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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Took today as my rest day... I will start up again tomorrow with routine for Day #6.

Had only 3 servings of water... 2 scrambled eggs with ham and five or six mini pancakes for breakfast and less than 1/2 a combo for lunch with diet pop for lunch. Dinner??? Probably going to be a small bowl of special k cereal w/low fat milk.

And maybe I'll work at getting a couple more helpings of water. Just wasn't feelin' it today. Couldn't get motivated to kick ass... kinda' felt like I had had MY butt beat. :/

Tomorrow brings with it... new promise!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Day #5 and got through work out for the second time. Didn't get to hit it as hard as I would have wanted to but that only means that there is room for improvement! Totally skipped the suicide jumps due to heart rate symptoms... can't take lowering my head much when my heart rate is elevated. Did some of the Push-up jacks and 1/2 of the frog jumps. aside from that, I lasted the 38 minutes.

Darlene... How long are your work outs and what is your secret to get through them???

Diet was good... had my 6 helpings of water throughout the day and had a protein shake for breakfast. Lunch was a good sized helping of Chinese food and dinner will be a couple of chicken tostadas.

One more 'Insane' work out tomorrow and then a rest day!!!!!! Yay!!!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I got threw a WHOLE Insanity workout out!!!!!!!! I can't believe it!!! =D Thank GoD for the Cardio Recovery Day!!!!! Controlled Kick Ass Motion!!!!! Yeah!!!

4 more glasses of water down and a light EaRlY supper... pot roast, white rice and potatoes n' carrots... VERY tempted to enjoy seconds cause it was GOOOD but I didn't! Good Day... finally... a good day!!! And to think... i wasn't even going to work out cause I was sooooo damn sore.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Welcome One and ALL!!! Going to have to sign out I think to view the comment given for today...
But first... I shall finish the daily log:

Had my eight servings of water!! And wrapped up the evening with a bowl of Special K... Going to try to hit the sack before midnight, lets see how it goes.

Program Day 3 was good.. finally got smart and logged the actual minutes from a clock! (not from that damn bar on the screen that makes NO sense to me EvEr) Lol...

Completed 30 minutes today! Increasing, I am... Have a very detailed log of where I stopped for breaks and all of the extra rests... Need to try to keep my heart rate under control. (May need to invest in a monitor for the work outs)

Funny facts: Even the warm ups are getting tougher!!! AND I Love the stretching session between warm up and work out. It seems to be when I get the most sweating done.

3 days down... JuSt 57 more days to go!
Tuesday was a good day... Couldn't decide if I should go forward with the Insanity program or keep at the damn base line fitness test until I could get through it all...

Went for it! It is totally doing a number on me but that is a good thing. Hoping to see some good changes soon. The plan as of now is to incorporate my running after a week or two of Insanity. I want the cardio, the strength and the stress relief! Day #2 was tough but I got through 25 min. of it.

Got 4 water bottles in = about 8 servings!!! Finally! Maybe keeping hydrated will help me feel better for the work outs.

Diet was eh... had 1/2 a combo sandwich with 1/2 an order of fries for 1st meal @ about noon. And then 4 light topped tostadas with a small helping of spanish red rice in the evening @ about 7. Not a great meal plan but had some energy source and low fat for the day...

Today,(Wed) I have not worked out yet... but already have three water bottles down, first meal in the a.m. was cottage cheese and yogurt, snacked on trail mix late a.m., and had a banana with a glass of fat free milk and my vitamins... THiS day seems to be on track for a successful one.

Still trying to get more life lines involved with the blog... there seems to be plenty of people in my life that want to make change happen. Really wish they would join me in this endeavor; I just think that we would really be able to make a difference in one another's hurdle jumping. And keep it from overloading face book. Some people may not care to see a step by step journey of this nature everyday. Well, the invites are there... here's hoping to cross this finish line with many others!!! =)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Finally started the 'Insanity' workout program!!! 60 Days from today... I will have gotten MUCH closer to my goal! Only lasted 13 minutes and 21 seconds past the warm up but hey, a start is a start. Look on the bright side... There is a lot of room for improvement! Weighed in and took all the important measurements.

Took in 6 servings of water, started back on vitamins and ate sensibly. Breakfast burrito and skim chocolate milk and 2 hot dogs with a helping of buttered pasta. Okay... Maybe the diet for the day needs some work. :P