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Friday, April 9, 2010

Upper body weight training accomplished. I must make it a productive week and get out for that run tomorrow.

Diet today was all over the place...had a plain baked potato and some string cheese for brunch at about 10:30 am...Only had about two bottles of water and had grilled chicken breast with pasta and mixed veggies for a late dinner. Not gonna' lie...damn "Hersey's Easter bunny" is missing a few more body parts today. :/

The most important thing is that I am VERY aware of the choices that are constantly being made by me as far as what I eat and if I'm active each day or not. Those past few gloomy rainy days have NOT helped to keep me motivated either. But I'll tell you what is...MY BETTER LOOKING and FEELING BODY. I don't feel 60 years old any more...much more energetic and stronger. I missed that feeling!! It's been a while.

So, time to wrap it up strong...one more day of a kick ass cardio work out and then we begin WEEK#4 on Monday.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Okay...Wednesday I got the Lower Body weight training in and diet was cottage cheese and yogurt. Had two slices of wheat bread with 2 slices of lean ham and a cheese stick. Total 4 glasses of water and for dinner...a tuna sandwich on wheat toast. Snacked on some sweet carrots and about 3 oz. trail mix too.

Just got through the day.

Today...Thursday...I was supposed to go on a run and never got out for it. Diet was 3 egg whites with 3 slices of whole wheat toast and skim milk. Lunch was another tuna sandwich and dinner will be grilled chicken and plain pasta with a drizzle of Italian dressing.

Friday will have to get done with the Upper Body weights(NO EXCUSES)...not working out one day sure beats last week with 2/3 days that didn't get done.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If you are out there...ANYBODY!!!! This is only the beginning of my third week. This program is the bomb!! Follow along and be happy with your new life...if you have any questions...I will walk the steps WITH you. YOU can do this...I've already moved forward. I already like my body ssssoooooo much more. It isn't easy but now I don't feel OLD!! I feel energetic, happy and strong!! Can't wait to see how I feel in three more weeks.

Today was TaeBo and as usual...it was great. Tomorrow is Lower Body weights and Thursday is a rough run.

Diet was a subway b.m.t for brunch with 4 glasses of water throughout the day and grilled bar-b-que chicken for dinner with mac n' cheese. Had some Easter "Hershey's chocolate" :/ Not too good...but not the worst!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Beginning the third week!!! My wedding rings fit now...still snugger than I'd like...but making progress!! Dropped ONE WHOLE notch on my belt...without feeling it tight!!! Can't wait to see what the next three weeks will bring!!

My work out partner worked out without me today so I went solo...

Upper body weight training done today...tomorrow some Tae Bo!! Maybe even some Wii Fit to really work some sweat going.

Diet was a cup of hot water with lemon before breakfast...a glass of fat-free milk and 2 egg whites with two slices of whole wheat toast for breakfast. Lunch was some cottage cheese with strawberry yogurt and 3 glasses of water by then. Dinner was a helping of Easter Ham without glaze...cheesy pasta :/ ...some mashed potatoes and stuffing. :/ No bread and NO seconds.

Tuesday...here I come!!