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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pool TIME!!! =)
Had brunch today ... (little late breakfast) But at least I got it in...
2 small scrambled eggs with 1 waffle and a thin slice of ham with h2o.

Going to comment later on today's fueling... I AM hoping not to eat too badly today since yesterday was pretty bad with TOO much pizza!! :(

And, I thought you all would enjoy this little tid bit of information to get you rolling in the right direction for applying CHANGE for a healthier life!

Biceps Curls with Band

Strengthen your biceps to get shapely arms for summer.



1 comment:

Connie said...

Still working on those damn question marks instead of pics... I do apologize! :/

As for the fueling for the day... had a bunch of chips to snack on at the pool (since I DID NOT prep well)

Had 2 chili cheese turkey hot dogs on whole white buns with Coke Zero for dinner.

And then had a chicken breast with white rice for meal#4 (IF you count the chip binge as a meal) o_O

So, NOW I DO want to take it easy on the crappy eating for Monday and Tuesday... let's see if I've eaten 'normally' enough for this chemical breakdown...

Good night bloggers and have an amazing week!!