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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Myth busted!!!!

My hubby lost a total of 7lbs on this '3 day military diet' & I lost a total of 5lbs!!

So, it DOES work... now the trick will be to eat normally and yet rewire our brains to actually be more conscious of how we fuel throughout the next four days!

The diet specifies NOT to alter it with ANY spices other than salt or pepper... and for 1 meal... I did drop the ball and we had left over boneless pork W/seasoning... (THAT MIGHT HAVE THROWN THE CHEMICAL BREAKDOWN OF THE DIET OFF) we may have lost a bit more weight had we not made that little alteration. :/ BUT it was an over sight on my part.
Next week will hopefully prove to be better.

Any of you on the diet?! Do you have any questions, comments or concerns?! We are here... a whole lot of us fighting the same fight together... Let me know if you do... that's what I like to be here for!!

Have an amazing weekend bloggers and know that if you falter... it's not failure!! You just can't give up on your health and happiness that is at your grasp! So make every day better than your last... little by little... THAT's HOW GOALS ARE MET!!!


Connie said...

Thank you to my blog... for helping me stay accountable!!! LmBo!!

Had two small bowls of applejacks; because I CAN!!! Hahaha... w/litle skim milk.

Already did TWO 4 minute circuit trainings... and had a 16 oz bottle of water...

2ND meal of the day was my PROTEIN shake with energy boosting MOCHTONIX and a helping of my complete greens!!! I've missed that so...

I will comment later on the rest of my 'back to normal' fueling for today later...

Connie said...

Well... I had about 2 glasses of wine and a little RumChata at my family reunion... along with one small helping of a wonderful pasta salad and 2 grilled to perfection brats!! (One with a bun and One without!!)
a few sun chips here and there as well as a couple carrots...

All in all... the diet went well. Now Let's see what dinner brings... =)