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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Good Morning my silent little bloggers!!!

I am still hurting from the upper body strength training that I started on Tuesday with those free weights... Lol

Feels good!!!

Today is a lower body free weight strength training day. O_o Wish me luck! The 4min circuit training is my warm up EVERY DAY.    (((NO GYM MEMBERSHIP NEEDED)))

Dinner yesterday was a homemade beef tenderloin stir fry w/onions, garlic, red,yellow & orange bell peppers & steamed white rice and H2O. (2 helpings((small)) Thank you David Jr. for the recipe, the ingredients & the chef aid!!!!

Today's breakfast (after my hot water with lemon) is ... yes, you guessed it 2 egg whites and a big helping of fresh lettuce, carrots & tomatoes w/h2o!! (I've run out of all my other veggies!I'm not going to lie, it's nice not EVER having fruits and veggies go bad in my fridge)
Snack will be my protein shake after my work out and Lunch will be Chinese or Thai (Healthy choices)
Dinner is already on the menu to be lean grilled steaks in lime with more fresh salad(plain) Going to try and skip the carbs and grains for this meal.

However, the Holiday party for Grandpa is today @ the home. MAY need to log in some not so clean eating snacks as a comment later... (But I doubt it, I'm feeling REAL good eating clean!)

Weight NOW?! UP 3 lbs... but in four days(after having lost 11/12 lbs in 7 days with the Detox)... after having introduced proteins and some carbs and grains. I also have only worked out to burn a few calories a couple of days. I am not too disappointed. My hope is to remain eating clean, stay focused on burning calories and find a good balance with that damn scale!!  Only time will tell...

Now have yourselves a fabulous day, be safe in the expected Chi Town snow & start a plan this weekend to be healthier thru the Christmas festivities... You'd be surprised at how much better you'll feel starting the New Year ALREADY looking and feeling like a NEW YOU!!!

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Connie said...

only had 2 egg whites and h2o in the a.m. Lunch was a BIG 'ol plate of Pad Thai that my beautiful sister bought me with 2 'tiny' crab rangoon and a large cup of Jasmine tea.
Dinner will be the lean steak and fresh cool sliced up tomato w/my h2o!!

Better fueling WILL happen tomorrow.