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Monday, December 17, 2012

And here's the bottom line...

The natural veggie and fruit 7 day detox has been awesome!!! I have never felt so much 'natural' energy, I am on the last notch on my belt due to the total of TWELVE lbs that I have shed and I literally feel light... I can't really describe it! Lol

My jaw and temples are pretty sore. (Apparently chowin' down on precessed foods mostly does not keep your teeth as active,strong or healthy as they should be) And now... I am tempted to go out for that gyro platter or eat that wonderfully perfect oreo cookie but I ACTUALLY have no desire to break this cycle of eating clean... I feel like my whole body is finally in the right starting point to accomplish what I want to feel and look like!!!

So I had my hot water and lemon juice in the a.m. and my brunch was chompin' on plain lettuce and carrots along with 2 egg whites w/a bit o' pepper, 2 little tangerines and my H2O!!!

Let's see what the day brings... I will begin a work out routine today or tomorrow. (not sure if I want to give my body a day with some proteins first) Now, the challenge stands as:

I am hoping to see the effects of eating clean at least until the New Year! That is exciting to me because I have never really begun a program or lifestyle change on this amazing plateau!!! =D

When I cheat (if I cheat), it will not be for a day but a moment! So 1?2 lbs today (just two lbs from my realistic goal weight of 1?0!!! Which is the lowest I've been since I've started having kids...) And I will be attempting to reach my 'dream' weight goal of 1?5, which is what I weighed back in high school. So that is 8 lbs more... Let's see if staying clean with my fueling and exercising 5/6 days a week will get me there. AND if not, then I will hopefully have achieved the goal of healthy living and strengthening and get rid of my scale FOREVER!!!

This will now be a strict log again. I HAVE to keep a close eye on what I consume, good or bad as well as the fitness regimen that I choose.

Well my bloggers, thank you for taking this new step of detoxing with me. It's been a good one! I now look forward to sharing every journey that I take to help inspire YOU to find your goals and dreams. Figure them out, make a simple plan AND conquer them! You CAN do it; you just have to tap into your inner strength that has always been there!!!

Happy Motivational Monday!!!

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Connie said...

Sorry peeps... but I am always learning how all of this technological world links together. So please bare with me on one more post for today!

Meal #2 5oz can of tuna w/small baked potato and more water

Have to work hard @ at least getting 2 more small & clean meals in!!