natural.

I will keep posting as often as I can to keep the log fresh and up to date on how to keep kicking ass even if it means making a few changes along the way.

Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

So...maybe I'll hit "the blog" once or twice a week?? Any one have an issue with that...let me know. I mean, if you are looking to get your hurdle behind you...I WILL COMMIT to making time to help you transform your body and life style.

We left off on last Friday with a good day. Saturday stunk...no work out and Monday and Tuesday were the same...Not good!! So...

On Wednesday I got Upper body and Cardio in...Time to push it!!

Thursday was Cardio AND Yoga...Almost ran 3 ten minute miles!!! .2 miles short... :/ Gotta' keep working on that to be able to move on to a 45 minute run.

Friday was Lower Body workout w/no weights on the quads and hamstring exercises. (Had to take it easy. Shoulder and hamstring are still sore...for today...mostly hamstring)

Have another appointment with my Chyro/Therapist tomorrow...making me stronger to see this whole thing all the way through!! I have a pulled hamstring/glut from a week and a half ago... a possible pinched disk in my neck from three four months back...and a possible torn inner rotater- cuff from about for year back that I never gave the time of day.

All I know, is that physical therapy to try and regain strength is awesome!!! Hopefully surgery won't be needed for the shoulder...