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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Welcome One and ALL!!! Going to have to sign out I think to view the comment given for today...
But first... I shall finish the daily log:

Had my eight servings of water!! And wrapped up the evening with a bowl of Special K... Going to try to hit the sack before midnight, lets see how it goes.

Program Day 3 was good.. finally got smart and logged the actual minutes from a clock! (not from that damn bar on the screen that makes NO sense to me EvEr) Lol...

Completed 30 minutes today! Increasing, I am... Have a very detailed log of where I stopped for breaks and all of the extra rests... Need to try to keep my heart rate under control. (May need to invest in a monitor for the work outs)

Funny facts: Even the warm ups are getting tougher!!! AND I Love the stretching session between warm up and work out. It seems to be when I get the most sweating done.

3 days down... JuSt 57 more days to go!

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