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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

******************* Pinche Lydia! ***************************************** ;) *********

You're NOT going to believe this! Today... my new friend took back a total of "5" ... YES... "5" whole pounds!!! There are no words to describe how aMaZeD I am...

The work out almost did not happen. I woke up with a headache and felt drained. It was a tough decision but I am ultimately glad that I pushed through. Did day two of the Insanity program, Plyometric Cardio Circuit and it was rough but got all the way through it. Got as far in as some of the in-out abs from the plank position and just couldn't handle the throbbing head for the last two sets of the basketball drills. Last time I attempted this work out, I couldn't get through any of the b.b. drills... today, I did 2 of them. So, there IS progress being made!! Then I was able to excel with the rest of the routine. I have to admit. I am pleased. Even though the progress is not astronomical right now. I know that how hard I am pushing IS changing my body over all.

Diet today was another success... Got a whole 10 servings of water in throughout the day. Popped my vitamins. Had a protein shake for breakfast, a grilled chicken breast w/brown rice and a few baby carrots (raw) for lunch. Dinner was a pretty hefty portion of more brown rice and some lean ground beef medley w/potatoes.

I was kinda' hungry this evening so, I might have some trail mix or a banana for a late snack.
=) BYE-BYE fat and low-energy!!!!!!!!


Darlene said...

Hey all you need to do is make little improvements each day, and withing a few weeks you'll see a major difference. Today in on of the workouts I've been doing for weeks, I was amazed at how much higher I was jumping and kicking. Then I did a more advanced ab workout, and could only get trough about 1/2, but I know I'll be much better in a few weeks.
I'm doing a Christmas Challenge now. Where I have to work out at least 6 days a week. Watch my diet, and write down my calories. (which I've been staying under my goal so far) I also have to report to my group on my progress. We are all hoping to lose weight during the holidays, while everyone else is gaining. We'll see.
Good Luck Connie. You are not alone.

Connie said...

Darlene!!! I am so proud of you!!! That Christmas challenge is an awesome idea!!! And your right... you had faith when I really had none. The first week of the Insanity program kicked my ass so bad, I totally doubted being able to be a 'REAL' Insanity caliber athlete but now, I AM making it through the work outs and getting better at the exercises. I am so glad that I've stuck with it. Thanks for becoming part of this blogging when I truly needed it most. I just can't believe how changing my diet has me loosing almost 10 lbs. in 4 DAYS! And I just can't wait until next week when my entire plan goes into effect... :)