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Friday, April 23, 2010

Alright... had to skip Wednesdays Lower body weight training. Had a little mishap with the left side glut/upper left side hamstring. Took off running suddenly because Gabrielle got away from me and tried dashing toward the street from the playground. Something just didn't feel right after that. According to the trainer at "MyBodyGym" in Northbrook...it is best to ice on and off every 10 minutes for a day or two. And to just stay active and use the foam roller. All things that I had done thankfully, except for the ice part. Thanks Danny!! For being right on the money...I feel so much better! Also took some inflammatory meds. Diet was good.

By Thursday, I was able to make it through the TaeBo Flex with no problem. I still feel the pull but I have an appointment with the physical therapist on Tuesday. All should be good then, after some adjustments.

Today is Friday and the Upper body Weight training is done.

Diet has been very good...even for dinner. I think that since I know that there will be a measurement follow-up on Monday(BEGINNING OF 6TH WEEK), I have some additional incentive for eating right.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday was a good day. I got my Monday Upper weight workout in and then went out for a 1/2 hr run. My trainer finally put his foot down and said that the best thing to do is to concentrate on making the 30 minute run a strong one and then move on to a longer run. Makes sense and I couldn't bring myself to run so little with such a bad pace. After all, I did run a full marathon in 05'! But it's now time to listen to the voice of reason. Thanks Dave Jr. =) Now I was able to accomplish this 30 minute endeavor with a pace of 11.8 and almost hit my 3 mile mark. Not quite but I'll let you guys do the math if you HAVE to know how short I came of 3 miles.

Water intake was the usual and diet was kind of teetering...I won't be boring you with details. From now on just good and bad high lights on the diet. The important thing is, as I have mentioned before, being aware of what my body needs as fuel for energy and strength. And basically using the rule of not eating what my body just doesn't need. Of course, cookies and chocolate always seem to get into my system every now and again but not even close to what it used to be. No night time snacks any more! It's the day time hands on that are a problem here and there. I did however, find that if I keep busy...there seems to be no need for grabbing the wrong thing on the go.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Totally new no one was going to call me on the no posts for Friday and Saturday...I got TaeBo in on Friday and nothing on Saturday...Today is Monday and I didn't get my upper body work out in either. You know what?? I don't even care and I really should. I've really got to get focused already. There are plenty of changes that I can see and feel and yet I lack motivation on some days. Go figure. Let's see what tomorrow brings.