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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Half of 2013 gone... What will you fill the last half with?

Ready to get motivated to make the last half of 2013 the very best it can be?! I AM!!! 

Great news. I have reembarked on my mission to finally see if I can transform my body at 40 and after 6 pregnancies with 50/60lb gains EVERY time to the lean, strong and fit body that I have ALWAYS dared to dream about.

Still seeing my new chiropractors that have completely allowed me to regain my inner strengths.

And now, I have been blessed with our eldest son's girlfriend's help (who is a certified crossfit trainer)!!

Yes, I am scared. But I am MORE excited!! I keep hearing that everything is scalable... and I will be the proof that CrossFit IS safe and for everyone that wants to live THAT lifestyle.

I am not rich but somehow my higher power finds a way to enable me to chase down my dreams. I am not perfect or all knowing but again, in many ways my higher power allows me to keep growing and learning.
My life is nothing short of amazing and it is not because I have everything but because I pride myself in teaching our six kids to see the value of what we DO have AND make the most of it.

Monday the 1st was my first day of eating "clean".  No breads, no pastas, no processed food, no unnatural sugars, no soft drinks, no fried food. Going back to basics... just a whole lot of eggs, lean meats, chicken & fish, vegetables, fruits and water.

Of course.. I WILL have my cheats... Trail Mix is a must once a day and the occasional alcoholic beverage is going down guilt free.

I'd like to make it for two whole months. ALL of July and ALL of August.

Along with training a minimum of three times a week... if THIS don't do it. I give!!

Ain't nothing going to fine tune my body the way that I WANT...

So you'll be seeing me more often now. I will be posting work outs done & fuel intake.

My Isotonix morning cocktail is an everyday staple to my good health which includes
Opc3 Antioxidant, Activated Vitamin b Complex, Calcium, Multivitamin, Magnesium & Orac Antioxidant. (All natural and NOT in pill form)

My TLS protein shake with Mochatonix natural energy booster & Complete Greens nutritional maintenance goes down after a work out or as the first snack of the morning after breakfast with a banana.

As per the fueling all day... If God didn't put it on the Earth... I'm probably not going to consume it. THAT'S how I intend to give it my all...

Happy 4th of July weekend people!