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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's been too long my friends. But yes indeed, life does ultimately get in the way and those hurdles should not allow you to fail! Time to conquer them!! I have been out with a bad left shoulder, a diagnosis of "possible" vertigo and now an abnormal EKG. Not to mention that I have not even mentioned the abnormal MRI that came back to my 2nd opinion doctor. But at this point I am just tiered of feeling tired and allowing the meds that I'm on knock me out most of the mornings.
You, my blog will again become my motivator!!! So I encourage you to help me through a rough patch and chime in.

I have to now cross the abyss of my personal goals. I sit here at 156 lbs and not very strong. I still fit well into my size 8 jeans and my medium t's. NOT good enough!!!! I want to feel strong and fit...Not to mention that if I want a chance in hell to be ready for training regimen for the "2011 Chicago Marathon" I HAVE TO GET FIT NOW!!!!

And so it begins, slow and steady will win MY personal race!

First, I will listen to Dr.'s orders and stay on all three meds. Second, I WILL NOT listen to waiting until symptoms are gone to begin a work out routine. ((THAT is not for all!)) But I know in my heart that I am just growing weaker and will have less of a chance for success at what I want to achieve!

Next, watch my food intake...it should MOSTLY be fuel. And Finally, I have to start any kind of work out routine...as minimal as it may have to be.

Today... :/ Cinnamon Crumb cake with low fat milk. A yogurt after the workout and we'll see what lunch I get myself motivated to take the time to prepare myself!!!


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