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Saturday, April 3, 2010

We are just going to have to call this a crap week. Now time to pick myself up and dust myself off...(next week)

No work out in today...diet was a banana and skim milk for breakfast, string cheese and water for lunch, a vanilla cappuccino from Mejier for snack and some chicken fingers for dinner with more water.


Sorry...and tomorrow...EASTER!! Not gonna' be much better. But Monday is a new week!!! Maybe I will just tack on one more week at the end since this one went so bad...we shall see.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Friday!! It's been a better day today...got the Lower Body weight training done and I feel good...still need to consult with that trainer though, because I don't feel a thing like I think I'm supposed to. Tomorrow is Cardio, so it'll either be a kick ass run or some TaeBo to wrap up week #2.

Diet was two egg whites with whole wheat toast and a glass of skim milk...lunch was a 6 in B.M.T. from Subway and so far 4 glasses of water down. Also had my hot water and lemon in the morning. Dinner will be 2/3 quesadillas with beans and hopefully no more snacking. Already cheated with home baked crinkly fries that the kids had for lunch. I think I had about 5/6! :/

See you again tomorrow and look for more "Raw Truths" that I will be posting.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Well...not only did time get away from me yesterday but now...the complete desire to work out has. The day is beautiful and I have a "HUGE" grey cloud over my head. I don't know what to tell you. I'm human too?? Well hopefully by listening to my body and taking yet another day of the program...it will pay off in the long run. We shall see.

Diet has been alright...hot water and lemon juice in the morning then 2 egg whites w/two slices of whole wheat toast and a glass of skim milk for breakfast. Lunch will be a tuna sandwich w/whole wheat toast and a glass of water. I will log in my dinner on tomorrows post.

And if there really is anyone following...I do apologize for not helping to elevate you today.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Well...today is the first day that I skip my Weight work out... Time got away from me and I cheated on the diet some too. It's my husband's and my 21ST Anniversary and we had Thai for lunch...a little Crab Rangoon and Beef Pat Thai...breakfast was a helping of cottage cheese and strawberry yogurt (both low-fat) and I had 4 glasses of water so far. Dinner will not be following the plan either. But that's okay...I've earned "two cheat days" this week. =)

Pedometer clocked in at 2,000 steps after three sets of tennis and tomorrow we're kickin' it with Taebo!!

Enjoy the beautiful evening and I'll get back on track tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sorry peeps... couldn't post last night or all day today...technical difficulties. But I'm back! Welcome Kea!!! Start w/the oldest and first post to get the most out of the program.

Day #9
Had an unbelievable run today...my running partner "rocked!!!!" It was a 5.8 mile run in 70 minutes!! Not a great time...but getting better and really increased my distance. We pushed the WHOLE time we were out this morning.

Tomorrow is the upper body weight training but it will be postponed for a later time in the day due to a little tennis challenge in the late morning... =) I guess I could log it in too.

Diet was great too...1 glass of water before the run along with a banana and a glass of milk. After the run...I had 2 more glasses of water and cottage cheese and strawberry yogurt. Later had two tuna sandwiches on whole wheat toast...snacked on a small salad w/low-fat dressing and almonds. For dinner I had grilled chicken breast and wild rice. A granola bar for a snack and 2 more glasses of water.

YESTERDAYS lunch and dinner was lean ground beef and plain pasta/ One hot dog with mac-n-cheese and some wrinkled fries. Total water intake was 5 glasses.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 2 of 12...

Already done with the lower body weight training.

Dumbbell Squats(Quadriceps) w/10 lb weights
Dumbbell Lunges(Hamstrings) w/10 lb weights "Kick my butt!!"
Angled Calf Raises (Calves) w/10 lb weights
Floor Crunches (Abs) 30/Flexing on last one
Twist Crunches (Abs) 30 each side /Flexing on last one
Bent-Knee Leg Raises (Abs) 30/Flexing on last one

Felt good...Not enough "peak" though... going to have to speak to a trainer for help on modifications of training sessions.

Diet...3 glasses of water already. Two egg whites with beans for breakfast and a cup of skim milk.
Mini Carrots for snack and maybe a granola bar. More water...I'll post lunch and dinner tonight.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

So today was Sunday...day to rest...yeah right! About 5,000 steps again logged in having gone to play some tennis! Can't help it...these kids of mine just push me out the door!!

Diet? ANYTHING goes! About 6 square slices of pepperoni pizza, about 3 donuts, 2 glasses of skim milk, 1 glass of diet Pepsi, 5 total glasses of water, a big bowl of salad W/CROUTONS and SHREDDED CHEESE and last but not least..."4" Fannie May Pixies at night. :(

Now I have a lot of guilt to work off all week and hope that next Sunday is better.

Crazy program!!