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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Only in dreaming can we set goals to achieve!

Tough weekend already... This Holiday thing IS rough. Not with temptation but with logging the way I'd like.
I'll tell you what... Instead of the boring 'good' fueling that I happen to be pretty good at, how about for the next Holiday 4 Days, I'll log my cheats?!
A whole Hershey Milk chocolate bar & 2 Reese's peanut butter cups
Four little squares of a Hershey milk chocolate bar & a BiG bite of my son's pepperoni pizza

Like I said, NoT a cheat day EVER, through the set goal of eating clean till NewYear's Day!!! Just cheat MOMENTS!!! (And at that, less and less... I HAVE TO BE STRONG ENOUGH)

...Because I want to see how much of those 12 lbs lost in my detox week I can actually keep off!!!

Merry Holidays Bloggers!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Never To Old To Dream

I know that I've been saying that I want to see if I can do this for some time now... But I still want to believe I can get there!!
This pic and so many like it have me asking myself, "Am I just too damn old to be strong enough to get there?!?!" Lol
Why not die trying??? (=

Never ***TOO*** Old To Dream!!!! smh... 

Good Morning my silent little bloggers!!!

I am still hurting from the upper body strength training that I started on Tuesday with those free weights... Lol

Feels good!!!

Today is a lower body free weight strength training day. O_o Wish me luck! The 4min circuit training is my warm up EVERY DAY.    (((NO GYM MEMBERSHIP NEEDED)))

Dinner yesterday was a homemade beef tenderloin stir fry w/onions, garlic, red,yellow & orange bell peppers & steamed white rice and H2O. (2 helpings((small)) Thank you David Jr. for the recipe, the ingredients & the chef aid!!!!

Today's breakfast (after my hot water with lemon) is ... yes, you guessed it 2 egg whites and a big helping of fresh lettuce, carrots & tomatoes w/h2o!! (I've run out of all my other veggies!I'm not going to lie, it's nice not EVER having fruits and veggies go bad in my fridge)
Snack will be my protein shake after my work out and Lunch will be Chinese or Thai (Healthy choices)
Dinner is already on the menu to be lean grilled steaks in lime with more fresh salad(plain) Going to try and skip the carbs and grains for this meal.

However, the Holiday party for Grandpa is today @ the home. MAY need to log in some not so clean eating snacks as a comment later... (But I doubt it, I'm feeling REAL good eating clean!)

Weight NOW?! UP 3 lbs... but in four days(after having lost 11/12 lbs in 7 days with the Detox)... after having introduced proteins and some carbs and grains. I also have only worked out to burn a few calories a couple of days. I am not too disappointed. My hope is to remain eating clean, stay focused on burning calories and find a good balance with that damn scale!!  Only time will tell...

Now have yourselves a fabulous day, be safe in the expected Chi Town snow & start a plan this weekend to be healthier thru the Christmas festivities... You'd be surprised at how much better you'll feel starting the New Year ALREADY looking and feeling like a NEW YOU!!!

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Just part of the merger peeps!! My "Raw Truths & Inspirations" to the right here on the blog will no longer be updated... (Unless I find a better way to update those)
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Happy Thursday morning bloggers!!! )

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Catch up w/yesterday's log and some of today's

Alright, here is a picture to help keep us all motivated to make the change and stop giving our $$$ to fast food joints that DON'T provide us with ANY real Fuel!!!

Wow... I guess I'm real far behind on the food log... :(

12/17: Breakfast was 3egg whites, 2tiny tangerines, a cup and 1/2 of iceberg lettuce & 1 cup of baby carrots w/h2o.
Lunch was a 5oz can of tuna in water & a small baked potato plain w/h2o.
Snack in the afternoon was a vanilla protein shake w/skim milk, frozen blueberries & my complete greens.
Dinner was another 5oz can of tuna in olive oil, 1/2 cup of pasta & another small baked potato

12/18: Breakfast was 2 egg whites & a small baked sweet potato w/h2o.
Snack was my vanilla protein shake w/water, blueberries & my complete greens supplement. Lunch was a 5oz can of tuna w/a dab of olive oil, a cup if baby carrots & a medium banana. Dinner was 1 & 1/2 grilled chicken breasts, 1/2 cup of some instant rice and 1 cup of lettuce w/a sprinkle of shredded carrots and a touch of vinaigrette dressing.

12/19: Breakfast was LATE... 3egg whites and 1 cup of plain lettuce, 1/2 a cup of shredded carrots w/h2o. (After my hot water w/lemon of course)
Lunch will be LATE after my work out and it will be my protein shake in water w/blueberries and my complete greens!
Won't be eating again until dinner...

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

WoW!! Now that I'm allowing myself to learn the ways of some technology... I can post off my phone! Not only up date posts; but photos off my phone... =D

I'm going to tell you RIGHT now, "I'm sorry!!! But the motivation to inspire you to set your goals and make them a thing of the past just got REAL!!" Lol

After the work out I will log the regimen and the fuel done yesterday and today so far...

As for the schedule I have kept in posting, well, that is going to change drastically!! I will be posting quite a few times a day on a regular basis.

You see, this blog was the beginning of sharing who I am and how I live with those that doubt themselves too DAMN much. It was meant to open eyes everywhere as to the possibilities of what your inner strength has the ability to achieve. And now, I have embarked on a journey this past year to Entrepreneurship and have since enjoyed taking off in a home based business that not only gives me the time to be a mother and wife FIRST but has the potential to build HUGE residual income for our family's future (that can be willed to our children) BECAUSE IT IS THAT REAL.

Anyway, the fact is that I have found a way to be ME, enjoy what I do as a profession (Trainings/Seminars/Certifications/Coaching/Mentoring/Meetings/Social & Media networking) but most of all, Motivating, Inspiring, Leading, Helping, Sharing & the Growing!

Amazingly, it all has tied in together beautifully. (As if I was meant to be here and do just this)

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... and you KNOW the purpose of this blogs existence...  =)

Have an amazing day and make today in some way, the very best that it can be!!!

Here's a motivating thought...

Just checking out more technical gadgets... But this post can also remind you that being an athletic person can truly be great!!!

Happy 'Taking Control' Tuesday bloggers!! =)

Monday, December 17, 2012

And here's the bottom line...

The natural veggie and fruit 7 day detox has been awesome!!! I have never felt so much 'natural' energy, I am on the last notch on my belt due to the total of TWELVE lbs that I have shed and I literally feel light... I can't really describe it! Lol

My jaw and temples are pretty sore. (Apparently chowin' down on precessed foods mostly does not keep your teeth as active,strong or healthy as they should be) And now... I am tempted to go out for that gyro platter or eat that wonderfully perfect oreo cookie but I ACTUALLY have no desire to break this cycle of eating clean... I feel like my whole body is finally in the right starting point to accomplish what I want to feel and look like!!!

So I had my hot water and lemon juice in the a.m. and my brunch was chompin' on plain lettuce and carrots along with 2 egg whites w/a bit o' pepper, 2 little tangerines and my H2O!!!

Let's see what the day brings... I will begin a work out routine today or tomorrow. (not sure if I want to give my body a day with some proteins first) Now, the challenge stands as:

I am hoping to see the effects of eating clean at least until the New Year! That is exciting to me because I have never really begun a program or lifestyle change on this amazing plateau!!! =D

When I cheat (if I cheat), it will not be for a day but a moment! So 1?2 lbs today (just two lbs from my realistic goal weight of 1?0!!! Which is the lowest I've been since I've started having kids...) And I will be attempting to reach my 'dream' weight goal of 1?5, which is what I weighed back in high school. So that is 8 lbs more... Let's see if staying clean with my fueling and exercising 5/6 days a week will get me there. AND if not, then I will hopefully have achieved the goal of healthy living and strengthening and get rid of my scale FOREVER!!!

This will now be a strict log again. I HAVE to keep a close eye on what I consume, good or bad as well as the fitness regimen that I choose.

Well my bloggers, thank you for taking this new step of detoxing with me. It's been a good one! I now look forward to sharing every journey that I take to help inspire YOU to find your goals and dreams. Figure them out, make a simple plan AND conquer them! You CAN do it; you just have to tap into your inner strength that has always been there!!!

Happy Motivational Monday!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

4 min circuit work out.. yeah, no can do. My body just doesn't have what it takes to make it through this during detox week. Thank God tomorrow is Monday and the meal plan changes a bit so that maybe I can start on getting stronger!!

Well fellow bloggers that won't share THEIR thoughts, ideas, tips or challenges that they will hold themselves accountable for, (Lol... yeah, I'm not going to lie, sometimes it gets lonely out here!)

Today I start Day SEVEN of an amazing Detox week that has, as of today, shaved 11 WHOLE lbs off my butt!! Yes, I am already 1?3 . That puts me 3 lbs from my realistic goal weight and 8 lbs from my wholeheartedly wish goal weight!!! AND I have NOT even worked out!! I have done periodic yoga and very light stretching... WoW!! As for some reason, my body feels the need to thank me with a natural energy that has me going from 5AM yesterday straight until 2AM today!!! (NOT recommended! But could not be helped)

I cannot wait until tomorrow morning to log in the final weight loss and review on this Natural Detox that purges your body of impurities and preps your system to begin a whole new life style!!

Yesterday one client started her detox week and  tomorrow a second client begins her journey! And I am honored and completely excited that they have trusted ME to take this journey along side them!! It is going to be a damn good week because I chose to make it that way!!

Have an awesome Sunday peeps and please send your prayers and good wishes to those out in Connecticut at such a time of sorrow and unthinkable loss...