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The way I see it, the time is NOW... for change to come & happiness, health & strength to be found. As of 2012, this has only changed in the way that I have stumbled upon an amazing at home business venture that has given me the avenue to ACTUALLY help transform peoples lives. Funny thing is, that's been my goal all along. So now I not only share who I am here but what I do. The fact is that anyone of you can actually find your happiness & success thru allowing the right connections to occur in your life. If you are on my blog... you made it here because you are looking to shift, strive, smile &/or change. Well now, I can help guide you to do any & all of the above thru personal motivation, life changing products with an outstanding reputation & LONG list of testimonials, substantial savings with our shopping annuity & incredible business opportunities to actually call your own... While never having to leave the security of your current J O B! Never be afraid to give something you know nothing about a chance; at least to hear about it. Then you can make an educated decision to pass it up not an ignorant one. The opportunities exist.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Three days later... and now, still, not much to report. I have failed my beautiful and faithful bloggers. :(

Stayed pretty occupied handling my pops hospital stay all week tag teaming with my awesome sister. Had a life altering divine intervention in my 23 yr marriage. Reunited with lots of family and best of all became a 'whole' immediate family again! My emotional state took president this week as well as being there to mentor '3' very special people. I have only one regret... that my 44 day challenge that I had started has quickly turned into a '37' DAY challenge beginning this coming Monday!!

Do I have your forgiveness and unconditional support the way that I guarantee you all mine?! I hope so. :)

Now... I will have to just work a little harder for the results that I want.

Have an amazing weekend and stay strong with all of the goals that you set to reach!! There is just simply nothing that you cannot do! I know... because it's the way that I choose to live, believing that!! ;)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Today... I conquered a Turbo Fire session and did 100 crunches... The goal? To see if it IS possible to get rid of my baby pouch after having had six amazing children...

Day 2 DOWN... 42 more to go... o_O

The hurdle: 200 crunches and other ab work outs a day for the 42 remaining days. Why? Because I can... 100 in the A.M. and 100 in the P.M.

Had my Isotonix cocktail first thing and a plum and small apple for breakfast. Lunch was a 1/4 slice of pepperoni pizza... and dinner was my protein shake with the complete greens and Mochatonix energy powder...

It has been a great day but I do have to increase my fuel and hydration!

Today's Happiness tips:

Experience is the best teacher. Don’t try too hard to memorize the things others are teaching. Learn the best practices and then do yourthing. Life itself will teach you over the course of time, and often at the right time and place, so that you will remember forever what is truly important.
Your choices, your actions, your life. Live it your way with no regrets. Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do. Continue to work hard at what you love no matter what the challenges are. Be persistent. Life eventually rewards those who do.

There are 18 total on the article... we'll probably share a few more again soon... Good night for now.

It's a new dawn!!! Turbo Fire today!!

What is your form of making change happen today?! Make some time to get that heart pumping... just 15/20 minutes on a bad day will keep you rolling in the right direction!!!

Cristy is going to have to create a new password and id by becoming a member down below!! Lol... I want to help you like I am doing for a few others keeping in touch here... Getter' done woman!

Now, here are two helpful tips for today, stay connected for more:

  1. Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the sacred experience of living every moment with love and gratitude. There is always, always, always something to be thankful for and some reason to love. So be sure to appreciate what you’ve got. Be thankful for the little things in life that mean a lot.
  2. Be a student of life every day. Experience it, learn from it, and absorb all the knowledge you can. Prepare yourself for greatness by keeping your mind conditioned with fresh knowledge and new challenges. Remember, if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready when great opportunities arise.
Courtesy of Marc and Angel...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Welcome Sportygirl and Anna!!! I love how we're growing!!!
And guess what? I just came back from the gym! Day 1 down!! 43 to go!!! Thank you Anna and Dave... =)
My sweet cousin let me know she did her part! And then my 23 yr old son called saying he got off early for some gym time... I am so grateful for those in my life that help me stay on track!!!

'My Body' Day 1

Leg Extensions 3 sets of 8
Squats 4 sets of 8
Leg Press 3 sets of 10
Standing calf raises 4 sets of 10
Standing angled calf raises 4 sets of 10
Seated calf raises 4 sets of 15

Varying weights

Boom Baby!!!
well.. i thought of putting a little fib here today, and saying that I 'DID' get a work out in. But I feel that I owe my bloggers the truth! I will not be posting my fuel for the day because it was nothing that you can get any great motivation from. When my stomach is stressed, I just don't eat well. Familiar?! Hell yeah!!! We're ALL human! And we can still beat the battle of the bulge!! Just not on your bad days... Lol!
Grandpa ended up in the hospital, I had an impromptu appointment at the doctors office and had a lot of calls to get out of the way.
No work out today... :(
43 days left to make a change before the big 40... smh!

Anyway, as promised... a little information to help you all on your journey to success with health, strength and happiness!

One of the Most Effective Butt-Toning Moves You Can Do

Standing Hip Extension on Cable Cross Machine
If the machine is not an option... try the bands!!

Improve your balance and coordination with this move.
First, let me start by saying... That I WiLL post some more later in the day today! =D (with interesting advice)
Yesterday was a great day and I did have my Isotonix cocktail... A plum for breakfast and a small chicken sandwich from Wendy's for lunch with a handful of fries and water. Dinner was 'two' platefuls of a broccoli salad, chicken salad, italian beef(just the meat), and skinless chicken breast with lots of peppers. Had a couple of water bottles and a margarita and a half!!! It was GooD!!! And I didn't really cheat... Just had too much food and some non fueling calories in the drinks... Lol
The plan for today, fuel well and hydrate! I Have to get a work out in too!! (in order to see a change in my body by Aug.21)
It'll be tough going on three hours of sleep... But it can be done... I Have to make EvErYdAy count!!!

Hope that you are all off to a motivated week of eating natural and getting in some physical activity!!! We have to think fit to stay fit and live well...
Happy Monday bloggers!! ;)