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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Top 6 Secrets To Change Your Life

Okay. I have received way too many messages this past week asking me what my secret is to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I think that it's a good time to break it down for you all. 
Free of charge! 😂

Today I will cover my #1 secret. 

Exercise EVERYDAY. Not for an hour... Not on the same machine everytime. 

There are studies that actually help save you time folks. A little thing called 'Circuit training' has busted at the seems with great reviews across the Globe! 

The reality is that you can maximize your results by 'effectively' (THAT'S KEY) bringing your heart rate up (to your safe high) and keeping it up there for a minimum of 10/15mins at a time. 
So, a quick 15 mins to a 1/2 an hour at a time will have big benefits! 

(But only if you stay consistent or work continuously at staying consistent with getting these short bursts of work outs IN)

Heavy weight lifting & cardio mashups help to kick your fat-burning furnace into high gear!! 

Now all you have to do is remember to mix it up with both cardio and strength training. 
This comprehensive format really does help to give you the best of both worlds by allowing you to combine intervals of high-intensity cardio with heavy weight lifting for a complete workout format to get you to burn the most fat possible. 

Did you get YOUR 'Glisten' on today? 😎