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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today has been an awesome day!! Knowing that someone might log in to see what I've achieved is VERY motivating. Weighed in...163 on Mon. today, 162.4. Not too shabby for being committed for TWO days.

Workout was done by 2 in the afternoon and then went out for tennis 5,000 steps in a couple of hours. (Cardio wasn't even a must...just felt like it) I guess exercise DOES boost your energy level!!

UPPER BODY WEIGHT TRAINING took about 40 min (No way around that...you have to invest some time to see change):

Incline Dumbbell Press(Chest) w/two 5lb. weights.
Seated Dumbbell Press(Shoulders) w/two 5lb. weights.
One-Arm Dumbbell Rows(Back) w/a 5lb. weight. one side at a time
Dumbbell Extensions(Triceps) w/a 5lb.weight.
Inclined Dumbbell Curls(Biceps) w/two 5lb. weights.

Reps...12/10/8/6 with one minute rest in between then 12/12 with deep breath in between NO MINUTE REST (This is your HIGH POINT)

Next upper body day: Adding weight or reps...not hard enough!!

If anyone wants more specifics let me know...for now...gotta' document diet.

2 egg whites(salt/pepper), 2 slices of white toast w/light spread, 1 glass of milk for breakfast.
Lunch was a 6in. B.M.T. sub from subway on wheat w/glass of cold green tea(if it's not water...watch your calorie intake)
Snack was a small bowl of mini carrots and a Quaker granola bar w/ 3 more glasses of water before dinner.
Dinner will be pan fried steak in Pam spray (like the morning egg whites)w/salad and bacon cheddar cheese scalloped potatoes and some Uncle Ben's wild rice...and more cold green tea or/and water. (Trying to get to the magic #8 in glasses of water...not easy, but I'll have it down by the end of the week!!)

Until tomorrow my loyal follower...

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