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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ok... no more running until after the 13.1 miles tomorrow.

Today's fueling has been heavier and I'm hoping that all the bananas I'm eating will help for those calf cramps to not be an issue like at the Chicago Marathon!! Also had a pasta dish in the City that should give me those carbs that I need. On advil for the inflammation on my left heel and I'm feeling pretty good... then again, I have been resting it... smh... Little weary about tomorrows outcome but I am looking forward to giving you all the full report on how this 39 year old mother of six crosses that finish line! o_O

How are you doing Dreamer??? Keep me in the loop... ;) Syl... Are you still kicking butt with your activities and getting stronger with your will power to keep eating healthier?! Let me know... I could also use that link to your blog... I never received my email notifications... :(

At lunch today... our beautiful nine year old daughter decided to confide in me that she has been a little jealous about how I am able to stay active and eat right. (It was the sweetest thing ever!) I was puzzled and asked her why? Since she too is active and is really pretty conscious of eating well. She smiled at me and said that she 'just likes the way I live my life and she wants to be like me, healthy and strong.' :') I actually had to hold back from getting choked up!! My little one is proud of me and wants to start going on a few mother-daughter runs during the week...
I can't begin to tell you the satisfaction that I felt in not needing to drill anything into her but to just sit back and watch her grow... hummm... as if THAT was not enough, she proceeded to tell me that when she returns to school in the fall, she is going to start a 'live healthy' club and anyone can join it!!! Just to talk about what they do to stay active and talk about what they eat and don't eat and if they're good choices or not. Ha!!! I couldn't help it, my eyes had to tear up... she's NINE years old!!! And she's already looking to help make a change in little people's lives!!

And so, tomorrow I will share more educational info... Have a great Saturday all!! And thank you for supporting this blog by visiting! =)


Sylisabel said...

Hello, I think i'm the Syl ur talking about... Lol (seriously though) I stopped receiving your emails after the challenge was over..... Yes i'm still trying and getting somewhere.... I hope!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!! Oh & ill send you the link again, I don't know weekdays up worth my blog page, it doesn't even let me compose a blog anymore :(

Connie said...

Of course it's you!!! :)
So good to hear that you are staying on track!! Keep up the great job!
And as for the email list... yes, yes lady. I did change it up. Trying to get more exposure to the blog. Lol... I did try to give a heads up in earlier posts... I hope that you received them. Happy Monday!!! And stay strong with the great work at making a change for a healthier happier you!! xoxo