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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Alright...wrapping up Thursday...lunch was two small and thin pork chops w/plain steamed brown rice and green beans. Dinner was two slices of ham pizza and grand total on the water for the day..."5".

TaeBo cut some good calories...two more days to go and we begin week #5!! I can't believe my legs actually feel better...
Wednesday was a good day...My right calf was still real sore from Mondays lower body weight training and then Tuesday's 4 and 1/2 mile jog. So I was grateful that it was upper body weight training!! Added more reps for the shoulder, the bicep and the triceps exercises. That definitely gave me a run for my money. I really should have increased reps for the back and chest exercises as well. Maybe next week...

Diet was a bowl of cheerios in the morning with my skim milk. Lunch was two slices of whole wheat bread with three small slices of lean ham. My snack was a portion of cottage cheese with yogurt and dinner was a salad with grilled chicken. Total water intake was still only 4 glasses of water. :/

We'll see how my legs hold up with a session of TaeBo today... So far, breakfast has been my hot water with lemon and a bowl of cheerios again with skim milk.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No challengers??? It's almost been a month...no one wants to make a true change...alright, you know what to do...just ask and we can begin YOUR program!!

Today's diet...cottage cheese and yogurt...lunch was a tuna sandwich and some pasta. Dinner was a pork chop w/brown rice and corn. All together..."6" glasses of water today!!

Went out for a run for 30 minutes and ended up running for 55 minutes. 4 and a half miles...still gotta' get better with my times... but I sweat!! That's what matters...

Tomorrow...upper body weights.
So sorry...I did not log in on Monday. It was a very good day. For breakfast I had 2 egg whites and 2 slices of whole wheat toast and my skim milk. Lunch was a tuna sandwich on whole wheat toast and diet coke. There was no snacking and dinner was a country fried chicken sandwich with some curly fries and a salad on the side. Not that great of a dinner but only one serving. As for the water intake...I haven't been able to go over 4/5 glasses a day. And that is including my hot water with lemon juice in the mornings. :/

The work out was good too. Got the lower body weights done which includes 3 ab work outs and added the inner thigh crunch bar. Did a set of 20...18...16...14 and then two sets of 20 to hit that peak. For Tuesday...I've gotta' get a good sweat in!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

There has to be something to say for wanting for your kids more than yourself. Right? Needless to say...NO run today.(Saturday) Had a volleyball tournament all day and watched some amazing volleyball...then went home and the rest of my ormigitas were dyin' to get outside. SO, we took the out for tennis. I worked up a sweat...but I did IN NO WAY hit any peaks... :/ But the kiddos had a great time in the fresh air and sun.

Diet was (3) egg whites and 2 slices of whole wheat toast and a glass of skim milk after a cup of hot water with lemon juice. Snacked on 1 oz. of trail mix ,string cheese stick and water. Then dinner was 2 small meatball sandwiches with Marinara sauce and mozzarella. (KILLED MY STOMACH throughout the night) serves me right.

I will be enjoying my day of rest and eating "anything goes" on Sunday.