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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Alright... about to get that email list shifted and I HAVE to wish all of you Dads A Very Happy Father's Day!!! =)

The weekend is my baby's daddy... so talk to you all on Monday!!!

Anyone wanting to challenge yourself... Get organized and have a weekly plan!!! THAT will ensure success!!!

Here are a few MYTH busters for ya'... as per Bill Phillips

Myth: If women lift weights, they get bulky!
Fact: Resistance exercise helps women create lean, toned bodies!!

Myth: Weight training is only for young athletes!
Fact: People of ALL ages should be weight training!!

Myth: The longer you exercise, the better.
Fact: Too much exercise PREVENTS results!!

Myth: Muscles grow while you're working out.
Fact: Muscles grow while you're resting and recuperating!!

Myth: To lose fat, and improve your body, don't eat.
Fact: To build a lean, healthy body, you HAVE to eat!! (Fuel!!)

Myth: People who overeat lack willpower.
Fact: Overeating is a natural instinct!!

Myth: You have to count every calorie you eat!
Fact: You should count "PORTIONS," not calories!!!

Myth: If you "eat right," you don't need to take supplements.
Fact: Studies show that a high percentage of us DO need to take supplements!!

and finally...

Myth: You HAVE to eat 'perfectly' all the time!
Fact: There's NO such thing as eating "perfectly."

Friday, June 15, 2012

Last post of the day... I promise!!! Just gotta' let my faithful email recipients know that I will be updating the email list and giving that option to a new 10 people starting tomorrow. :/
I DO hope that you will all continue logging on through the link... just type it in or copy and paste it to your url bar! Maybe even add it to your menu bar as a favorite... =)


This motivational work is growing leaps and bounds because of loyalty like yours! And for that I thank you...

Eventually, the email list will come all the way around... and you first 10 will be on the V.I.P. list again!! ;)

Make it an amazing weekend!!!! xoxo
Alright Green Eyed Dreamer... This post's for you! (And anyone else reading this that wants change NOW!) ;)

LOG! LoG! Log... You Have to know where you are starting to be able to truly see how far you have gone. No and, if or buts about it. Make the time... and start a log that is ALWAYS with you...You can comment on this blog as your log as well... I will be on here once or twice a day looking for any questions, comments or concerns.

Start on Monday with a morning weight and take your measurements. ALL of your measurements...each arm, each thigh, bust, waist, hips!! And then, we begin your journey.

There IS no diet... we just change the way that you think of food. It is now fuel! The key is really, if GoD didn't put it on the Earth for you to consume, then it really isn't meant for you to eat. And THAT does NoT mean not to enjoy your pizza or your baked goods or dressings... Just NOT on a daily basis... You are allowed one cheat day a week and if you falter during the week , just admit it to yourself and move on. It's going to happen. You want that damn cookie or cupcake. Eat one or two cookies... Just not a handful or half a pack. You see where we're going???

Now, I will email you your list of foods and prep guide lines...

Let's make THIS Dream a reality!!! We can do it together every step of the way... And trust me, you are far from alone! There is a sea of people with the same struggles and set backs. The difference is that there are some people that chose to do something about it and some that chose to let life happen on it's own. Way to be a master of your own destiny and give glory to your higher power by utilizing your body the way it was created to be used!!!!!!!!

Okay... until I can get to the bottom of why my pics are not showing up... I will just be sharing lots a verbiage with you all... Lol

Hope that won't be too bad... today we rested the 'ol triangle hip n' glute problem. Plus, it's pool day for me and the kiddos!! And I think I am going to join team in training at the team run tomorrow morning... see what milage their at in preparation for the 1/2 marathon coming up already on June 24!! I'll be sure to post about that endeavour...

You all kicked butt this week? Remember... Monday is our official weigh in for the 4 week challenge and measurement check in!!! Good luck to all that participated and I do hope that you get to see your efforts pay off!!!

Happy Father's Day Weekend!!! And try to get prepared this weekend for a successful week of great fueling and lots of movement!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Got out for a little run today!!! YaY!!!! I'm back!! Only 4 and 1/2 miles... but... Saturday I will be logging 8 to 10, so baby steps. ;)

Had my unbelievable Isotonix cocktail and then a Kellog's 100 calorie strawberry bar w/water pre-run. Post run was my good 'ol reliable protein shake with my Mochatonix energy powder and my Complete Greens... And for lunch, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich w/a tiny glass of skim milk. Dinner will be lean steak and rice!! (Didn't I tell you, I'm BaCK!!)

Enjoy the following... and prep this weekend for an outstanding week next week!!! :D That's how you make change happen!!!!

6-Minute Hips, Glutes & Thighs Workout


New ways to squat and lunge!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The diet has been rough... little helpings of nothing good... Just can't seem to kick this chip off my shoulder. But still fighting it every step of the way. I have not been myself in the last 4/5 days but I am in the process of kicking that negativity to the curb! Maybe one last day of being the 13TH of the month... Lol

How are all my healthy peeps doing?! Are you all ready for weigh in and measure up time in 5 days?! I know a few of you let the ball drop and that's alright... I'm right there with you... Your challenge will now be your everyday! Yours and mine both...

And as promised... a little more food for thought:

Ready, Set, Shapeover!

Go from frumpy to fit in 5 fast weeks with our best-ever walking-and-toning workout. Your new secret weapon: suspension straps!

suspension-straps-<span class=

Showing up for your sweat sessions but not seeing results?

Your equipment might need an upgrade. Enter: suspension straps, the one-piece-does-it-all Swiss Army knife of fitness gear. Loved by personal trainers, these versatile nylon straps hook to any stable anchor—your bedroom door or a sturdy tree branch—and allow you to use your own body weight as resistance. They require minimal space, weigh only about 2 pounds, and can be stashed in a drawer between uses. You can even tuck them into a suitcase for on-the-road workouts. They're also fun to use, and you can control how challenging each move is. Bonus: Because strap moves require balance, they engage your core muscles, flattening your belly fast.

Look up our Slim + Sculpt Straps routine, created by Prevention contributing editor and personal trainer Chris Freytag, it promises to slim you from head to toe in only 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week! To melt fat faster, also squeeze in three or four quickie Cardio Walks each week and follow a 1,600-calorie diet. After 5 weeks, the numbers on the scale plummeted. The women's average weight loss was more than 8 pounds, and one tester even dropped a whopping 18.6 pounds—for some women, that's three whole sizes—as well as 10 inches total off her waist, hips, and thighs!

Thank you prevention magazine for more tips for our everyday challenges!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I may not be 'beastin' yet... but push me ... and I WILL get there!!! Lol... Today, no work out... and no real time to blog. Gots to go finally spend some quality time with my baby!!!

Tomorrow is a new day and I will hit the pavement with a run... With my higher power there is nothing that I cannot do!

Have a restful night bloggers... and I promise that tomorrow I will post double the good stuff!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Well... had three days off of blogging and minimized the social networking... It was a whirlwind of three days and got to see some wonderful family and friends as well as help out with the NorthShore run!! Now, back to reality!!!

The morning cocktail was the first thing! Oh Yeah!!! And then a little Turbo fire!!! Scale is actually still being friendly but I DO have to start getting out there in this heat to run more...
lots of hydrating and so far just had a 100 cal Kellogs snack pack... so early dinner has to be fuel!!! EATING stinks!!!!!! (Sorry, just had to vent...) And that is why to me we flip it to fueling... Lol...

Here is a little something I found in my very fantastic archive of helpful tips and info to share!!! Make it a fabulous day bloggers!!

Triceps Lifts with Band

A challenging triceps exercise!