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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Always staying on the Isotonix cocktail since it is so damn beneficial... trying not to watch what I eat too much right now cause of some dizzy spells that are trying to take me down (shshsh!) so calorie intake might help matters a bit... ;)... and I won't start up an exercise regimen again until Monday the 2nd! So sorry to be slacking... but rule #5 in staying healthy: Listen To Your Body!!! Lol...

Hope that everyone else is making time to get that heart pumping and to get organized with the fueling items needed at hand to succeed at weight loss, strength building or just getting through this lovely thing called life!!

Wishing you all a grand Hump Day Evening and here are a few more of the possibilities for your aging with no need:

4. You Pretend to Be Allergic to Dumbbells

Following a regular strength-training routine that creates better, more supportive muscle tone will help you firm sagging skin from the neck down. "I am religious about strength-training, and I always tell patients to do it more as they get older," says Patricia Farris, MD, a dermatologist in Metairie, LA. "It's like adding volume to the face with fillers, except on your body," says Dr. Farris.

5. Your Meat and Dairy Aren't Organic

"Hormones in traditionally produced dairy, poultry, and meat may contribute to acne," says Katie Rodan, MD, a dermatologist in the San Francisco Bay area. She says that her patients who eat those less frequently—or at least choose grain-fed beef and poultry and organic dairy—often notice their skin looks better.

(Since price is a factor of daily living... having less is alright by me! Lol)

6. You Don't Give Your Body a Break

When your exercise routine is so intense that you're tired all the time but can't sleep at night, you're setting yourself up for overuse injuriesnot to mention dark circles and bags under your eyes from those sleepless nights. These symptoms could be a sign of overexhaustion, says Ryan Halvorson, personal trainer, IDEA Health and Fitness Association expert, and author. Other clues that you're working out too much include extreme muscle soreness that persists for several days, unintended weight loss, an increased resting heart rate, interruptions in your menstrual cycle, or decreased appetite. "Plan your rest as well as you plan exercise," says Polly de Mille, RN, a registered clinical exercise physiologist at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. "If there is no balance between breakdown and recovery, then the muscle is in a state of chronic inflammation and what may start as a simple case of soreness after a hard workout can turn into an actual overuse injury."


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I want to get rolling with a little exercise, but my heel is not going to have it just yet. I guess when I can walk without the discomfort, is when I can think of getting back on it and expecting it to do right by me. Lol...

Had my Isotonix cocktail and some waffles with honey. Gotta' start hydrating better again and be smart about lunch today. Kind of had a higher calorie intake in the last couple of days. The perks of high milage running...

As promised... First 3 out of eight mistakes that you might be paying for in some way, shape or form...

1. You Overdo Dessert

The breakdown of sugars, called glycation, damages the collagen that keeps skin smooth and firm. To prevent this natural process from careening out of control, Naila Malik, MD, a derm in Southlake, TX, sticks to low-glycemic carbs like whole grains; they're naturally low in sugar, and the body processes them slowly to limit the loss of collagen. If you want to sweeten up your tea or oatmeal without making your skin look older, try all-natural stevia. It's an easily digested herbal sweetener that doesn't trigger glycation, according to board-certified dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, MD, an adjunct professor of medicine at Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine.

2. You Spin Away Stress

Taking your work angst out on the Spinning bike or treadmill might make you feel better for a little while, but incorporating yoga into your fitness routine regularly may help you look younger and prevent breakouts while whittling away stress. Sounds like a winning workout to us! "Yoga moves like Child's Pose, Downward-Facing Dog, and Sun Salutations improve circulation—the boost of oxygen is what gives skin that lovely yoga glow," says Hema Sundaram, MD, a Washington, DC–area dermatologist. New research finds regular yoga practice may reduce the inflammation and stress that speed skin aging. If you need another reason to om away your stress: High levels of tension can spike hormone production that leads to breakouts or aggravates conditions like psoriasis. "Controlling stress keeps your skin calm," says Annie Chiu, MD, a derm in LA.

3. You Always Choose Coffee Over Tea

Research suggests that green and black tea contain protective compounds—like EGCG and theaflavins—that help prevent skin cancers and the breakdown of collagen, the cause of wrinkles.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Hello again!! It was a difficult Half marathon in some summer heat by the lakefront! Needless to say, I am hangin' up my marathon shoes... 2 Full Marathons and 2 Halfs in this lifetime is quite enough for THIS gal! It seems that no matter how much stronger, leaner and lighter I am... my body does NOT do better in these events(must just be the ever climbing age factor for me in particular) o_O. They win! I am just proud enough to be able to say that I did it... not once but twice each event. =D

And now, to stick to running for fun! I love it!!! Going to be a little sore for a while so the working out thing might take me a bit to get back to. Lol... My heel is a little flared up as is my hip/glute/lower back triangle... the soreness ain't got nothing on me! Just the kinks to let heal.

Hope everyone is off to a great start this week and you all have a plan to stay fit and active through out the week!! As always, let me know if you need a little guidance or extra motivation!!! I'm always here...

Hope this gets you rolling in the right direction:

8 Diet and Exercise Mistakes That Age You

If you pick doughnuts over fruit and never met a yoga class you wanted to try, you could be adding years to your looks

woman-eating-ice-cream-sundae-410x290.<span class=

Eating too much sugar certainly isn’t wise for your waistline, but did you know that overindulging in dessert can add years to your face? And even if you do strenuous cardio workouts each week, you’ll be missing out on potential anti-aging body benefits if your schedule doesn’t include yoga, weight training, and rest.

"Good nutrition is a fundamental building block of healthy skin," explains Leslie Baumann, MD, a Miami Beach dermatologist. The natural ingredients in whole foods such as romaine lettuce and strawberries help increase cell turnover, and boost production of collagen fibers to help keep skin smooth and firm. Conversely, foods with little-to-no nutritional benefits, like sugar-packed doughnuts, can actually damage the collagen and elastin that keep skin firm and youthful. These aging effects start at about age 35 and increase rapidly after that, according to a study published in the British Journal of Dermatology.

Even if your diet is wholesome, you could be making exercise mistakes that age you as well. For example, if you only do cardio at the expense of other types of exercise, like yoga and strength-training, you could be missing out on skin-protective benefits.

Find out if you're making one of these 8 common aging diet and exercise mistakes, and get smart prevention strategies that can keep you slim and youthful for years to come.

Log on tomorrow for the first 3 common mistakes!! ;)