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Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Monday!!! I started baby sitting an adorable little angel today... so first thing's first...
I was awake by 6 and up by 6:30!!! Yay!!!

Tomorrow... I am shooting for awake by 5:30 and up by 6... Looks like I may just get a run in!! =D

Had my Isotonix cocktail that has me feeling amazing!! My nails are even growing long and strong... I know, cause I had to cut them for the new sitting job... Lol... Can't chance scratching our little Sofia... =)

Had two cups of hot soothing tea and breakfast will be some egg whites with a veggie and water... and who knows what lunch will be. Dinner is on the menu already: Chili cheese foot longs. (But NOT for me!!) :P

Today marks the 30 days till my 40th and it is vital to get my sweat on and firm up to feel my best when I welcome my 40's into my life!! Yes, I still believe that I will make it happen...

Again, thank you my awesome bloggers... for always having my back. And how are you all hanging in there with your challenges?!

Now time to share a little something... (sharing IS caring...)

Back Extension with Ball

The lower back is one of the most neglected muscles among exercisers.
Have a ball while you build lower back strength!

So don't neglect your lower back!! It will help stabalize your core and only
great things can happen with that!!

Thank you Spark People...

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