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Thursday, August 9, 2012

I LOVE networking!!! Today I stumbled upon A Chica on a Mission!! And 'LiKed' HER fb page because she too is letting everyone know that living life at your very best is all about falls and climbs!!
I loved sharing what I do with her and invite you ALL to 'LiKe' her page too...
'Chicas On A Mission' ;)

Now, as for MY today; it was day 2 of the '3 day' again and it just seems to get easier!! I am looking forward to the morning of day 4 to see where my weight is going to be at!!

Going away on a little road trip to Texas this weekend and I WILL be coming back ready to hit the mat and tone up the little jiggle that I have left!!

As for you all... Tell me that you have a plan! Any ONE thing that you change will get you one step closer to being healthier, stronger and happier!!

Happy (almost) weekend fellow bloggers!!!!

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Connie said...


Today's fuel:

Breakfast was 1 scrammbled egg/1 slice of toast/ and 1/2 a banana

Lunch was 1 hard boiled egg/ 1 slice of cheddar cheese/ and 5 saltine crackers(except, I messed up!! and had a slice of wheat toast... :( )

Dinner will be 2 hot dogs plain without buns/1 cup of broccoli/1/2 cup of carrots/ 1/2 a banana/ and 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream

Sorry about the fail on the post... Lol
Happy Thursday my blogging family!! =)