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Thursday, September 30, 2010

This Thursday is kickin' but too!!! It's only 12:40 and I just got in my work out. THE E L L I P T I C A L was conquered!!!! "15" min peeps!!!!! 830 revolutions and 205 calories gone! Just like that AND it didn't kick my ass! Much to be said for that! But I am still looking to get my daily jog in so decided not to reach too far ahead of myself. Also got in three arm exercises standing up in two sets of 30 with 1 1/2lb weights, as well as my four types of crunches(upper,lower and both sides) with two sets of 50 reps each.(that's a total of "400") Finally also did my two different arm exercises lying down with the 1 1/2lb weights and completed 2 sets of each with 50 reps. My perception is still kinda' off but ignoring it has really worked out best for me. Still on all my meds for the vertigo and still need to fight real hard against the exhaustion in the mornings trying to get out of bed due to drowsiness caused by all three prescriptions. Then again, maybe staying up past midnight or 1am with my older kids trying to become more technologically inclined is not smart either, but there just isn't enough time in ONE DAY!!!!

Ok. getting more rest has to get better. Already calculated that my water bottle holds 18oz. and I NEED to start respecting my body enough to hydrate it better so 4 bottles a day HAVE to be consumed!!! Or the closest that I can get to that... Lol...

Yesterday I had 3 Madeleine cookies from Starbucks with my grande chi latte for breakfast
Tiny lean thin steak with two large potatoes in green homemade salsa and water for lunch
Dinner was a lean chicken breast and french green beans with a sugar free ice tea and coffee and slice of a devilish chocolate brownie pie.

Today already had a yogurt for breakfast and a nectarine for a snack with two of my water bottles!! I'll check in with my total steps and my lunch and dinner posts latea'... but hopefully not too late!!!

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