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Thursday, January 28, 2016

How the heck?! ...a love n' hate relationship with the bike.

How is it that with everything I've hit at this gym during my Phase 2 of my 21 Day Challenge; the bike kicked my arsss! ....and yet it 'only' showed that I burned 148 Calories, during a 30min 6 and 1/2 session that left me dripping sweat?! 

I really hate the bike. Just sayin'...
But I feel like I got the most bang for my buck. o_O ((even tho the calories did NOT make it seem as such)) 

Day 7 of Phase 2 ✔️
(( Day 14 in the 21 Day ))😅

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The proof is in the puddin'

I've always known this to be true. Did I actually believe it? Or much less like it?? No. Not really....

You see, even though my journey in life has been pretty much an athletic one; I have to confess that I am addicted to stepping on that God forsaken scale. (Almost daily) 🙈

I know when I am eating clean within the 80/20 rule. I know when I am active and running and/or hitting the gym. Therefor by default; I KNOW that I am healthier, leaner and stronger. ...and yet without fail; I step on, hoping and praying to see 'my dream' weight. 😑

Needless to say; it has yet to happen. Lol

#rawtruth #righthererightnow

...for the last 11 days I have been at the beginning of a 21 day challenge. I have in total only lost 6 lbs in said 11 days but 2 & 1/2 ins.

I am not 'thrilled' but I know that I should be. I have hit the gym 7 times in those 11 days; I am easing back into the lifestyle that I strive for and admit that my journey is still a long one to reach the ultimate personal goals that I have set for years. 

In closing, to those of you that share this obsession to climb onto that scale; DITCH IT!

The measuring tape and how you feel are no liars to the true measure of your success in progress.