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Thursday, August 14, 2014

When social media and good 'ol fashioned magazines collide...

There has been so much darkness and sorrow in the media lately. With so many, myself included, trying to stay focused on positivity and staying grateful for what we have and for what we don't have...

It occurred to me to try and look 'beyond the problems.' (Thanks Patch Adams) Many times there just isn't much that we can do for those in need and distress. ...so many quotes teach us to be grateful for what we have. ...to not take things for granted. And although, I agree. I just wanted to share that not only will being grateful lead to a positive outlook and spirit; but so will giving. Not just not 'taking' for granted. But 'giving' of your time, your happiness, your experience, your love, your understanding, your empathy... your heart.

Life is little more than a cycle. 
The happy cannot ALWAYS be happy. The healthy CANNOT always stay healthy. The strong cannot ALWAYS stay strong. Just as the young will NOT always stay young. So, be there for those who need sympathy and compassion. Stand strong for those seeking understanding and to be lifted. We are ALL going to need of others at some point and time. 

Be grateful, yes; but stay humble and aware that Life is a balanced cycle at some point and time.