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Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 1's challenges

Ok... so not such an easy task to get motivated, motivate and be productive with your responsibilities too. Having a family with eight of us is definitely a blessing but in itself a challenge.

Getting my first work out in today is still needing to be done...but for now, lets organize the program.

Workout will consist of 3 days cardio/3 days strength training. Sundays off!!

Diet will mostly be wheat toast and egg whites or banana w/milk in the mornings.
Grilled chicken breast or lunch meats with brown rice and veggies and maybe some wheat
tortillas/wraps for lunches.
Dinners will be "whatever" the family is enjoying "in moderation."
Snacks are nuts/veggies /fruits /yogurt w/cottage cheese...(i.e. "Authorized Food
Table" found in Body-For-Life pg. 83)

That's it people... stick to this for three/four months and find your best YOU!! There are some important tid bits about working out and dieting...like, best time to work out is in the morning so that your body's metabolism gets rev'd up and burns maximum calories throughout your day. And eating 6 small meals a day is sooooo much better than three bigger(normal) ones for your dieting to be successful because you should feel full more often and not need to eat all the wrong things throughout the day.

Today's Goal:
Get out for a jog...cardio and make sure to push the limits for at least one minute at the end of the workout.(30 min minimum)

EAT...fuel is needed to have your body respond to your expectations.


Anonymous said...

although getting everything organized and rolling is (and will continue to be) quite the challenge; you and I both know how worth it overcoming this "hurdle" will be. most of the best and great things in life come from such challenges....keep being you in taking them on. walk with your head high and keep on pushing!! I'll be pushing along next to you the entire way....lets get 'er done...

Connie said...

Rocky...you have been a great help in making this project so much fun. Thank you for being at my side. Let's see what we can look back on in the future that made us feel like we've climbed our Everest.