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Monday, December 12, 2011

Started the program all over and it was an AmAzInG day!!!! :) Got thru the fitness test!!!! ALL of it... Could not have asked for much more at this point. Work out lasted about 30 min and I actually could have gone for more... I'm thinking of incorporating my 'Body-For-Life' program. Just going to take it slow and get thru this new week of Insanity w/running. By next week I hope to alternate Insanity w/weight training on one day and cross train w/running and tae bo or HipHop Abs on the other. Can't imagine going wrong with that. And I will be doing all of the things that I love.

Just look at the improvement after 9 days of working out with 4/5 days of rest (should have only been 2) ...

1st attempt @ Fitness Test / Today's VICTORY w/Fitness Test
-------------------------------- / ----------------------------------------
Switch Kicks: 58 (single legs) / 120 (single legs)
Power Jacks: 50 / 50
Power Knees: 80(lft leg) 82(rt leg) / 90(lft leg) 89(rt leg)
Power Jumps: 25 / 35
Globe Jumps: 0 / 10 (rotations of 4 moves)
Suicide Jumps: 0 / 15 (w/no jumps in between)
Push-up Jacks: 0 / 30 (mini push-ups/can't get all the way down)
Plank Crunch: 0 / 65 (single legs)

WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! NOT a complete FaiL this time around!!!

And now, to improve on what we've built!

Oh, yeah... diet today:
9/12 servings of water, breakfast protein shake, 1 egg white w/plain whole wheat toast for lunch and another egg white w/plain whole wheat toast for dinner(couldn't get the second one down for lunch) LmAo!

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