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The way I see it, the time is NOW... for change to come & happiness, health & strength to be found. As of 2012, this has only changed in the way that I have stumbled upon an amazing at home business venture that has given me the avenue to ACTUALLY help transform peoples lives. Funny thing is, that's been my goal all along. So now I not only share who I am here but what I do. The fact is that anyone of you can actually find your happiness & success thru allowing the right connections to occur in your life. If you are on my blog... you made it here because you are looking to shift, strive, smile &/or change. Well now, I can help guide you to do any & all of the above thru personal motivation, life changing products with an outstanding reputation & LONG list of testimonials, substantial savings with our shopping annuity & incredible business opportunities to actually call your own... While never having to leave the security of your current J O B! Never be afraid to give something you know nothing about a chance; at least to hear about it. Then you can make an educated decision to pass it up not an ignorant one. The opportunities exist.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Today I welcome the first day of December!

I have a confession to make, I had reached my BiG 4 0 pretty much the way that I had set out to. Weighed in at the lowest weight since high school and fit into junior size 5/6. Very little to no muffin top and actually hit pool side in a two piece! Then I decided to not be a slave to exercise or watching how I ate. After all, I've earned it right?!

Well, it's roughly 3 months later and I am back to report that I am teetering on 12/14lbs heavier. I was a bit active with a handful of 5k's that I got out to run. I am now sporting a mini-muffin top and I am squeezing into my size 5/6's. No biggie right?! Why not keep an eye on things, live comfortably and except that I'm a 40 year old mother of 6 that has no time to really work out?! Again, there are other things that are more important than looking and feeling strong and fit. For example, actually keeping up with the clearing of our rather large household, making sure to cook and feed all of the troops day in day out, getting the towers of dishes done on a daily basis, accounting for the endless piles of laundry to get washed, dried, folded and put away and a bit of driving all children to where they need to be for play dates, school, sports and outings and kick starting a home business on high gear!!!

Guess again. I will not be much of a role model to my babies if THAT'S all I do. They need to see that being an athlete is not a childhood thing but a choice of a lifestyle. That being healthy and strong should not bring about guilt for having taken up a little bit of our presious time!

We only have one life to live with this one body and you alone are responsible for what you do in this life and with this body.

There for, I'm back and more motivated than ever to log my continued journey to the healthiest and happiest me that I can create.

I want 14lbs off! I want to eat clean, hydrate more, set goals, stay focused and never give up trying to recreate my body. It's been so good to me for 40 years, now I plan to be good to it for the next 40plus years!

What are your goals?! Why wait to start in 2013?! Get moving now! Make a plan and lets get to 2013 already Kicking *SS!!

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