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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

3,657 steps by 10:30pm!! Not too bad... got a little walk in and did 1,139 revolutions for 20 minutes on the elliptical. 280 calories down and got to get in the 3 upper body exercises done only one rep of 50 each. Did the 2 lying down arm exercises with 1 rep of each at 50 also. And of course... the 400 crunches which I am thinking to make a daily thing, 'cause I am really seein' some progress. Maybe tomorrow I can fit a little jog in...
Saturday: 8,398 steps with the work out!!
Sunday: 8,205 steps with out a work out but with a brisk walk to and from Cici's to drop off and pick up kids!
Monday: 2,813 with NO work out or walk/jog... Gabi was clinging, she started with a cold. :(
Tuesday: 4,124 with no work out or jog...just a lot of running around with errands and kiddos.

Today...I had a whopper jr for lunch with a handful of fries and a diet coke. Breakfast was a yogurt and my water. it's already 4:20 almost and I'm just shy of 1,000 steps! Time to get a work out in!!!! Then run around with the kiddos... ;) Talk to you tomorrow...and I'll give my total steps for today then. I am never going to hit 10,000 steps in a day!?!? :/ Goal seems to be too high or my pedometer is off... Lol!