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Friday, March 2, 2012

InSaNiTy Day #12 CHECK! Cardio Power & Resistence went better than last time. And if there is improvement... then there is change happening in the body!! Weigh in was as low as it's ever been (lately) and only 5/7 more pounds to go from original goal!! But I still want MoRe!!! Less belly fat and inner thigh flab!!! It should become a reality by the end of this program... Only time will tell.

Key Factor... NO FEAR!!! Stay on track and never compromise your work out if you want to keep moving forward!!!

Had a protein shake for breakfast after the work out and my vitamins.
Lunch was a good helping of Quinoa with an avocado and a baked potato.
And dinner will probably be a big salad with a baked sweet potato.
Snack for a filler... hopefully LESS trail mix than what I'm used to. Lol...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Photo: Mauricio AlejoPhoto: Mauricio AlejoBy Leslie Goldman

They're the imperatives for well-being that have been drilled into us forever--"Drink eight glasses of water a day!" "Eat nine servings of fruits and veggies!" "Stay away from red meat!" But it turns out that taking care of yourself isn't quite so black-and-white, says Harvard Medical School psychologist Alice Domar, PhD, coauthor of Live a Little! Breaking the Rules Won't Break Your Health. "Research is revealing that whoever wrote the old guidelines didn't have the whole picture, and that there are more paths to optimal health than we previously thought," Domar says. Happily, the new rules are more user-friendly than the old ones. Here, four tips to live by.

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Old Rule: Drink eight glasses of water a day.
New Rule: Eat your water.

The recommendation to chug all that H2O was likely based on guidelines published in 1945. However, says Howard Murad, MD, author of The Water Secret, much of your daily requirement is contained in foods: Fruits, vegetables, beans, and cooked whole grains like oatmeal and quinoa (which soak up moisture in the pot) all deliver servings of water. And, as Murad points out, they offer the added bonus of nutrients: "Watermelon and cucumber are more than 90 percent water, but they also contain antioxidants. With a glass of water, all you get is water." You'll know you're hydrated when your urine is colorless or pale yellow and you're rarely thirsty.

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Old Rule: Eat nine servings of fruits and vegetables.
New Rule: Fill half your plate with produce.

A serving of broccoli is about five florets. A serving of raw spinach, one cup. A serving of mango, roughly the size of a fist. "It's not surprising that people get confused over what, exactly, a serving is," says Washington, D.C., dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield. Her advice: Stop counting and instead make half of every meal produce. "You don't need a big mound on your plate. Six asparagus spears at dinner, a spinach salad at lunch, and a sliced banana and some berries at breakfast should do it." And quality counts: Even two or three daily servings of deeply hued fruits and veggies (like blueberries, bok choy, or red peppers) may help reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease, Scritchfield says. "It's like darts. The goal is to hit the bull's-eye. But hitting nearby is good, too."

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Old Rule: Avoid red meat.
New Rule: Beef in moderation can be healthy.

Red meat was long considered a heart attack on a plate because it's high in saturated fat. But a 2010 study from the Harvard School of Public Health found that the cardiovascular risk comes from processed varieties, such as sausage, hot dogs, and cold cuts--not from steak, hamburgers, and other nonprocessed cuts. (The real culprits may be salt and preservatives). Red meat is a good source of iron and immunity-boosting zinc-two nutrients some women don't get enough of. Beef (especially grass-fed) also contains high concentrations of conjugated linoleic acid, a type of fat that may decrease cancer risk and help reduce body fat.

"But not all red meats are created equal," says Leslie J. Bonci, director of sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Sports Medicine. She recommends choosing very lean cuts and avoiding anything labeled "prime," as it will have more fat marbling. And try not to eat more than three 4- to 5-ounce servings (about the size of an iPhone) per week.

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Old Rule: Keep your BMI between 18.5 and 24.9.
New Rule: Eat healthy, exercise, and let your weight settle naturally.

Physicians use BMI (body mass index)--a ratio of your weight to your height--as a tool to diagnose obesity. But critics say BMI ignores muscle mass, and a 2011 Obesity study notes that it also ignores a person's hip circumference. "People come in different sizes and shapes," says Joanne Ikeda, nutritionist emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley. "The idea that everyone should fall under 25 is ludicrous." A person can have a high BMI and still be healthy, Ikeda argues. Research supports the theory: A Journal of the American Medical Association study found that fit women--even if they were overweight according to their BMI--were less likely to suffer a heart attack than those who were out of shape. Ikeda advises her patients to stop obsessing over their BMI, eat a nutritious diet, and log 150 minutes of exercise per week. "A healthy lifestyle results in a healthy weight."

Today is Day 11!!!! And I got the Cardio Recovery done! Bit easier than last time... I was able to get through the plie stretches (even with my quads burning) but the holds on the squats and lunges killed!! Had to shake it off b4 Sean T had us rest... I look forward to wrapping up week #2 strong!!! Just two more days... "One Day At A Time... One Day At A Time..."

It was not such a good day with the diet. But so far, so good... Breakfast was half a pear and then had two eggs with a little bit of cauliflower, onion, potato and black pepper hash. Took my protein shake after the work out and popped my vitamins. Hydrated all day long and am looking to eat grilled chicken with quinoa and veggies in an hour or two...

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Plyometric Cardio Circuit Done!!! Yeah!!! The warm up is killer but I can get through it now without much trouble. Just an amazing Cardio routine! Yes... JuSt the warm up. Lol... As for the ski abs and in-outs... some where done and there was a lot of pushing through! But I got through the whole thing and had a descent day of eating.

Breakfast: 1 egg w/potato and onion along with my vitamins and water.
Snacked on trail mix mid day and at night watching t.v.
Lunch: protein shake after work out.
Dinner: a grilled sandwich steak w/a whole tomato, sliced, mixed veggies and a bit of red rice.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day #9!!! ALL time high for me peeps!!! Woot!! Woooot!!!! Hit the 'Pure Cardio' but could not get those damn push-up jacks in.... weak sauce!!! :(

Ate 2 egg whites w/potato, onion and green pepper. Had my vitamins and water too w/breakfast.
Lunch was steamed white rice w/grilled chicken. A side of green beans and mushrooms too.
Dinner was a protein shake and I snacked on soy nuts. Hydrated ALL day long... =)

ONE day at a time!! ONE day at a time!! ...
Day #6

Made it through the Plyometric Cardio on Saturday. Quads could NOT do 2nd ski abs... but I DiD get through the whole routine! And it was tough....

Ate 2 pcs. of grilled chicken from the Jewel deli w/an asian carrot salad and a mixed bean salad. w/my water for brunch.
Snacked on raw baby carrots and snap peas @ the movies w/more water.
Protein shake after the work out.
Grilled sandwich steak w/a whole tomato and a medium baked sweet potato.

Day #7


Breakfast was I egg w/giardinera peppers and my vitamins.
WAY too much trail mix that I'm hooked on for a snack.
Lunch was a carrot/cucumber/apple shake.
Dinner was ground beef w/ixed veggies and red rice. (pretty big portion)
Had water ALL day...

Day #8 (TODAY)

Got through the Cardio Power & Resistence!!! Had a hard time logging the work out though... Sean T moves through it way too fast. But I got through almost all of it... those damn push-ups are my weakness. and the tricep dips w/one leg up at a time. (CANNOT do those.=( )

Then ran about 4.5 miles @ the gym with my baby... Gotta' find a way to keep my running up!

Ate an egg white w/green pepper, onion and potato. W/my water and vitamins for breakfast.
Lunch was a large salad w/romaine lettuce, carrots & cucumbers.
Protein shake after the work out and snacked on snap peas.
Dinner was alphabet soup w/bits of potatoes and 4 small baked pork chops in gravy w/mixed veggies on the side.