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Monday, February 20, 2012

I cannot believe that I started the Insanity program again. I never make it past 7 to 11 days!!! I can't even tell you why???  I guess that for me, it is too much of a commitment. (60 days!)  Or the fact that I'm a spaz and need to get my running in, some strength training, TaeBo here and there or now Yoga... I want to try to fit ThAt in too. Smh...

On a good note, most of my rep #'s increased. Last time that I attempted jumping back on the program, these were my #'s:
                                Switch Kicks: 120 single count      Globe Jumps: 12 rotations
                                Power Jacks: 58                              Suicide Jumps: 16 (w/jumps)
                                Power Knees: 96 rt leg/93 lft leg     Push-up Jacks: 26 (w/mini push-ups)
                                Power Jumps: 37                             Plank Crunch: 69 single count

Now, between then and now, I have only ran or worked out maybe 3 times. Nevertheless, check out THESE #'s from today!!!

                                Switch Kicks: 128 single count       Globe Jumps: 12 1/2 rotations
                                Power Jacks: 62                               Suicide Jumps: 21 (w/jumps)
                                Power Knees: 116 rt leg/116 lft leg  Push-up Jacks: 0 (would have thrown up)
                                Power Jumps: 50                              Plank Crunch: 77 single count

=D Not too shabby.  The damn experimental shake that I had finished about 1/2 an hour before the work out did NOT agree with the 'Push-Up Jack' position and strain. Lol...

Hydrated well. Took my vitamins. Ate 2 small cinnamon rolls (w/icing) in the morning. Had a banana @ 4:30am (Slept for about 1 hour!!) smh...
And had Ma hi Ma hi for dinner w/grilled veggies, wild rice and a cup of French Onion soup for a wonderful dinner @ WildFire with a very special friend and my baby.

Calories lost: a lot!!!!
Calories consumed: a few!!


1 comment:

Connie said...

Special Shake Ingredients:

Kale, Spinch, Green Bell Pepper, Lime and Pear

MMMmmmmm! (Not at first and smells pretty bad) But doable... Lol...