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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ok... no more running until after the 13.1 miles tomorrow.

Today's fueling has been heavier and I'm hoping that all the bananas I'm eating will help for those calf cramps to not be an issue like at the Chicago Marathon!! Also had a pasta dish in the City that should give me those carbs that I need. On advil for the inflammation on my left heel and I'm feeling pretty good... then again, I have been resting it... smh... Little weary about tomorrows outcome but I am looking forward to giving you all the full report on how this 39 year old mother of six crosses that finish line! o_O

How are you doing Dreamer??? Keep me in the loop... ;) Syl... Are you still kicking butt with your activities and getting stronger with your will power to keep eating healthier?! Let me know... I could also use that link to your blog... I never received my email notifications... :(

At lunch today... our beautiful nine year old daughter decided to confide in me that she has been a little jealous about how I am able to stay active and eat right. (It was the sweetest thing ever!) I was puzzled and asked her why? Since she too is active and is really pretty conscious of eating well. She smiled at me and said that she 'just likes the way I live my life and she wants to be like me, healthy and strong.' :') I actually had to hold back from getting choked up!! My little one is proud of me and wants to start going on a few mother-daughter runs during the week...
I can't begin to tell you the satisfaction that I felt in not needing to drill anything into her but to just sit back and watch her grow... hummm... as if THAT was not enough, she proceeded to tell me that when she returns to school in the fall, she is going to start a 'live healthy' club and anyone can join it!!! Just to talk about what they do to stay active and talk about what they eat and don't eat and if they're good choices or not. Ha!!! I couldn't help it, my eyes had to tear up... she's NINE years old!!! And she's already looking to help make a change in little people's lives!!

And so, tomorrow I will share more educational info... Have a great Saturday all!! And thank you for supporting this blog by visiting! =)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Today, I SHOULD be heading out for a little 3/4 miler but my baby is coming home early to kick start our weekend... so I have no idea if I will be getting that done...

Had the Isotonix cocktail and a protein shake for breakfast. No idea what lunch or dinner will be but I am trying to keep in mind that I am VeRy happy with the scale at 1?3/1?4!!! Still have to work at getting it down 4/6 lbs more... That way on a bad day, I won't see over 1?3/1?4... =D

And here is another idea to possibly put in your favorites, happy weekend to all!!

5 Cool New Tricks For Healthy Eating

Eating well—and sustainably—gets easier with a new website

Looking for the nearest organic, grass-fed burger? You're in luck. Eating sustainably has never been so easy, thanks to a new website called FarmPlate.

Think of it as the Yelp of healthy eats: The searchable database has more than 40,000 listings of farmers, gourmet-food artisans, CSAs, farmer's markets, and restaurants in every zip code. Founded by Kim Werner, a former cookbook editor who helped revamp Joy of Cooking, the site launched last August as a one-stop shop for foodies seeking sustenance. "For consumers, there's a tremendous breadth of information, if you want to take your family to a pick-your-own orchard on Sunday or mail order cheese from a particular region in Vermont," says Werner.

But can a website really change the way you nosh? We think so. Check out the 5 ways that this one just might.

1. All your bases are covered. Real food is about a return to the simple and unadulterated. With FarmPlate, you can find the best of the best in every imaginable category. Need a top-notch mussel harvester? You're covered. Same for the cheesemaker, butcher, and even a local composter.

2. You can learn the lingo. You're heard of USDA organic, but did you know that food can be subject to more than 30 other official certifications? Food talk can get confusing, but the site's 300-word-strong glossary explains the lingo in the most comprehensive collection we could find.

3. You can be a voyeur in restaurant kitchens. Ask any chef what makes their food great, and they'll credit the ingredients every time. But who's behind the ingredients? "Restaurant Beat" on the FarmPlate blog interviews famous farm-to-table chefs and gets them to spill their secrets of which local producers they use.

4. You'll load up on easy recipes. FarmPlate's blog is brimming with fresh and healthy ideas using—you guessed it—the most sustainable foods out there. It's a sure bet for inventive twists on staples, like their mango breakfast quinoa. They'll even show you the best places to buy the ingredients you need.

5. You'll learn how to save cash. Ditching your grocery store is a real possibility if you live close to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA.) With the site's CSA-finder, you can join other eco-minded health nuts by buying food shares from a nearby farm. The farm delivers your order to a pickup spot, and voila! Affordable dinner is served.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Friday Eve bloggers!!! Today I share a little extra again... sorry that I slacked with the last couple of posts. :/

Had my healthy all natural cocktail in the a.m., breakfast was two beautifully ripened bananas and a water bottle. Lunch is a salad w/vinaigrette dressing and dinner will probably be my left over homemade b-b-que bacon cheeseburgers... They are soooo good!!! No work out today, cause it's cut back week before the big Nike Women's Half Marathon on Sunday!! And I did get to go spend some quality bonding time with little Ms. Sofia that I will be baby sitting starting next month... Yay!!!! She is just an amazing little doll...

Now, back to business... Have you all had a productive week? Did you get to work out at least twice already this week?! Have you been more aware of how you are fueling your body so that it can be at it's best throughout this thing called life?! But most importantly, have you made a conscious effort to make a CHANGE FOR LIFE?! If not... read on, day by day and see if I can't persuade you to want more out of your every day! ;)

Today's health buzz I chose:

Mom's the word...
Family Ties

"Do as I say AND as I do" is a good motto for parents. "It's really important for your child to see you enjoying fitness," says WebMD's Raising Fit Kids expert, Hansa Bhargava, MD. "Kids learn from what you do rather than what you say." Incorporate weekend fitness rituals into your family schedule to introduce new, healthy habits. She suggests playing old-school games such as hopscotch and frisbee, or getting the family outside for a hike.

Give it a shot and before you know it this summer, you'll be doing weekday healthy fun things with your family!! I of all people, tend to just get my health fix in daily and then I go the extra mile to make sure that my kiddos are active on a day to day but now, I'm going to be making the time to do more TOGETHER!! Starting today! Hopscotch it IS!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On another HoT day... We actually got out to play some tennis!!! Still the victor!!! My boy has me in speed and agility but I have a bit more consistence... Thank goodness! But not for long... I see my defeat coming soon. :)
Had my Isotonix cocktail in the morning and a couple small waffles with honey for breakfast. Had a bit of trail mix and a banana throughout the day with a whole lot of water!!! I know... Not fueling great but I am working on it. :/ Dinner will be homemade bacon cheeseburgers with fresh lettuce, avocado and tomato!!! Mmmm! Can't wait!!
How are you all coming along?! I do hope that you are always striving to keep bettering your health and your strength!! :)
Happy Hump Day!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Today... have to ice my tender heel... :/ THIS is not good for a half marathon coming up on Sunday! o_O But starting the ibuprofen today!!!

Tomorrow we get back out there and try to tackle a 5/6 miler... and then Friday a 3/4 miler... and that's it. 13.1 miles on Sunday!!!

Diet is rough... not enough good fuel today. The heat doesn't help. But I am hydrating!!

Hope today has been a good day for you and if not, don't worry. Tomorrow is another opportunity to make it a great day!!

Tonight we move forward with the Health and Wellness Event in Gurnee at our new business partner's Gold's Gym!!! 6:30... free food and valuable information!!! See who ever wants to make a change there!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Alright! Alright!! Alright!!! You bloggers get the week off to a good start?! Cause I am in a GOOD mood! My scale finally displayed 1?4!!!! YES!!! If I can just get it to 1?0 Or a bit under like 1?8... I will be happy... I'm just looking for the wiggle room at this point. So, even though I did not stick to a hard core 4wks... what I DiD commit to has made a difference. Hope that all of the challenge takers got to see some progress today!

Now, you email recipients welcome to receiving the posts on my ChangeForLife blog!! If you do not want to be on this list, please feel free to let me know... I swap the emails out every couple months or so. But feel free to email a declination to changeforlifeshoppe@yahoo.com (No hard feelings, really!) ;)

Now, Ms. Dreamer!!! Way to go!!! I prefer your Dr. to clear you be your primary or general physician but if the doctor of your choice is willing to give you a clean bill of health, that will do.
Keep up with your logging and I commend you on the pow wow you had with Neil. That is the way to go... I do hope that he is behind you every step of the way!!
Let me know what you do as far as working out today on tomorrows post, please... And don't forget how important it is to increase your hydration!! Did you buy that pretty little water bottle to enjoy sipping out of? Lol...
I will post everyday and touch base with you during the business hours... I look forward to hearing how your first day went!!! So exciting!! ... And, when you receive your ChangeForLife products from Market America... please send me a text... I have to go over specific instructions so that you get the most out of your products... =)

And... for my log:
I did have my Isotonix cocktail and then went out for a little 3.64 mile run (IN THIS HEAT) o_O and then returned to have my protein shake and a lot of water!!! Now, after a nice play date with my kids in the pool, it looks like I am going to have some lean grilled steak and a big salad... later on I will probably have a little trail mix.

Make it a great day fellow bloggers and make EVERYDAY count!