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The way I see it, the time is NOW... for change to come & happiness, health & strength to be found. As of 2012, this has only changed in the way that I have stumbled upon an amazing at home business venture that has given me the avenue to ACTUALLY help transform peoples lives. Funny thing is, that's been my goal all along. So now I not only share who I am here but what I do. The fact is that anyone of you can actually find your happiness & success thru allowing the right connections to occur in your life. If you are on my blog... you made it here because you are looking to shift, strive, smile &/or change. Well now, I can help guide you to do any & all of the above thru personal motivation, life changing products with an outstanding reputation & LONG list of testimonials, substantial savings with our shopping annuity & incredible business opportunities to actually call your own... While never having to leave the security of your current J O B! Never be afraid to give something you know nothing about a chance; at least to hear about it. Then you can make an educated decision to pass it up not an ignorant one. The opportunities exist.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

August is here and I am taking NO prisoners!!!!

As always... been a while. Life just keeps on trying to bring me down!! Ain't gonna happen!!

Today is the 'official' Kick off for my NEW 'Change For Life' Channel on YouTube!!!


This will most likely be taking a bit out of blogging for me but I have to admit... I DO love writing.

It IS a passion of mine. ...and so much easier than video and pictures! Lol

I have the same ol' vision... I am adamantly taking steps to keep things real and help motivate others to embrace THEIR reality and keep on moving forward with any goal that they set before themselves!! Fitness. De-stressing. Health. Wellness. Financial Freedom. Heck simply loving every single day that you get to live by knowing and believing that YOU ARE worth ANY struggle that you put yourself thru to change your life.

Our shop.com/changeforlifeshoppe is helping me do just that! People are entrusting me to help them find a healthier, stronger and happier tomorrow with our incredible life changing products and with our bar NONE business plan that actually assists people to find TIME LEVERAGE and gets their money to start WORKING FOR THEM! ...and for that, I am truly humbled to be allowed to be so many people's friend, coach and mentor. 

Any and all questions are always welcomed... WE ARE NATIONWIDE AND GLOBAL!

Have an amazing weekend all!!! And remember, your destiny ultimately is what you make of what gets dealt to you in life! We all have struggles and battles to fight... some harder than others for sure, but if you believe that there ARE people willing to listen and offer their experiences for you to grow and prosper, than you are accepting that ANYTHING you set before you IS POSSIBLE!

Let's change for a better life shall we?