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Friday, May 7, 2010

On the bright side...I am pretty much back on track. (THANK YOU DR.WILL KO!!!) for kicking me over into the right gear.

Today's workout was upper body weights and I got it done before 11:00 am. Let's see if tomorrow I can see it through with some cardio.
But for certain...there will be some measurements updated tomorrow, marking the end of the seventh week!!!

Can't wait until the end of the 14Th week or the 16Th week!!! That will put us into June 26Th or July 10Th...

By my 38Th birthday...I should be happy, healthy and strong. Then I can begin to be the runner that I know that I can be. And starting in 2011...I can begin to train for the "2011 Chicago Marathon!" I will have had my 39Th birthday right before race day and that will complete the goal of running 1 more Marathon before age 40. Let us see how having a plan all turns out...
No doubt, the good inevitably comes with the bad. Just last Saturday I thought...no biggie...a few changes and I'll just keep on truckin'! NOT!! Monday came and there was just no energy, no spark. I don't know if it is that I am not fueling with enough energy food or what but Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were ALL downward spiral days. I kept feeling exhausted and slept a good portion of my days. What is THAT?? That is just unacceptable...so luckily...on Thursdays therapy session, my therapist pulled me out of that vicious cycle and wrote down a circuit training plan to conquer for that day. The deal was,"Get that work out in TODAY!"

Great news, I got off my tired butt and did it...the neck analysis came back with NO pinched disk this time around and the shoulder is really getting stronger. Slowly but surely. I just have NO patience and want it all better and stronger NOW. As for the posterior problem...I have had some loosening and stretching exercises but it still seems to get aggravated with simple things like walking at times. So...still no running or shoulder/chest presses... The plan remains to keep on going to therapy for another week or two and hopefully everything will have healed and strengthened by then.

Good thing this 12 week program I'm on can just keep getting extended. Now I think we are going to go for a total of 14/16 weeks just to get the most out of it. And measurement progress
is still to come. Tomorrow or Monday...