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Friday, September 26, 2014

Picked up the pace a bit...

Went to see the specialist a week earlier than he had originally asked me to yesterday... Outcome:

1) He was not to keen on me driving just yet. (But he DID seem to question the possibility that I may be able to try =)

2) Not cleared for therapy yet because there isn't much else that therapists can have me do; than what he has me working on myself. (Could not force my foot to point and flex before. NOW I am approved to force it without applying outsourced pressure)

3) Kicking the crutches to the curb for good. (Even on store runs and long walks to bus stops)

4) BOOT walking ONLY until OCTOBER 20th!! (At which time, I will be walking WITHOUT boot for a week) ...Then I see him once again for therapy and driving clearance.(Hopefully)

5) Massage the incision site!! (Time for calling in my specialist!!!!)

I am 3 days shy of my 9 week post op date and needing to wait another 3 weeks in this boot and 4 weeks to get back to driving really DOES stink.

However, the way I see it is that there is only one thing to do here,

STAY FOCUSED ON THE BRIGHT SIDE ...and try as hard as possible to look past the dragging.

9 weeks down and 'just' 4 to go to drive and walk in my right shoes again! =)))

And once therapy starts (hopefully in the last week in October), the goal will be
To run my first mile.
To begin a whole new exercise regimen to strengthen my body all over again.
To recreate myself the way that ONLY I WILL BE HAPPY WITH physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Happy Friday My fellow bloggers!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

8 weeks and more obstacles n' counting...

Finally 8 weeks since the surgery... What's new?!

I can bare weight on the 'healing' foot!! 
My patience has been through the ringer. As has my poor family's! 

I got myself a little case of food poisoning abt 3 & 1/2 weeks ago and thanks to my Isotonix helping to raise some BIG flags that things 'should' not go on with me feeling 'stable'; I got myself to the doctor who prescribed some heavy duty antibiotics. 

So, for the last 6 days, my symptoms have eased BUT those darn things had me dizzy, tired and every time that I used my shoulders/good foot/or anything really, WEAK! ...oh yeah and with too much movement, nauseous. -___-

Go figure... No more stomach pain, diarrhea or feeling like dying but now a whole other slue of issues to try and learn to deal with from a 'prescription' drug. (While I am 'trying' to heal with my Achilles problem.) Lol 
(My poor family and house) 
Did I mention my lack of patience since birth?! I mean, I supposedly, walked at like 7 or 9 months (something crazy like that) o_O ...figures. 

Then today came to be. 
Dizziness minimal. Took a small 5 capful cocktail of my Isotonix, had my TLS Nutritional shake w/Complete Greens AND mochatonix in the a.m. and my body didn't ask me for additional fuel until almost 2!! 
So much more like myself... Thank The Lord.

The follow-up is not supposed to be for another 2/3 weeks but I can't take it anymore! I rescheduled for THIS Thursday. O_O 
Hoping to get an 'ok' for driving or at least starting some therapy! We've got to MOVE THIS HEALING PROCESS ALONG! 

In the end, all I can really say is : 
Strength comes in ALL shapes and sizes. I never seem to be as strong as I would like and this life has nothing but lessons for us to learn and grow from. 
Be humble. Get motivated. Stay positive.
((( and ALWAYS, ALWAYS find something to be grateful for )))