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Friday, June 22, 2012

Today, I SHOULD be heading out for a little 3/4 miler but my baby is coming home early to kick start our weekend... so I have no idea if I will be getting that done...

Had the Isotonix cocktail and a protein shake for breakfast. No idea what lunch or dinner will be but I am trying to keep in mind that I am VeRy happy with the scale at 1?3/1?4!!! Still have to work at getting it down 4/6 lbs more... That way on a bad day, I won't see over 1?3/1?4... =D

And here is another idea to possibly put in your favorites, happy weekend to all!!

5 Cool New Tricks For Healthy Eating

Eating well—and sustainably—gets easier with a new website

Looking for the nearest organic, grass-fed burger? You're in luck. Eating sustainably has never been so easy, thanks to a new website called FarmPlate.

Think of it as the Yelp of healthy eats: The searchable database has more than 40,000 listings of farmers, gourmet-food artisans, CSAs, farmer's markets, and restaurants in every zip code. Founded by Kim Werner, a former cookbook editor who helped revamp Joy of Cooking, the site launched last August as a one-stop shop for foodies seeking sustenance. "For consumers, there's a tremendous breadth of information, if you want to take your family to a pick-your-own orchard on Sunday or mail order cheese from a particular region in Vermont," says Werner.

But can a website really change the way you nosh? We think so. Check out the 5 ways that this one just might.

1. All your bases are covered. Real food is about a return to the simple and unadulterated. With FarmPlate, you can find the best of the best in every imaginable category. Need a top-notch mussel harvester? You're covered. Same for the cheesemaker, butcher, and even a local composter.

2. You can learn the lingo. You're heard of USDA organic, but did you know that food can be subject to more than 30 other official certifications? Food talk can get confusing, but the site's 300-word-strong glossary explains the lingo in the most comprehensive collection we could find.

3. You can be a voyeur in restaurant kitchens. Ask any chef what makes their food great, and they'll credit the ingredients every time. But who's behind the ingredients? "Restaurant Beat" on the FarmPlate blog interviews famous farm-to-table chefs and gets them to spill their secrets of which local producers they use.

4. You'll load up on easy recipes. FarmPlate's blog is brimming with fresh and healthy ideas using—you guessed it—the most sustainable foods out there. It's a sure bet for inventive twists on staples, like their mango breakfast quinoa. They'll even show you the best places to buy the ingredients you need.

5. You'll learn how to save cash. Ditching your grocery store is a real possibility if you live close to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA.) With the site's CSA-finder, you can join other eco-minded health nuts by buying food shares from a nearby farm. The farm delivers your order to a pickup spot, and voila! Affordable dinner is served.

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