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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Back at it on Monday... My body seemed to have missed the elliptical!! 30minutes!!! 42rpm's/424 calories burned and 1,748 revolutions!!! my personal best thus far!! Then followed up with Around the world crunches!! 4 sets of 50 each.

Have a stress test coming up on Saturday so I am looking to get on the machine today and possibly on Friday too. Gotta' keep trying to shed these last 10/15 pounds! my eating habits are not helping much. The choices just aren't right enough of the time. :/

Meanwhile...looking to keep on jumpin' my hurdles!! ;)

Alright... Got on the elliptical for 34 1/2 min with 2,008 revolutions, 485 calories burned and an average rpms at 6.3!! Also got in my 200 crunches!! :)
Breakfast...cottage cheese, yogurt and granola
Lunch...half an avocado, two tiny baked potatoes and two small cheese circle.
Dinner....family pizza night :/ (four slices/NO crust)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

3,657 steps by 10:30pm!! Not too bad... got a little walk in and did 1,139 revolutions for 20 minutes on the elliptical. 280 calories down and got to get in the 3 upper body exercises done only one rep of 50 each. Did the 2 lying down arm exercises with 1 rep of each at 50 also. And of course... the 400 crunches which I am thinking to make a daily thing, 'cause I am really seein' some progress. Maybe tomorrow I can fit a little jog in...
Saturday: 8,398 steps with the work out!!
Sunday: 8,205 steps with out a work out but with a brisk walk to and from Cici's to drop off and pick up kids!
Monday: 2,813 with NO work out or walk/jog... Gabi was clinging, she started with a cold. :(
Tuesday: 4,124 with no work out or jog...just a lot of running around with errands and kiddos.

Today...I had a whopper jr for lunch with a handful of fries and a diet coke. Breakfast was a yogurt and my water. it's already 4:20 almost and I'm just shy of 1,000 steps! Time to get a work out in!!!! Then run around with the kiddos... ;) Talk to you tomorrow...and I'll give my total steps for today then. I am never going to hit 10,000 steps in a day!?!? :/ Goal seems to be too high or my pedometer is off... Lol!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

So... yesterday I got out for a lite jog and my ipod shut down! :( So my steps for the day are not accurate but I'm logging in 6,000 steps for the day.

Today I got to jog and get the same work out in as usual!! 4pm and we already logged in at 6,859 steps... not too bad but we still have the whole evening to go!! The elliptical was a bit over 16 min now and 875 revolutions with 221 calories burned!

Water intake is on track and I find myself needing to make myself get my fuel of food in. But staying aware of the needs for proteins, carbs and anti oxidants is key!

Tomorrow is Sunday and I'm thinking no work out just my jog!! Gotta' start contributing to the Women vs Men Nike Challenge!! Every little bit helps!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

This Thursday is kickin' but too!!! It's only 12:40 and I just got in my work out. THE E L L I P T I C A L was conquered!!!! "15" min peeps!!!!! 830 revolutions and 205 calories gone! Just like that AND it didn't kick my ass! Much to be said for that! But I am still looking to get my daily jog in so decided not to reach too far ahead of myself. Also got in three arm exercises standing up in two sets of 30 with 1 1/2lb weights, as well as my four types of crunches(upper,lower and both sides) with two sets of 50 reps each.(that's a total of "400") Finally also did my two different arm exercises lying down with the 1 1/2lb weights and completed 2 sets of each with 50 reps. My perception is still kinda' off but ignoring it has really worked out best for me. Still on all my meds for the vertigo and still need to fight real hard against the exhaustion in the mornings trying to get out of bed due to drowsiness caused by all three prescriptions. Then again, maybe staying up past midnight or 1am with my older kids trying to become more technologically inclined is not smart either, but there just isn't enough time in ONE DAY!!!!

Ok. getting more rest has to get better. Already calculated that my water bottle holds 18oz. and I NEED to start respecting my body enough to hydrate it better so 4 bottles a day HAVE to be consumed!!! Or the closest that I can get to that... Lol...

Yesterday I had 3 Madeleine cookies from Starbucks with my grande chi latte for breakfast
Tiny lean thin steak with two large potatoes in green homemade salsa and water for lunch
Dinner was a lean chicken breast and french green beans with a sugar free ice tea and coffee and slice of a devilish chocolate brownie pie.

Today already had a yogurt for breakfast and a nectarine for a snack with two of my water bottles!! I'll check in with my total steps and my lunch and dinner posts latea'... but hopefully not too late!!!
Also got 6,895 steps in today with the help of a little jog. =)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday!!! What a hump day! Got to get out for some uplifting girl talk with a friend AND got a good jog in already. Started to use my ipod for counting my total amount of steps in a day yesterday and I went over 3,000 steps...3,328! But today with my jog... it's only 2:23pm and I'm already at 5, 486!!!! Gotta LOVE it...

Friday, September 24, 2010

So... today I actually went 12 min on the elliptical and burned 157calories!!! With 633 revolutions! It sure is coming along quite nicely. After that I did 2 sets of four different exercises for my triceps and shoulders using 1lb weights and broken down into reps of 30. Next doing four different crunch exercises to narrow in on all of the muscles in the abdomen broken down into sets of 50. And finally finishing off with 2 sets of two kinds of exercises utilizing the 1lb weights again to work out my back and chest also broken down into sets of 30. Using the 1234/1234/12 ratio for both reps.

Yogurt in the morning and a small bowl of mini wheat's cereal with low fat milk.
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich on white bread and another glass of low fat milk.
Snacked on some Pumpkin Flax Plus Granola
Bar-B-Que Pulled Pork sandwich w/some crinkly fries!!
And 3/5 water bottles...

See you tomorrow..."I'm goin' for a joggggggggggggggg!!!!"

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Alright, got on the standing cycle machine and did 11 min on it. (ONE more minute than last time, a week and three days ago!) After that I used 1lb hand weights for 4 different arm exercises while standing @ 30 reps per exercise. Next I did 4 types of crunches on the ground for 50 reps per exercise. Then while still lying down, I did 2 more exercises with the 1lb weights for my arm/back/chest. Finally, I repeated the whole cycle once more...except for the machine. I'm NOT cRaZy!!! Now for my yogurt and maybe some hard boiled eggs for lunch... hummm, we'll see you later.
It's been too long my friends. But yes indeed, life does ultimately get in the way and those hurdles should not allow you to fail! Time to conquer them!! I have been out with a bad left shoulder, a diagnosis of "possible" vertigo and now an abnormal EKG. Not to mention that I have not even mentioned the abnormal MRI that came back to my 2nd opinion doctor. But at this point I am just tiered of feeling tired and allowing the meds that I'm on knock me out most of the mornings.
You, my blog will again become my motivator!!! So I encourage you to help me through a rough patch and chime in.

I have to now cross the abyss of my personal goals. I sit here at 156 lbs and not very strong. I still fit well into my size 8 jeans and my medium t's. NOT good enough!!!! I want to feel strong and fit...Not to mention that if I want a chance in hell to be ready for training regimen for the "2011 Chicago Marathon" I HAVE TO GET FIT NOW!!!!

And so it begins, slow and steady will win MY personal race!

First, I will listen to Dr.'s orders and stay on all three meds. Second, I WILL NOT listen to waiting until symptoms are gone to begin a work out routine. ((THAT is not for all!)) But I know in my heart that I am just growing weaker and will have less of a chance for success at what I want to achieve!

Next, watch my food intake...it should MOSTLY be fuel. And Finally, I have to start any kind of work out routine...as minimal as it may have to be.

Today... :/ Cinnamon Crumb cake with low fat milk. A yogurt after the workout and we'll see what lunch I get myself motivated to take the time to prepare myself!!!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wow, I haven't been blogging in like, forever!! Can't blame me right? Not like my readers are very interactive. Any hoot...here is what has been going on...I'm finally in my old size 8 clothes but have come to a halt on weight loss. My eating habits have gone back to normal but I am still very aware of what I consume. So, I don't seem to be gaining any weight. (Good thing!!) I am still looking to drop another 10 lbs or so. We'll see if I can focus at that task. (Only time will tell)

As for my working out...I am steadily active. I've pretty much switched to circuit training with weights in 30/40 minute intervals. There is tennis, cycling and running that is included throughout the week. But the best work outs are definitely at the gym with a good deal of focus.

I get the results of my MRI some time this week and over all... I am pretty sure that I will turn the big "38" in August feeling good about myself and happy with what I have achieved. No pressure on the time scale now. I think the hardest part is over...now...time to maintain and try to keep loosing just 10 more pounds!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Saturday was Cardio and well with a morning parade, pictures in the afternoon, a baseball practice in the afternoon and a baseball game in the evening...I'm going to go with...I did not miss the workout!! I had to drop kids off at Notre Dame High School and then drive the van to Grennan Park...then I high tailed it on foot to walk in the parade...I got a little sweat going and the day just kept going from there. I was the only driver in the household for the day.

Today, Monday was lower body...I got it in at 9 at night. But I did it...tomorrow is Cardio and I have to see what I am going to do instead of running. My glut is still a little sore.

Took measurements today and I'm not going to lie...I was pleased with the results. But I still need to see more changes in the next 4/8 weeks. The diet HAS to get stricter!!!

I will post the # of inches lost on tomorrows post...for now...it's time to get some rest.

Friday, May 7, 2010

On the bright side...I am pretty much back on track. (THANK YOU DR.WILL KO!!!) for kicking me over into the right gear.

Today's workout was upper body weights and I got it done before 11:00 am. Let's see if tomorrow I can see it through with some cardio.
But for certain...there will be some measurements updated tomorrow, marking the end of the seventh week!!!

Can't wait until the end of the 14Th week or the 16Th week!!! That will put us into June 26Th or July 10Th...

By my 38Th birthday...I should be happy, healthy and strong. Then I can begin to be the runner that I know that I can be. And starting in 2011...I can begin to train for the "2011 Chicago Marathon!" I will have had my 39Th birthday right before race day and that will complete the goal of running 1 more Marathon before age 40. Let us see how having a plan all turns out...
No doubt, the good inevitably comes with the bad. Just last Saturday I thought...no biggie...a few changes and I'll just keep on truckin'! NOT!! Monday came and there was just no energy, no spark. I don't know if it is that I am not fueling with enough energy food or what but Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were ALL downward spiral days. I kept feeling exhausted and slept a good portion of my days. What is THAT?? That is just unacceptable...so luckily...on Thursdays therapy session, my therapist pulled me out of that vicious cycle and wrote down a circuit training plan to conquer for that day. The deal was,"Get that work out in TODAY!"

Great news, I got off my tired butt and did it...the neck analysis came back with NO pinched disk this time around and the shoulder is really getting stronger. Slowly but surely. I just have NO patience and want it all better and stronger NOW. As for the posterior problem...I have had some loosening and stretching exercises but it still seems to get aggravated with simple things like walking at times. So...still no running or shoulder/chest presses... The plan remains to keep on going to therapy for another week or two and hopefully everything will have healed and strengthened by then.

Good thing this 12 week program I'm on can just keep getting extended. Now I think we are going to go for a total of 14/16 weeks just to get the most out of it. And measurement progress
is still to come. Tomorrow or Monday...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Look at this, it's Saturday and I'm on....

Did my Tae Bo and then headed in to my therapy session. It's looking good. The therapist stated that I have good flexibility and range of motion with my bad shoulder. Even the strength and the amount of discomfort or pain are not too bad. So these factors make him pretty hopeful that the next few weeks of therapy should be enough to get me back on track without needing that MRI. The possible pinched disk in the neck is coming along nicely and I'll be sure to ask if it still seems as though that is still the likely problem at my next session. The work on my hamstring has also now begun. Turns out, there is no hamstring strain...The evaluation showed that it is a strained (?) muscle in my posterior (butt cheek) that is aggravating my sciatic nerve at times. That is why I tend to feel that it was a hamstring strain. So now, I'm treating all three problems with therapy and chiropractic care.

New rules by doctor's orders: NO RUNNING / LIMITED and EASY lower body work outs
NO CHEST upper weight exercise / NO SHOULDER upper weight exercises

THAT SUCKS!!!! But to be able to do the best thing for my body...it means I will have to let it heal and take the time to do the stretches and exercises that my trainer assigned to help the healing process along and to strengthen the muscles for what I want them to achieve.

Diet is awesome....still only getting 3 or 4 good quality fuel meals in but I am more aware now that I have to try to get more in for a better source of energy and less worried about choices. It's all coming more natural.

I will keep posting as often as I can to keep the log fresh and up to date on how to keep kicking ass even if it means making a few changes along the way.

Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

So...maybe I'll hit "the blog" once or twice a week?? Any one have an issue with that...let me know. I mean, if you are looking to get your hurdle behind you...I WILL COMMIT to making time to help you transform your body and life style.

We left off on last Friday with a good day. Saturday stunk...no work out and Monday and Tuesday were the same...Not good!! So...

On Wednesday I got Upper body and Cardio in...Time to push it!!

Thursday was Cardio AND Yoga...Almost ran 3 ten minute miles!!! .2 miles short... :/ Gotta' keep working on that to be able to move on to a 45 minute run.

Friday was Lower Body workout w/no weights on the quads and hamstring exercises. (Had to take it easy. Shoulder and hamstring are still sore...for today...mostly hamstring)

Have another appointment with my Chyro/Therapist tomorrow...making me stronger to see this whole thing all the way through!! I have a pulled hamstring/glut from a week and a half ago... a possible pinched disk in my neck from three four months back...and a possible torn inner rotater- cuff from about for year back that I never gave the time of day.

All I know, is that physical therapy to try and regain strength is awesome!!! Hopefully surgery won't be needed for the shoulder...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Alright... had to skip Wednesdays Lower body weight training. Had a little mishap with the left side glut/upper left side hamstring. Took off running suddenly because Gabrielle got away from me and tried dashing toward the street from the playground. Something just didn't feel right after that. According to the trainer at "MyBodyGym" in Northbrook...it is best to ice on and off every 10 minutes for a day or two. And to just stay active and use the foam roller. All things that I had done thankfully, except for the ice part. Thanks Danny!! For being right on the money...I feel so much better! Also took some inflammatory meds. Diet was good.

By Thursday, I was able to make it through the TaeBo Flex with no problem. I still feel the pull but I have an appointment with the physical therapist on Tuesday. All should be good then, after some adjustments.

Today is Friday and the Upper body Weight training is done.

Diet has been very good...even for dinner. I think that since I know that there will be a measurement follow-up on Monday(BEGINNING OF 6TH WEEK), I have some additional incentive for eating right.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday was a good day. I got my Monday Upper weight workout in and then went out for a 1/2 hr run. My trainer finally put his foot down and said that the best thing to do is to concentrate on making the 30 minute run a strong one and then move on to a longer run. Makes sense and I couldn't bring myself to run so little with such a bad pace. After all, I did run a full marathon in 05'! But it's now time to listen to the voice of reason. Thanks Dave Jr. =) Now I was able to accomplish this 30 minute endeavor with a pace of 11.8 and almost hit my 3 mile mark. Not quite but I'll let you guys do the math if you HAVE to know how short I came of 3 miles.

Water intake was the usual and diet was kind of teetering...I won't be boring you with details. From now on just good and bad high lights on the diet. The important thing is, as I have mentioned before, being aware of what my body needs as fuel for energy and strength. And basically using the rule of not eating what my body just doesn't need. Of course, cookies and chocolate always seem to get into my system every now and again but not even close to what it used to be. No night time snacks any more! It's the day time hands on that are a problem here and there. I did however, find that if I keep busy...there seems to be no need for grabbing the wrong thing on the go.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Totally new no one was going to call me on the no posts for Friday and Saturday...I got TaeBo in on Friday and nothing on Saturday...Today is Monday and I didn't get my upper body work out in either. You know what?? I don't even care and I really should. I've really got to get focused already. There are plenty of changes that I can see and feel and yet I lack motivation on some days. Go figure. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Alright...wrapping up Thursday...lunch was two small and thin pork chops w/plain steamed brown rice and green beans. Dinner was two slices of ham pizza and grand total on the water for the day..."5".

TaeBo cut some good calories...two more days to go and we begin week #5!! I can't believe my legs actually feel better...
Wednesday was a good day...My right calf was still real sore from Mondays lower body weight training and then Tuesday's 4 and 1/2 mile jog. So I was grateful that it was upper body weight training!! Added more reps for the shoulder, the bicep and the triceps exercises. That definitely gave me a run for my money. I really should have increased reps for the back and chest exercises as well. Maybe next week...

Diet was a bowl of cheerios in the morning with my skim milk. Lunch was two slices of whole wheat bread with three small slices of lean ham. My snack was a portion of cottage cheese with yogurt and dinner was a salad with grilled chicken. Total water intake was still only 4 glasses of water. :/

We'll see how my legs hold up with a session of TaeBo today... So far, breakfast has been my hot water with lemon and a bowl of cheerios again with skim milk.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No challengers??? It's almost been a month...no one wants to make a true change...alright, you know what to do...just ask and we can begin YOUR program!!

Today's diet...cottage cheese and yogurt...lunch was a tuna sandwich and some pasta. Dinner was a pork chop w/brown rice and corn. All together..."6" glasses of water today!!

Went out for a run for 30 minutes and ended up running for 55 minutes. 4 and a half miles...still gotta' get better with my times... but I sweat!! That's what matters...

Tomorrow...upper body weights.
So sorry...I did not log in on Monday. It was a very good day. For breakfast I had 2 egg whites and 2 slices of whole wheat toast and my skim milk. Lunch was a tuna sandwich on whole wheat toast and diet coke. There was no snacking and dinner was a country fried chicken sandwich with some curly fries and a salad on the side. Not that great of a dinner but only one serving. As for the water intake...I haven't been able to go over 4/5 glasses a day. And that is including my hot water with lemon juice in the mornings. :/

The work out was good too. Got the lower body weights done which includes 3 ab work outs and added the inner thigh crunch bar. Did a set of 20...18...16...14 and then two sets of 20 to hit that peak. For Tuesday...I've gotta' get a good sweat in!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

There has to be something to say for wanting for your kids more than yourself. Right? Needless to say...NO run today.(Saturday) Had a volleyball tournament all day and watched some amazing volleyball...then went home and the rest of my ormigitas were dyin' to get outside. SO, we took the out for tennis. I worked up a sweat...but I did IN NO WAY hit any peaks... :/ But the kiddos had a great time in the fresh air and sun.

Diet was (3) egg whites and 2 slices of whole wheat toast and a glass of skim milk after a cup of hot water with lemon juice. Snacked on 1 oz. of trail mix ,string cheese stick and water. Then dinner was 2 small meatball sandwiches with Marinara sauce and mozzarella. (KILLED MY STOMACH throughout the night) serves me right.

I will be enjoying my day of rest and eating "anything goes" on Sunday.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Upper body weight training accomplished. I must make it a productive week and get out for that run tomorrow.

Diet today was all over the place...had a plain baked potato and some string cheese for brunch at about 10:30 am...Only had about two bottles of water and had grilled chicken breast with pasta and mixed veggies for a late dinner. Not gonna' lie...damn "Hersey's Easter bunny" is missing a few more body parts today. :/

The most important thing is that I am VERY aware of the choices that are constantly being made by me as far as what I eat and if I'm active each day or not. Those past few gloomy rainy days have NOT helped to keep me motivated either. But I'll tell you what is...MY BETTER LOOKING and FEELING BODY. I don't feel 60 years old any more...much more energetic and stronger. I missed that feeling!! It's been a while.

So, time to wrap it up strong...one more day of a kick ass cardio work out and then we begin WEEK#4 on Monday.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Okay...Wednesday I got the Lower Body weight training in and diet was cottage cheese and yogurt. Had two slices of wheat bread with 2 slices of lean ham and a cheese stick. Total 4 glasses of water and for dinner...a tuna sandwich on wheat toast. Snacked on some sweet carrots and about 3 oz. trail mix too.

Just got through the day.

Today...Thursday...I was supposed to go on a run and never got out for it. Diet was 3 egg whites with 3 slices of whole wheat toast and skim milk. Lunch was another tuna sandwich and dinner will be grilled chicken and plain pasta with a drizzle of Italian dressing.

Friday will have to get done with the Upper Body weights(NO EXCUSES)...not working out one day sure beats last week with 2/3 days that didn't get done.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If you are out there...ANYBODY!!!! This is only the beginning of my third week. This program is the bomb!! Follow along and be happy with your new life...if you have any questions...I will walk the steps WITH you. YOU can do this...I've already moved forward. I already like my body ssssoooooo much more. It isn't easy but now I don't feel OLD!! I feel energetic, happy and strong!! Can't wait to see how I feel in three more weeks.

Today was TaeBo and as usual...it was great. Tomorrow is Lower Body weights and Thursday is a rough run.

Diet was a subway b.m.t for brunch with 4 glasses of water throughout the day and grilled bar-b-que chicken for dinner with mac n' cheese. Had some Easter "Hershey's chocolate" :/ Not too good...but not the worst!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Beginning the third week!!! My wedding rings fit now...still snugger than I'd like...but making progress!! Dropped ONE WHOLE notch on my belt...without feeling it tight!!! Can't wait to see what the next three weeks will bring!!

My work out partner worked out without me today so I went solo...

Upper body weight training done today...tomorrow some Tae Bo!! Maybe even some Wii Fit to really work some sweat going.

Diet was a cup of hot water with lemon before breakfast...a glass of fat-free milk and 2 egg whites with two slices of whole wheat toast for breakfast. Lunch was some cottage cheese with strawberry yogurt and 3 glasses of water by then. Dinner was a helping of Easter Ham without glaze...cheesy pasta :/ ...some mashed potatoes and stuffing. :/ No bread and NO seconds.

Tuesday...here I come!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

We are just going to have to call this a crap week. Now time to pick myself up and dust myself off...(next week)

No work out in today...diet was a banana and skim milk for breakfast, string cheese and water for lunch, a vanilla cappuccino from Mejier for snack and some chicken fingers for dinner with more water.


Sorry...and tomorrow...EASTER!! Not gonna' be much better. But Monday is a new week!!! Maybe I will just tack on one more week at the end since this one went so bad...we shall see.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Friday!! It's been a better day today...got the Lower Body weight training done and I feel good...still need to consult with that trainer though, because I don't feel a thing like I think I'm supposed to. Tomorrow is Cardio, so it'll either be a kick ass run or some TaeBo to wrap up week #2.

Diet was two egg whites with whole wheat toast and a glass of skim milk...lunch was a 6 in B.M.T. from Subway and so far 4 glasses of water down. Also had my hot water and lemon in the morning. Dinner will be 2/3 quesadillas with beans and hopefully no more snacking. Already cheated with home baked crinkly fries that the kids had for lunch. I think I had about 5/6! :/

See you again tomorrow and look for more "Raw Truths" that I will be posting.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Well...not only did time get away from me yesterday but now...the complete desire to work out has. The day is beautiful and I have a "HUGE" grey cloud over my head. I don't know what to tell you. I'm human too?? Well hopefully by listening to my body and taking yet another day of the program...it will pay off in the long run. We shall see.

Diet has been alright...hot water and lemon juice in the morning then 2 egg whites w/two slices of whole wheat toast and a glass of skim milk for breakfast. Lunch will be a tuna sandwich w/whole wheat toast and a glass of water. I will log in my dinner on tomorrows post.

And if there really is anyone following...I do apologize for not helping to elevate you today.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Well...today is the first day that I skip my Weight work out... Time got away from me and I cheated on the diet some too. It's my husband's and my 21ST Anniversary and we had Thai for lunch...a little Crab Rangoon and Beef Pat Thai...breakfast was a helping of cottage cheese and strawberry yogurt (both low-fat) and I had 4 glasses of water so far. Dinner will not be following the plan either. But that's okay...I've earned "two cheat days" this week. =)

Pedometer clocked in at 2,000 steps after three sets of tennis and tomorrow we're kickin' it with Taebo!!

Enjoy the beautiful evening and I'll get back on track tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sorry peeps... couldn't post last night or all day today...technical difficulties. But I'm back! Welcome Kea!!! Start w/the oldest and first post to get the most out of the program.

Day #9
Had an unbelievable run today...my running partner "rocked!!!!" It was a 5.8 mile run in 70 minutes!! Not a great time...but getting better and really increased my distance. We pushed the WHOLE time we were out this morning.

Tomorrow is the upper body weight training but it will be postponed for a later time in the day due to a little tennis challenge in the late morning... =) I guess I could log it in too.

Diet was great too...1 glass of water before the run along with a banana and a glass of milk. After the run...I had 2 more glasses of water and cottage cheese and strawberry yogurt. Later had two tuna sandwiches on whole wheat toast...snacked on a small salad w/low-fat dressing and almonds. For dinner I had grilled chicken breast and wild rice. A granola bar for a snack and 2 more glasses of water.

YESTERDAYS lunch and dinner was lean ground beef and plain pasta/ One hot dog with mac-n-cheese and some wrinkled fries. Total water intake was 5 glasses.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 2 of 12...

Already done with the lower body weight training.

Dumbbell Squats(Quadriceps) w/10 lb weights
Dumbbell Lunges(Hamstrings) w/10 lb weights "Kick my butt!!"
Angled Calf Raises (Calves) w/10 lb weights
Floor Crunches (Abs) 30/Flexing on last one
Twist Crunches (Abs) 30 each side /Flexing on last one
Bent-Knee Leg Raises (Abs) 30/Flexing on last one

Felt good...Not enough "peak" though... going to have to speak to a trainer for help on modifications of training sessions.

Diet...3 glasses of water already. Two egg whites with beans for breakfast and a cup of skim milk.
Mini Carrots for snack and maybe a granola bar. More water...I'll post lunch and dinner tonight.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

So today was Sunday...day to rest...yeah right! About 5,000 steps again logged in having gone to play some tennis! Can't help it...these kids of mine just push me out the door!!

Diet? ANYTHING goes! About 6 square slices of pepperoni pizza, about 3 donuts, 2 glasses of skim milk, 1 glass of diet Pepsi, 5 total glasses of water, a big bowl of salad W/CROUTONS and SHREDDED CHEESE and last but not least..."4" Fannie May Pixies at night. :(

Now I have a lot of guilt to work off all week and hope that next Sunday is better.

Crazy program!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Great day today... Day#6

Finished first week out of 12!!! Just eleven to go until I'm happy with the new habits I've created for a LIFETIME!!!!

For breakfast I did have 2 french toast slices with 1 slice of bacon and a glass of skim milk.
Snacked on a handful of almonds and had a homemade light sub w/a glass of cold white tea.
Dinner will be a regular portion of spaghettii and homemade baked meatballs with lean ground beef and lite spaghetti sauce. (no more bread for today!!)
Tonights snack will be mini carrots and fit & active caramel rice cake snacks.

Water intake for today is at 4 and I will have 2 more before bed.

Work out was 5,000 steps while playing tennis in the brisk weather and the upperbody weight training:

Inclined Dumbbell Press(Chest) w/5lb. weights
Bent-Over Raises(Shoulders) w/5lb. weights
Dumbbell Pullover(Back) w/5lb weight
Dumbbell Extensions(Triceps) w/5lb weight
Hammer Curls(Biceps)w/5lb weights

Tomorrow...REST and eat ANYTHING I WANT!!!!
I will post in the evening...let you know just how much I took advantage of my Sunday.

The following week is...

Lower Body
Upper Body
Lower Body

Until tomorrow....

Friday, March 26, 2010

Well it's Friday and there's plans for family time later so only one post today.

One more day to go and I get to my "Sunday of rest and eat ANYTHING you want!!"

Today I did cardio again with another 40 min of Taebo and it's feeling good but not like I'm breaking any barriers. So for next week, I'll be trying to kick it up a notch with cardio.

Tomorrow is another session of Upper Body Weight training.

Diet has been 4 glasses of water so far and 2 egg whites w/2 slices of plain white toast and a glass of skim milk for breakfast / Bowl of carrots for snack and a large plain baked potato for lunch / Dinner will be an egg and bean torta w/Mexican cheese (yum!! only one though) It's lent...no meat.

But I do believe that I can get to at least 7 glasses of water today!! We'll see, I'll let you know tomorrow.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

PART II/Day #4

Alright, diet was 2 slices of white toast w/strawberry jam and a glass of skim milk for breakfast...
1/2 a granola bar for 1st snack... 1 bowl of beans for 2ND snack...small helping of pasta w/2 slices of lean ham for lunch...1/2 cup of mini carrots for 3rd snack...4 small baked lean ground beef meatballs and small bowl of spaghetti w/lite Prego sauce. Total of 5 glasses of water.

Lower Body Work Out:
Dumbbell Squats (Quadriceps)w/10lb weights
Straight-Leg Deadlifts (Hamstrings)w/10 lb weights
One-Leg Calf Raise (Calves)w/10 lb weight
Floor Crunches (Abs) 30
Twist Crunches (Abs) 20
Bent-Knee Leg Raises (Abs) 30
Ab Coaster (Abs) 50

Same reps...12/10/8/6/12/12...Until it burns!!!

Tomorrow is Cardio again. Don't know what I'll be doing but I can't wait!!
Day #4

Authorized Food Table in the program,

chicken breast / turkey breast / lean ground turkey / swordfish / orange roughy / haddock / salmon / tuna / crab / lobster / shrimp / top round steak / top sirloin steak / lean ground beef / buffalo / lean ham / egg white or substitutes / low-fat cottage cheese

baked potato / sweet potato / yam / squash / pumpkin / steamed brown rice / steamed wild rice /pasta / oatmeal / barley / beans / corn / strawberries / melon / apple / orange / fat-free yogurt / whole-wheat bread

broccoli / asparagus / lettuce / carrots / cauliflower / green beans / green peppers / mushrooms / spinach / tomato / peas / brussels sprouts / artichoke / cabbage / celery / zucchini / cucumber / onion

Simple enough right?!?! Now just choose a portion of protein and carbohydrates from each category to make a meal. Add a serving of vegetables to at least two of your daily meals.

Let me know how you all do...I stink at that!! But it is crucial to get it together at some point to help your body achieve the goals that you set for it.

Today's work out will be Lower body w/10lb weights and I will add one more post later tonight listing the exercises done and the diet I kept for the day. Till later...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 3...

Not as bad as I thought it would be. Cardio kicked my butt with Taebo w/Billy Blanks for 30/40 minutes. Good stuff! Tomorrow is LOWER BODY work out w/free weights. Half way done this week and I am looking forward to giving you more food for thought.

Remember to take "3" initial steps...

Make a consious decision to change!

Know what your reasons are for making the change and write them down!

READ what you've written EVERY morning and EVERY night...this will be your guiding light through your journey!

(ALL in Body-for-Life pg.23)

Today's Diet:

5 Total glasses of water/ 2 regular bowls of Golden Graham Cereal w/skim milk for breakfast
1 sandwich w/white toast and low fat mayo for lunch
2 regular bowls of beef fried rice w/1 glass Pepsi 0

Gotta' get better w/that diet!!!
Cardio should increase in time for more calories burned!

Remember to check the "RAW TRUTHS" section for important tid bits...
Bad day today. Already noon and no food/no exercise...it's all potty training, dishes and feeding kids on break. Be back soon to log in the cardio work out. Today it'll be tae bo. Billy Blanks should get the blood flowing and these aching muscles in motion. Maybe next post...we'll have some food in too. :/

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today has been an awesome day!! Knowing that someone might log in to see what I've achieved is VERY motivating. Weighed in...163 on Mon. today, 162.4. Not too shabby for being committed for TWO days.

Workout was done by 2 in the afternoon and then went out for tennis 5,000 steps in a couple of hours. (Cardio wasn't even a must...just felt like it) I guess exercise DOES boost your energy level!!

UPPER BODY WEIGHT TRAINING took about 40 min (No way around that...you have to invest some time to see change):

Incline Dumbbell Press(Chest) w/two 5lb. weights.
Seated Dumbbell Press(Shoulders) w/two 5lb. weights.
One-Arm Dumbbell Rows(Back) w/a 5lb. weight. one side at a time
Dumbbell Extensions(Triceps) w/a 5lb.weight.
Inclined Dumbbell Curls(Biceps) w/two 5lb. weights.

Reps...12/10/8/6 with one minute rest in between then 12/12 with deep breath in between NO MINUTE REST (This is your HIGH POINT)

Next upper body day: Adding weight or reps...not hard enough!!

If anyone wants more specifics let me know...for now...gotta' document diet.

2 egg whites(salt/pepper), 2 slices of white toast w/light spread, 1 glass of milk for breakfast.
Lunch was a 6in. B.M.T. sub from subway on wheat w/glass of cold green tea(if it's not water...watch your calorie intake)
Snack was a small bowl of mini carrots and a Quaker granola bar w/ 3 more glasses of water before dinner.
Dinner will be pan fried steak in Pam spray (like the morning egg whites)w/salad and bacon cheddar cheese scalloped potatoes and some Uncle Ben's wild rice...and more cold green tea or/and water. (Trying to get to the magic #8 in glasses of water...not easy, but I'll have it down by the end of the week!!)

Until tomorrow my loyal follower...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Well, got news...GOT OUT FOR THAT JOG!!!! Woo woo!!!! 60 min...not bad! Calories burned..."415"!! Pace...12 min miles...:/ I guess I know what I have to work at. Total miles...4 and 1/2 . Could have kept going but not worth it. Injury free is KEY!!! It was a good start. Tomorrow, upper body weight training. I'll let you know how it goes.

Food intake for the day:
Banana and milk for breakfast/Red spaghetti 2 servings for lunch/Three slices of white toast w/fat free mayo and sliced tomatoes for dinner/Quaker granola bar for late snack and total of 5 glasses of water :/ (Need to increase water intake)

Until tomorrow...

Day 1's challenges

Ok... so not such an easy task to get motivated, motivate and be productive with your responsibilities too. Having a family with eight of us is definitely a blessing but in itself a challenge.

Getting my first work out in today is still needing to be done...but for now, lets organize the program.

Workout will consist of 3 days cardio/3 days strength training. Sundays off!!

Diet will mostly be wheat toast and egg whites or banana w/milk in the mornings.
Grilled chicken breast or lunch meats with brown rice and veggies and maybe some wheat
tortillas/wraps for lunches.
Dinners will be "whatever" the family is enjoying "in moderation."
Snacks are nuts/veggies /fruits /yogurt w/cottage cheese...(i.e. "Authorized Food
Table" found in Body-For-Life pg. 83)

That's it people... stick to this for three/four months and find your best YOU!! There are some important tid bits about working out and dieting...like, best time to work out is in the morning so that your body's metabolism gets rev'd up and burns maximum calories throughout your day. And eating 6 small meals a day is sooooo much better than three bigger(normal) ones for your dieting to be successful because you should feel full more often and not need to eat all the wrong things throughout the day.

Today's Goal:
Get out for a jog...cardio and make sure to push the limits for at least one minute at the end of the workout.(30 min minimum)

EAT...fuel is needed to have your body respond to your expectations.