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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Not like it matters much during this hectic time of year, but todays RuN did NOT happen and it sucks! Tomorrows Insanity will probably NOT happen and THAT sucks more!!

So, I guess it's safe to say that there will be a FouR day break from what selfishly makes me tick tock...
Family first... ;)

Todays meals... half a grapefruit and then a protein shake... (it's 5pm) ... it's going to be a LoNg four days...

Happy Holidays

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Got my 'pure cardio' in today and saw my chiropractor. All good news and he worked his magic again on my hip. Feels good to keep up with this new life style of mine. I did NOT, however, get my lower body weights done. Too much of a time crunch and thinking about it. I think that the lower body work outs will be smaller since I only want to change two things on my legs... inner thighs and better gluteus. So I will hopefully get THAT in soon.

Had 6 servings of water so far and a half a grapefruit before breakfast. Then a protein shake for breakfast. Lunch was a little salad w/cucumber and baby carrots. And two slices of whole wheat toast w/two slices of lean ham w/some avocado and tomato. Mmmmmm...

Dinner??? We shall see... I think maybe grilled chicken breast and small, small portion of the brown rice...
If anyone wants to start any kind of program or exercise routine and wants/needs a little feed back. Let me know...

If anyone is on any kind of program or routine and wants/needs a little feed back. Let me know.

If you feel that you are spinning your wheels and not accomplishing the goals that you have set out to meet, and want a little feed back. Let me know.

If you would like to incorporate a new way of eating for fuel and don't know where to start. I can try to help. But, only if you let me know.

No commitments here... No rights or wrongs... Just regular people trying to make their 'change' happen. =)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lol... Well, I got a 4.6 mile run in and felt pretty good. 3 out of the 4 miles were sub 10min pace. I am happy about that. But I just could not get my tae bo in after the run. Had the darn dizziness again for approx. the last 1/2 mile and the cool down. Opted for a shower and some fuel. :/ Maybe next week... I'll be more ready to incorporate the tae bo. I know it will do wonders for my upper body!

Water intake is on target and before the run I had a handful of animal crackers w/peanut butter. Post run, I had two egg whites and 2 slices of lean ham after 1/2 a grapefruit. And the 2nd meal was a small bowl of lean ground beef and peas. I don't know what meal #3 is going to be.... But I'mma' gettin hungry...

Monday, December 19, 2011

There is much to be said...

Diet: Protein shake in the morning with my vitamins. Three slices of lean ham w/three slices of whole wheat bread for mid/late afternoon. Lean ground beef w/boiled peas and brown rice for dinner. Had about a total of 10 servings of water between 3 whole water bottles and two small pitchers of hot tea.

Got the Insanity Cardio Recovery in and went right into the Upper body work out with light 5lb. weights. Total work out time was a crunch today, I did not have adequate resting periods between sets and or reps. But you gotta' do what you've gotta' do... With both programs today, I went for a total of 1 hour and 5 minutes. (should have been more like an hour and 1/2)

Feeling GREAT! Only hit Intensity levels of 6/7 for the last reps in each of the 5 sets of exercises. Gotta' work a little harder next time! Exercises done: Chest/Dumbbell Press,
Shoulders/Seated dumbbell press, Back/One Arm Dumbbell Row (per arm), Triceps/Dumbbell Extensions, Biceps/Seated Dumbbell Curls

Tomorrow is a rest day for the muscles... Running and maybe some easing into tae bo! I'm excited!!!

Got those hip x-rays today... let's see what the Dr. says later this week.
You know, This HoLiDaY cheating thing is starting to tick me off!!! NO tamale or cookie is worth seeing that scale mess with my downward weight spiral!!! I'm thinking that the 'cheating' days are over!!! At least until I see MY ideal weight on that scale... Went up 2/3 pounds since my initial 8 and 1/2 lb weight loss. And I just ain't havin' it! My 5/6 days a week of pushing through work outs to see and feel a difference, are just too much work to disrespect on a whim.

Already had three servings of water today and a brunch protein shake w/my vitamins.

Now it's time to hit the Insanity routine... 'Cardio Recovery' + Day 1 of the body-for-life program... upper body weights!!!! Yeah!!!!!! NOW it's ALL going to come together for ReaL change! I'll post how it goes later tonight. o_O

Sunday, December 18, 2011

So... HeLLo HoliDays!!! Ha! Had my families gathering on Saturday and did not get a workout in. Also cheated on the whole 'diet' thing; but on the bright side... I did eat two healthy meals. One before the 3 or four tamales. Not to mention 3 or 4 glasses of sweet, sweet wine and a handful of cookies. And one after. Had quite a bit of water though... And then back to the healthy eating for fuel today, Sunday. Already had Two slices of whole wheat bread w/beans and grilled chicken and the 2nd meal was a whole wheat, lean ham sandwich with lite mayo and 1/2 an avocado. Next meal is going to be good 'ol homemade chicken stir fry w/no carbs. (hopefully) =D

And... a yes, no work out... I missed my run... starting up again tomorrow with some Insanity. I can't let that go. All of my cloths is fitting so well and ladies... I am on my second/middle notch on my bra instead of the last one out!!!! And THAT is starting to feel a little loose... So, "Get Fit or Go Home!" ;)