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Sunday, December 16, 2012

4 min circuit work out.. yeah, no can do. My body just doesn't have what it takes to make it through this during detox week. Thank God tomorrow is Monday and the meal plan changes a bit so that maybe I can start on getting stronger!!

Well fellow bloggers that won't share THEIR thoughts, ideas, tips or challenges that they will hold themselves accountable for, (Lol... yeah, I'm not going to lie, sometimes it gets lonely out here!)

Today I start Day SEVEN of an amazing Detox week that has, as of today, shaved 11 WHOLE lbs off my butt!! Yes, I am already 1?3 . That puts me 3 lbs from my realistic goal weight and 8 lbs from my wholeheartedly wish goal weight!!! AND I have NOT even worked out!! I have done periodic yoga and very light stretching... WoW!! As for some reason, my body feels the need to thank me with a natural energy that has me going from 5AM yesterday straight until 2AM today!!! (NOT recommended! But could not be helped)

I cannot wait until tomorrow morning to log in the final weight loss and review on this Natural Detox that purges your body of impurities and preps your system to begin a whole new life style!!

Yesterday one client started her detox week and  tomorrow a second client begins her journey! And I am honored and completely excited that they have trusted ME to take this journey along side them!! It is going to be a damn good week because I chose to make it that way!!

Have an awesome Sunday peeps and please send your prayers and good wishes to those out in Connecticut at such a time of sorrow and unthinkable loss... 

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Connie said...

Oh, just for record keeping sake:
Yesterday's weigh in was only 1 other lb lost from the day before. For a total of 8.8 lbs lost as of DAY 6.

Over night I lost the additional 2.8 lbs.

(If the .8's are oz!!) LoL!!