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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Today... I cannot believe, that with minimal to NO working out, I have lost a total of 6.8lbs!!!

There was a second attempt to get the 4 minute circuit training in yesterday and apparently, there is  good reason for the rules to state that you should not participate in strenuous workouts during your detox week! Lol

Again, your body is purging it's self of impurities AND getting it's dependence on sugars and fats under strict control! You have to respect it enough to stick to light yoga and stretching for the week. And so I shall. I did get ALL 3 meals and two snacks in yesterday but still did not feel right during the mini STRENUOUS work out. :/

Truth be told, I know quite a few people that have detoxed in the past and I just didn't get it; but I do wish that they would have told me about this weight loss!! =D

So, by the end of the week of detox, I should feel a bit more energetic and apparently, lighter on my feet. Ha!

Have an awesome day today bloggers!!! And remember, you have FOUR days to prep to begin a new change of ANY kind next week!! Why? Because you CAN!!! All of us can do something a little bit different to live a healthier and happier life!!

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