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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Great day today... Day#6

Finished first week out of 12!!! Just eleven to go until I'm happy with the new habits I've created for a LIFETIME!!!!

For breakfast I did have 2 french toast slices with 1 slice of bacon and a glass of skim milk.
Snacked on a handful of almonds and had a homemade light sub w/a glass of cold white tea.
Dinner will be a regular portion of spaghettii and homemade baked meatballs with lean ground beef and lite spaghetti sauce. (no more bread for today!!)
Tonights snack will be mini carrots and fit & active caramel rice cake snacks.

Water intake for today is at 4 and I will have 2 more before bed.

Work out was 5,000 steps while playing tennis in the brisk weather and the upperbody weight training:

Inclined Dumbbell Press(Chest) w/5lb. weights
Bent-Over Raises(Shoulders) w/5lb. weights
Dumbbell Pullover(Back) w/5lb weight
Dumbbell Extensions(Triceps) w/5lb weight
Hammer Curls(Biceps)w/5lb weights

Tomorrow...REST and eat ANYTHING I WANT!!!!
I will post in the evening...let you know just how much I took advantage of my Sunday.

The following week is...

Lower Body
Upper Body
Lower Body

Until tomorrow....

Friday, March 26, 2010

Well it's Friday and there's plans for family time later so only one post today.

One more day to go and I get to my "Sunday of rest and eat ANYTHING you want!!"

Today I did cardio again with another 40 min of Taebo and it's feeling good but not like I'm breaking any barriers. So for next week, I'll be trying to kick it up a notch with cardio.

Tomorrow is another session of Upper Body Weight training.

Diet has been 4 glasses of water so far and 2 egg whites w/2 slices of plain white toast and a glass of skim milk for breakfast / Bowl of carrots for snack and a large plain baked potato for lunch / Dinner will be an egg and bean torta w/Mexican cheese (yum!! only one though) It's lent...no meat.

But I do believe that I can get to at least 7 glasses of water today!! We'll see, I'll let you know tomorrow.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

PART II/Day #4

Alright, diet was 2 slices of white toast w/strawberry jam and a glass of skim milk for breakfast...
1/2 a granola bar for 1st snack... 1 bowl of beans for 2ND snack...small helping of pasta w/2 slices of lean ham for lunch...1/2 cup of mini carrots for 3rd snack...4 small baked lean ground beef meatballs and small bowl of spaghetti w/lite Prego sauce. Total of 5 glasses of water.

Lower Body Work Out:
Dumbbell Squats (Quadriceps)w/10lb weights
Straight-Leg Deadlifts (Hamstrings)w/10 lb weights
One-Leg Calf Raise (Calves)w/10 lb weight
Floor Crunches (Abs) 30
Twist Crunches (Abs) 20
Bent-Knee Leg Raises (Abs) 30
Ab Coaster (Abs) 50

Same reps...12/10/8/6/12/12...Until it burns!!!

Tomorrow is Cardio again. Don't know what I'll be doing but I can't wait!!
Day #4

Authorized Food Table in the program,

chicken breast / turkey breast / lean ground turkey / swordfish / orange roughy / haddock / salmon / tuna / crab / lobster / shrimp / top round steak / top sirloin steak / lean ground beef / buffalo / lean ham / egg white or substitutes / low-fat cottage cheese

baked potato / sweet potato / yam / squash / pumpkin / steamed brown rice / steamed wild rice /pasta / oatmeal / barley / beans / corn / strawberries / melon / apple / orange / fat-free yogurt / whole-wheat bread

broccoli / asparagus / lettuce / carrots / cauliflower / green beans / green peppers / mushrooms / spinach / tomato / peas / brussels sprouts / artichoke / cabbage / celery / zucchini / cucumber / onion

Simple enough right?!?! Now just choose a portion of protein and carbohydrates from each category to make a meal. Add a serving of vegetables to at least two of your daily meals.

Let me know how you all do...I stink at that!! But it is crucial to get it together at some point to help your body achieve the goals that you set for it.

Today's work out will be Lower body w/10lb weights and I will add one more post later tonight listing the exercises done and the diet I kept for the day. Till later...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 3...

Not as bad as I thought it would be. Cardio kicked my butt with Taebo w/Billy Blanks for 30/40 minutes. Good stuff! Tomorrow is LOWER BODY work out w/free weights. Half way done this week and I am looking forward to giving you more food for thought.

Remember to take "3" initial steps...

Make a consious decision to change!

Know what your reasons are for making the change and write them down!

READ what you've written EVERY morning and EVERY night...this will be your guiding light through your journey!

(ALL in Body-for-Life pg.23)

Today's Diet:

5 Total glasses of water/ 2 regular bowls of Golden Graham Cereal w/skim milk for breakfast
1 sandwich w/white toast and low fat mayo for lunch
2 regular bowls of beef fried rice w/1 glass Pepsi 0

Gotta' get better w/that diet!!!
Cardio should increase in time for more calories burned!

Remember to check the "RAW TRUTHS" section for important tid bits...
Bad day today. Already noon and no food/no exercise...it's all potty training, dishes and feeding kids on break. Be back soon to log in the cardio work out. Today it'll be tae bo. Billy Blanks should get the blood flowing and these aching muscles in motion. Maybe next post...we'll have some food in too. :/

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today has been an awesome day!! Knowing that someone might log in to see what I've achieved is VERY motivating. Weighed in...163 on Mon. today, 162.4. Not too shabby for being committed for TWO days.

Workout was done by 2 in the afternoon and then went out for tennis 5,000 steps in a couple of hours. (Cardio wasn't even a must...just felt like it) I guess exercise DOES boost your energy level!!

UPPER BODY WEIGHT TRAINING took about 40 min (No way around that...you have to invest some time to see change):

Incline Dumbbell Press(Chest) w/two 5lb. weights.
Seated Dumbbell Press(Shoulders) w/two 5lb. weights.
One-Arm Dumbbell Rows(Back) w/a 5lb. weight. one side at a time
Dumbbell Extensions(Triceps) w/a 5lb.weight.
Inclined Dumbbell Curls(Biceps) w/two 5lb. weights.

Reps...12/10/8/6 with one minute rest in between then 12/12 with deep breath in between NO MINUTE REST (This is your HIGH POINT)

Next upper body day: Adding weight or reps...not hard enough!!

If anyone wants more specifics let me know...for now...gotta' document diet.

2 egg whites(salt/pepper), 2 slices of white toast w/light spread, 1 glass of milk for breakfast.
Lunch was a 6in. B.M.T. sub from subway on wheat w/glass of cold green tea(if it's not water...watch your calorie intake)
Snack was a small bowl of mini carrots and a Quaker granola bar w/ 3 more glasses of water before dinner.
Dinner will be pan fried steak in Pam spray (like the morning egg whites)w/salad and bacon cheddar cheese scalloped potatoes and some Uncle Ben's wild rice...and more cold green tea or/and water. (Trying to get to the magic #8 in glasses of water...not easy, but I'll have it down by the end of the week!!)

Until tomorrow my loyal follower...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Well, got news...GOT OUT FOR THAT JOG!!!! Woo woo!!!! 60 min...not bad! Calories burned..."415"!! Pace...12 min miles...:/ I guess I know what I have to work at. Total miles...4 and 1/2 . Could have kept going but not worth it. Injury free is KEY!!! It was a good start. Tomorrow, upper body weight training. I'll let you know how it goes.

Food intake for the day:
Banana and milk for breakfast/Red spaghetti 2 servings for lunch/Three slices of white toast w/fat free mayo and sliced tomatoes for dinner/Quaker granola bar for late snack and total of 5 glasses of water :/ (Need to increase water intake)

Until tomorrow...

Day 1's challenges

Ok... so not such an easy task to get motivated, motivate and be productive with your responsibilities too. Having a family with eight of us is definitely a blessing but in itself a challenge.

Getting my first work out in today is still needing to be done...but for now, lets organize the program.

Workout will consist of 3 days cardio/3 days strength training. Sundays off!!

Diet will mostly be wheat toast and egg whites or banana w/milk in the mornings.
Grilled chicken breast or lunch meats with brown rice and veggies and maybe some wheat
tortillas/wraps for lunches.
Dinners will be "whatever" the family is enjoying "in moderation."
Snacks are nuts/veggies /fruits /yogurt w/cottage cheese...(i.e. "Authorized Food
Table" found in Body-For-Life pg. 83)

That's it people... stick to this for three/four months and find your best YOU!! There are some important tid bits about working out and dieting...like, best time to work out is in the morning so that your body's metabolism gets rev'd up and burns maximum calories throughout your day. And eating 6 small meals a day is sooooo much better than three bigger(normal) ones for your dieting to be successful because you should feel full more often and not need to eat all the wrong things throughout the day.

Today's Goal:
Get out for a jog...cardio and make sure to push the limits for at least one minute at the end of the workout.(30 min minimum)

EAT...fuel is needed to have your body respond to your expectations.