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Friday, April 1, 2016

That moment when making your health a priority takes on a whole lot ofmeaning...

And so, today we had our final morning OnRamp at the box; the 12th out of a 12.

One question that I was asked by a few people... "Are you glad it's over"? 

Well, it took some thinking but I did come to somewhat of a conclusion:

I am because I no longer have those three 'hour' slots taken per week in my calendar. I am because the idea of not feeling a bit beat up (all the time) is kinda' soothing, I cannot lie.

...and then there's the flip side of the coin.

I am not also! 

I am not because I am going to miss seeing the welcoming smiles at that place.
I am not happy that it's over because I no longer have the 'high priority' to make myself get out of my 'physical' comfort zone to evolve as an athlete. 
I am not happy because although there was a little bit of discomfort and sometimes pain; these last 4wks have made me feel strong and happy. 

We repeated our first work out today. 
500meter row
40air squats
30sit ups
20push ups (assisted for me)
10ring rows

03/07/16 my time was 7:49 and I felt beat down. It killed me to see the harsh reality of just how strong I am not. ...of just how much I've let my body Oxidate
by not putting it into functional movement the way that it is meant to be. 😞
I had a pretty tough time being slapped with those harsh realities.

Today 04/01/16 my time was 5:47!! 
I SHAVED OFF 2min AND 2sec! 
(...and yes, I am counting the sec too) 
But even more extraordinary than the MUCH better time...

I actually ended the work out and could not believe that it was over... I felt strong; as if I had more left in me to give!! 

FOUR weeks of determination to commit to strengthening myself physically and mentally. 

I am looking forward to staying on track and putting myself at the top of that priority list for a long time to come. 

...thank you CrossFit Illumine! Your coaches and your family of cross fitters are truly top notch.