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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Defeat is only allowed if your perspective is weak

Today I WILL get a 20 minute work out in.
Today I WILL eat fresh cucumber and sweet potatoes and avocado and lean ground beef.
Today I WILL work on the computer.
Today I WILL clean my bathrooms.
Today I WILL wash two loads of laundry (and fold them)
Today I WILL get my dishes done.
Today I WILL be at my son's track meet.
Today I WILL leave dinner made before I leave.
Today I WILL be happy with what I accomplish.

I guess I should shower and get going Today! 

What are YOU determined to get done TODAY?! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Confessions of a REAL Life Coach struggling...

Holy Cow!!!! The Pandora setting for 'Shakira' ROCKS!! 

The truth is, my body hit a (large) brick wall on Sunday/Monday. ...yes, even with my energy boosting Mochatonix in my morning protein shake! :/
Came home from a long day at sectionals with my kiddo and my body just wanted to give out. The sleepy time, she came. I felt beat down! Took a 4 hr nap... Got up, saw that my eldest had bought pizza for lunch/dinner... (Thanked The Lord above) and got back to bed by 9:30/10pm! O_o 
Monday I felt very little difference. I felt like I was dragging my soul behind me ( very far behind me ) all day long. So, yes... I napped again for a couple of hours. 
...the human body is a marvelous thing. It will flick you off in a heart beat if you don't respect it appropriately! o_O 

Needless to say, no work really got done, no dishes or laundry or (well, I did prep a clean meal for my beautiful crew and got out to see my pops at the home. And took my kiddo into the chiropractor) 
But still, didn't have 'my' kind of productive day. A first work out in months was supposed to have gone down and THAT DID NOT HAPPEN. :( 

Thankfully, the dawn of a new day occurred and Pandora exists. 
...I did not CrossFit or get out for a run. 

I simply washed my dishes, danced my butt off for THREE songs broke for two (got my laundry load switched by running up and down the staircase to grab more cloths a couple of times as I caught my breath) danced/exercised for THREE more kick a** songs and I succeeded at elevating my heart rate TWICE for 10mins at a time!!! 

LONG story short:
Listen to your body. 
Fuel right.
Get adequate rest.
Make your workout your own. 

THAT'S how 'real' people beat the everyday realistic struggle of getting it done. (You are NOT alone)