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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Back at it on Monday... My body seemed to have missed the elliptical!! 30minutes!!! 42rpm's/424 calories burned and 1,748 revolutions!!! my personal best thus far!! Then followed up with Around the world crunches!! 4 sets of 50 each.

Have a stress test coming up on Saturday so I am looking to get on the machine today and possibly on Friday too. Gotta' keep trying to shed these last 10/15 pounds! my eating habits are not helping much. The choices just aren't right enough of the time. :/

Meanwhile...looking to keep on jumpin' my hurdles!! ;)

Alright... Got on the elliptical for 34 1/2 min with 2,008 revolutions, 485 calories burned and an average rpms at 6.3!! Also got in my 200 crunches!! :)
Breakfast...cottage cheese, yogurt and granola
Lunch...half an avocado, two tiny baked potatoes and two small cheese circle.
Dinner....family pizza night :/ (four slices/NO crust)