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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day #5 of Pure Cardio was a scary thing to begin... But yes, with all the motivation of my loved ones and friends... I made myself believe that I CAN do it! Lol...

Damn high knees always KILL!!! Took a rest on power jacks & frog jumps and had to go easy on mountain climbers & ski downs. Finished off with about only 8 push-up jacks after an additional 30/60 second rest.

Ate 1 egg w/little hot sauce & had a cup of tea for breakfast. Had a large plate of plain romaine lettuce and carrots, 1/2 a medium sweet potato and some trail mix for lunch w/lots of water. After the work out, had a protein shake w/a little xtra protein & 1 'whole' package of oatmeal. Then had a pear with more water later... Last meal was a bowl of red rice w/abt another egg.

Time to go hit DAY #6 'Plyometric Cardio Circuit' ... Diet for the day and informational post to follow later today... =D

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Conquered Day #4!!!!!

I was pretty happy that I was going to ONLY have the Cardio Recovery work out and then I did it. By the plie stretch my quads were on FiRe!!! Not an easy day... Got through the whole thing but really wished I could have done better with the holds on the squats.

Breakfast was my protein shake with blueberries and oatmeal. Meal #2 was a pear and water. Snacked on natural trail mix. Meal #3 was a pretty big salad of romaine lettuce, cucumbers and carrots with lime juice as dressing. Also ate a small plain baked potato. Meal #4 will be my green shake of kale, green pepper, spinach, pear and lime. And I just don't have any idea what I am having for dinner... (Giving up all/most man made food for Lent has me with slim pickings)

Have an amazing day and wish me luck to get through tomorrows 'PuRe CaRdIo'!  EEEEkkkkk!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I did it!!! Made it through today... Cardio Power & Resistance!!! I am NoT going to lie!! I remember why I have NOT gotten past 7 days of this Insanity!!!

I could really use some help here people!!!! Who is doing it? Who HAS done it???? What are/were your secrets to staying focused and making it worth all the effort???

All I know, is I have to just take it one damn day at a time. :/

Break down:  The warm up alone was kick A**!!! I give that alone an 8 on a scale of 1-10!

Drill #1 set 1 : 27 power jumps, 25 butt kicks(single count), 25 suicide jump squats/'hit the floors', 24 V push-ups

Drill #1 set 2 : 29, 27, 26, 30! =D

25 tricep dips and then could NOT do leg up tricep dips (bad shoulder couldn't hack it)
25 tricep ball push-ups

Drill #2 set 1 : Hurdle jumps, globe jumps, moving push-ups(CANNOT do/bad shoulder) and then floor sprints in push-up position.

Drill #2 set 2 : DaMn!!!

Drill #2 set 3 : Had to really dig DEEP. Figured, "The only way to get better is to push through it!!"


8 hop squatsw/8 push-ups 4 times of each, one right after the other... YEAH!!!!!

Breakfast: Egg white w/slice of wheat bread and vitamins. Lunch: Panda PepperCorn Shrimp w/steamed rice. Meal#3: My protein recovery shake. Meal#4: Sweet potato and lean ham slices. Snack @ night: Trail Mix!!!! AND plenty of water ALL day long!! My body deserves it and so does yours!!! ;)
Yesterday!!! Yes peeps... I snuck my Day 2 Insanity in!!! Barely!!!!

Plyometric Cardio Circuit... Struggled through my 2nd set of basketball drills (like on the scale of 1-10 a 9!!!) It was the push up abs and the in and out push ups. And sadly, the 3rd set of Level 1 drills(after the basketball drills o_O) just did not happen. BUT I was able to get back in it for the last four exercises (jabs, cross jacks, upper cut and attack 'open hand jabs while squatting') AnD the cool down stretching!

Fuel Intake: breakfast was an egg white w/one slice of wheat bread, lunch was a gyro plate w/some fries (WHAT??? It was FaT Tuesday!!!) and dinner was a BiG house salad!!! And I had plenty of water and my vitamins...

Now... Time for Day 3!!!! Boooyeahhhhh!!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

I cannot believe that I started the Insanity program again. I never make it past 7 to 11 days!!! I can't even tell you why???  I guess that for me, it is too much of a commitment. (60 days!)  Or the fact that I'm a spaz and need to get my running in, some strength training, TaeBo here and there or now Yoga... I want to try to fit ThAt in too. Smh...

On a good note, most of my rep #'s increased. Last time that I attempted jumping back on the program, these were my #'s:
                                Switch Kicks: 120 single count      Globe Jumps: 12 rotations
                                Power Jacks: 58                              Suicide Jumps: 16 (w/jumps)
                                Power Knees: 96 rt leg/93 lft leg     Push-up Jacks: 26 (w/mini push-ups)
                                Power Jumps: 37                             Plank Crunch: 69 single count

Now, between then and now, I have only ran or worked out maybe 3 times. Nevertheless, check out THESE #'s from today!!!

                                Switch Kicks: 128 single count       Globe Jumps: 12 1/2 rotations
                                Power Jacks: 62                               Suicide Jumps: 21 (w/jumps)
                                Power Knees: 116 rt leg/116 lft leg  Push-up Jacks: 0 (would have thrown up)
                                Power Jumps: 50                              Plank Crunch: 77 single count

=D Not too shabby.  The damn experimental shake that I had finished about 1/2 an hour before the work out did NOT agree with the 'Push-Up Jack' position and strain. Lol...

Hydrated well. Took my vitamins. Ate 2 small cinnamon rolls (w/icing) in the morning. Had a banana @ 4:30am (Slept for about 1 hour!!) smh...
And had Ma hi Ma hi for dinner w/grilled veggies, wild rice and a cup of French Onion soup for a wonderful dinner @ WildFire with a very special friend and my baby.

Calories lost: a lot!!!!
Calories consumed: a few!!